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date submitted 19.10.2009
date updated 19.10.2009
genres: Fiction, Children's, Comedy
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Farting is Fun

Meg Goepel

Funniest book you'll ever read!


Today’s society sadly frowns upon one of life’s funniest naturally occurring phenomena: farting! Join the new movement to embrace the fun in flatulence with this hysterically rhythmic book that the whole family is sure to enjoy.

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Snpdrgon wrote 1501 days ago

well I think a better solution to the 10,000 word requirement would be to make an entire poetry book dedicated to this topic! you could even branch off into the marginally more acceptable belch; the sneaky public crotch scratch; the omg-what-is-that-I-just-picked-out-of-my-ear sniff. etc!

a total coffee table book, in any social circle!

backed 'cause you got balls.

Brewer House

Natasha Owens wrote 1583 days ago


Me and the little ones love your "farting book" as they call it. We laughed the whole way through - it was great fun.


Natasha (Water Under the Bridge...rises)

Andrew W. wrote 1595 days ago

Farting is Fun

Hi Meg,

Well, what can I say. Fragrant, funny and it should really be in the shops for Christmas. A great piece of riotous fun, wondering if you could go for the same market that brought us the Little Book of Hugs, a few more poems and a few silly cartoon drawing and you could be onto a real winner, not just for children, but for adults as well, you could have a kind of taxonomy of farts, where they are found, what type of farts there are.

Hey, I will stop now, I am getting way too enthusiastic about this idea.
Best wishes and good luck
Andrew W
(Sanctuary’s Loss)

Jupiter Echoes wrote 1596 days ago

The line
even, supermodels, princesses..... let it rip...

may be better by ommitting the it.... ie. let rip.... or is that just my area?

Loved it
Backed IT!

Linda L. wrote 1627 days ago

Such silliness! I think this could be quite popular among the elementary set. I'd suggest thinking about how the book could be illustrated and separate it into "pages" (16? 32?) and possible illustrations to accompany them. I'll back this because sometimes we need some laughter in our day.

Pat Black wrote 1641 days ago

Farting is big, clever and fun... but we need MORE! I have a need for methane-based humour and you're the person for the job... please let me know when you post more!

Pat Black

TheLoriC wrote 1641 days ago

ROFLMAO!!! Just when I think I saw (heard?) everything! I normally don't make shelf space this quickly, but I think for this, I'll make an exception! Classic gas epic!

I had to give it its own blog highlight:

L. Anne Carrington, "The Cruiserweight"

John Brassey wrote 1643 days ago

Clever Huh?!

Clever Nuh!