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date submitted 22.10.2009
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genres: Chick Lit, Non-fiction, Biography
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Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship

Cathie Beck

This is a true story that is riveting, heart-breaking, and laugh-out-loud hysterical. Kirkus, Rocky Mountain News, and ForeWord love it.


Critics say it best: Some friendships survive beyond the final gruesome fight. Some last beyond the grave. Cathie Beck relates the roller coaster ride of just such a relationship in her memoir, Cheap Cabernet, with a heavy dose of wit and a wine glass full of poignant reflection. Beck’s writing is breezy, polished, and fun to read. Her vivacious personality comes alive on the page, drawing readers into her world. Pour a glass of decent wine, put some country western songs on the iPod, and enjoy Beck’s spirited account of that one true friend we all hope to find. — ForeWord Reviews Cathie Beck's “Cheap Cabernet” is a vintage tale, a female buddy story chock full of the stuff of life: tears, laughter and love in the darkest of times. You won’t put it down until the final page -- at which time a box of Kleenex and a glass of cabernet, cheap or otherwise, would be wise to have on hand: the first to deal with the story's denouement, the second to toast Beck's triumph. — Patti Thorn, Books Editor, Rocky Mountain News “Beyond wonderful — wickedly funny, poignant, and smart. — Elle Newmark, The Book of Unholy Mischief

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alcoholism, best-selling, catholic women, death, early death, friendship, heart-breaking, hysterical, jewish, jewish women, laughter, love, memoir, ms...

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LawsonBlacklock wrote 1561 days ago

Clever writing, but not so clever formatting. I find the changes in print distracting to read- and I'm not sure if it is intentional or not. Your dialogue is sharp and probably one of my favourite things about this piece. There is an honest kind of brash humour in this... not my usual sort of read, and a little colloquial for my tastes, but still enjoyed nonetheless. Is this chick lit though? I'm not too sure. I'm not really sure what area of the market you should be aiming for. In all honesty, it feels a little like travel writing in the beginning, only really progressing into a story from there. But I like the humour and I like the dialogue, and I backed it on this basis. All the best. L.x

Jupiter Echoes wrote 1630 days ago

Chit lit is just not my bag, baby.
But heh, whatever gets your mojo rising.

Me, i just read and say... yeah baby.... you interlace description effortlessly into the fast moving idea machine ... everything is smooth and i get action while simultaneously getting background.... something i aspire to do.

Yeah baby, yeah.... totally BACKED.

TJONES wrote 1632 days ago

I love this. Us girls here in Texas love our friends and have some crazy times with them. I love to get them all around and just read this story together. You have something good here. The best of luck to you. I'm putting it on the list to shelf.

Urania wrote 1633 days ago

Hi Cathie, one of the kinds of true life stories I like best. It's fun, lively, got some deeper message too, but full of great journey and adventure. Pitch-wise, think you could calm down the sales side of the pitch (leave that for the marketing boys) and pitch moreof the story - what goes on, where it's all leading to, but otherwise pacey and entertaining - you must enter this for HC True Life category too. Shelved.

KidTherapist wrote 1634 days ago

highly entertaining!
Children of Paradise
PS something funny with your fonts- they get bigger and smaller.

Kim Jewell wrote 1635 days ago

Hi Cathie!

This is utterly delicious, and the fact that this is a true story makes it that much more compelling and intriguing. I could curl up with this and read the whole thing on a lazy, rainy day... Wonderful, enjoyable characters and your pitch and plotline are spot on for the chick-lit audience. The gals will love this one! I'm happy to back this.

Invisible Justice

Janine Crowley Haynes wrote 1635 days ago


It won't be long before Cheap Cabernet flies up the ranks. All your reviews are, justifiably, accurate!!!

I love a good nonfiction, but I noticed you don't have this listed under another category--Harper True Life Stories. At the risk of your book surpassing my nonfiction book, I must insist you list this wonderful piece under Harper True genre. Each month HC reviews the top ten in this new category.


Andrew W. wrote 1636 days ago

Cheap Cabaret: A Friendship

Hi Cathie,

This is great, the critics are absolutely right, sassy, different, alternative and full of rich and exciting characters. I love the title of the first section. Short sentences, special and quick, delivering much more in their echo as in their words, rapid-fire intelligence behind every word. Gorgeous writing, real-time and realistic. You have a real talent here that speeds along as fast and seemingly as out of control as the car in the first section, but no, you are completely in charge. We feel more alive to be in their company, the world is our oyster, it is exciting, engaging, interesting to see it through their eyes. You have some beautiful phrasing here, individual, specific to your setting and character, real people walking off the page. My only but is, change the pitch, it is valedictory and showy, you don't need to boast, you have great writing here, use the pitch to tell us more about them, what happens and where this wonderful journey will lead us. Best wishes, backing shortly. If you have time to peak at my book you have no idea how helpful that will be.

Best wishes and good luck
Andrew W.
(Sanctuary's Loss)

Simon Swift wrote 1636 days ago

Great tale Cathie! Happy to shelve!

R.A. Battles wrote 1637 days ago


Paolito wrote 1637 days ago

Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship...

Hilarious from the get-go. I can see why this is getting good reviews...and you wouldn't be the first self-published author to get picked up by a mainstream publisher on this site.

Go get 'em, girl.

Shelved, of course.
P.S. Don't read mine--read Tnuth with an 'n' by C.P. Hoff for its rich characterizations and dialogue that shines on the page.

AlleJo wrote 1637 days ago

Self-published, though, I see from her website.

I think she said that's why, when she got a lot of attention with her
book, she was advised to post on here - I guess to give her a chance for
agents and commercial publishers to see her work.

Terrific cover, and great reviews! Looks like a very exceptional
self-published book.

R.A. Battles wrote 1637 days ago


R.A. Battles wrote 1637 days ago


I really like your title, cover, and tags. Instead of telling us what the book is about, your short pitch needs to have a hook and summarize your story in 25 words or less.

Since this a memoir or narrative non-fiction your full pitch should clearly express what makes your story about friendship different from the thousands of books that have been written on the subject. Give us a reason to care about you, your friendships, fun times, troubling times, etc.

The pitches are a key selling tool and often are more difficult to write than the book, but your chapters are so entertaining, I'd hate for you to cut yourself short.

You hooked me with the title of the prologue. Your sharp wit and hilarious descriptions and delightful voice are great. This is a well-written memoir in which you demonstrate a skilled and effective writing style and an equally effective style for dialogue.

There a few problems with the fonts in your chapters, but these can be fixed easily.

You're on my shelf.