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date submitted 28.10.2009
date updated 15.06.2012
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Letting Go of Peter

Jaden Ink

It's never easy to lose your Best Friend; especially when he was also your First Love, even harder when it's impossible to get him back.


Callie's identity was always 'Peter Grayson's Girl', so who is she when Peter Grayson no longer exists? When Callina Harrison’s boyfriend of three years passes away, she gets a fresh start in the the tiny town of Sicamous B.C., only she couldn't leave her guilt ridden shadows behind. Plagued by the loss of her ’true love’, and parent's who just don't seem to understand, she starts spiraling downward to 'crazy town'; even further when she meets Gavin Summers; who she's convinced God put on this earth to punish her for letting Peter die. With his impeccable resemblance to Peter, Callie tries to avoid Gavin at all costs which deems a difficult task when he takes a romantic interest in her. Burned by her constant rejection, Gavin is even more determined to get to the bottom of her revulsion of him, and hopefully change her mind, but Callie can't seem to even attempt to try to let Peter go as he haunts her dreams. She only ever wanted to be Peter's girl; Gavin is willing to do anything to change that.

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best, cancer, death, friend, guilt, letting, letting peter go, loss, love, moving on, peter

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