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date submitted 18.12.2009
date updated 18.12.2009
genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction
classification: adult

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise

Year Zero Writers

Is it possible for an author to write a reader's pain? Year Zero Writers respond in their second anthology


Temporary Passport Penny Goring
Conversation in a Basement on 17th and Mission in 1998 Daisy Anne Gree
The Things They Let Into the Classroom Oli Johns
Bonecutter Anne Lyken-Garner
A Report on Clouds and their Disappearance from Earth Sarah E Melville
Twin Topiary Tales Marc Nash
Death Kiss Corsage Penny Goring
SKIN BOOK Dan Holloway
Candles Simon Betterton
Basking in Conformity: The Slave Jenn Topper
Hijabaholic Marcella O’Connor
A True and Faithful History of the Golem of Třebíč Larry Harrison
Billy Daisy Anne Gree
Carbon-based Heikki Hietala
House Penny Goring
Pain Marc Nash

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alternative, beat, gothic, horror, indie, urban

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Sarah Bampton wrote 1437 days ago

short stories are really tough to write and such a pleasure to read - well done one and all, especially Simon's brave little nightlight; it practically brought a tear to my eyes! Backed and now looking forward to the next... Sarah

benrichardm wrote 1580 days ago

I have to admit I'm a big fan of Year Zero writers, a wonderful idea, and writing at its finest. I back this with pleasure.


TheLoriC wrote 1583 days ago

Thirteen Shadows Waiting for Sunrise is a fine study in masterful writing, capturing emotion, tugging at the heart, and opening the reader's imagination. It's almost as if the reader is part of the book - which indeed, they are. On my shelf and Today's Pick I Like for 12/21/09:

L. Anne Carrington, "The Cruiserweight"

Nick Poole2 wrote 1585 days ago

Ok, here's some support!

John Booth wrote 1585 days ago

Any book with Simon in it gets my backing

S Richard Betterton wrote 1586 days ago

True quality writing here.

Francesco wrote 1587 days ago

Fine writing, truly wonderful.

Jim Darcy wrote 1587 days ago

I applaud those folk who can paint a powrful picture in few words, or cause a question to spring to the lips. Plenty here to delight and amuse. Jim D Serpent's Blood