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The Scarlet Cord: Foreshadows of Christ--a Mystery Revealed

Jerry Allen

The Scarlet Cord describes key Old Testament foreshadows of the Messiah and the amazing ways in which these were fulfilled by Jesus Christ.


The Scarlet Cord describes shadows and previews of Christ in the Old Testament of which few people seem to be aware. Amazing sets of parallels between Christ and his Old Testament foreshadowings teach important truths about God, Christ, and his Word. The book shows how God, working through historical characters and events, weaves a continuous theme of redemption throughout the Old Testament, ties the Old Testament and the New Testament inextricably together, and prepares people for the Messiah—Jesus Christ. These truths have powerful implications for us who live in the twenty first century.

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blood, christ, christian, foreshadow, fulfilled, hope, jesus, maturity, messiah, prophecy, reality, redemption, sacrifice, scripture, truth, types

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Ron Mitchell wrote 1318 days ago

This is a very powerful retell of a familiar account in the Bible. It is well told and well written. Best of luck with your coninued writing. Backed.
-author of December Gold, a Christian historical fiction novel

LearnMeGood wrote 1539 days ago

Good luck with this! It is new and fresh, and a welcome change from vampires, teen lust, and serial killers.

John Pearson
Learn Me Good

Beeka wrote 1555 days ago

I am impressed with the depth and insight that is communicated in this book. A new slant on who Christ is.