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date submitted 31.12.2009
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Silent Storm

Ida Lambert

The grand jury had begun. Dr Burton's fate was now in their hands; it could mean the difference between life and death for his patients.


After successfully treating a child debilitated by cystic fibrosis, Dr. Kyle Burton may lose everything when the mother divulges the source of her son's recovery to hospital officials. Entangled in a web of injustices, undercover intrigue, an FBI raid, and political sabotage, can the man who can unlock the mysteries of illness but is forbidden by law to do so save his practice, his patients, and himself?

BASED on a True Story

Heidi Burge, former WNBA Washington Mystics player, endorses the book as follows:

This book is a must read for doctors, patients, or anyone who take numerous pharmaceuticals with little or no result. Silent Storm is informative, yet has a ‘human interest’ story like approach. It strokes the heart with sympathy for the sick, as well as “Mr. Burton,” the man who could unlock the mystery of illness, but was forbidden by law to do so. I recommend this book for those who are uninformed about the benefits of Naturopathic Medical Treatments.

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Rusty Bernard wrote 1419 days ago

Hi Ida,

I have backed your book because I was hooked by the pitch, loved the introduction and read on. How much more I read depends on time and commitment.

Enjoy everything and good luck.

Rusty Bernard
Psychiatric Evaluation

Seringapatam wrote 476 days ago

An excellent book based on a true story. Not normally my cup of tea and didnt think I was going to enjoy it as much as I did. Good luck with it.
Sean COnnolly. British Army on the Rampage. (B.A.O.R)

Wye wrote 1236 days ago

I am happy to come back to star this excellent book. The fact that this is fiction but based on a true story make the book all that more readable. I'm glad it got to the top it deserved to.

A Date in the Diary

Lynn Scanlan wrote 1246 days ago

I've just added your book to my watch list and look forward to reading it. When you have the time, please take a look at "Losing Hazel". I'll let you know when I finish reading your work; the first couple pages are wonderful! Lynn

Steve Reeder wrote 1251 days ago

Ida, good start to the story, it got my attention, but the writing needs some smoothing out, perhaps a little less a string-of-events? I wish you luck with it, a good story is a must and you seem to have from what I've read so far.



ayosmiles wrote 1254 days ago

This is kinda like John Grisham

Geraldine wrote 1254 days ago

I love medical booksand this looks promising

Vickilu wrote 1257 days ago

This story is hard to read and follow, I guess you have to know more about the medical filed to completely follow along.

Vickilu wrote 1257 days ago

This story is hard to read and follow, I guess you have to know more about the medical filed to completely follow along.

bigpetey wrote 1269 days ago

Congrats Ida! I look forward to reading this book. I lost a good friend to this disease. I am looking forward to reading it.

Jack Stone wrote 1270 days ago

Dear Ida,

Have you heard the old illustrious hymn "A tune to the lies of the wicked are the beginning to the path of the oppressed". The Silent Storm is in the shadow of the foreboding power overcoming the traps and snares laid out for those wanting to convey a message, a message of truth.

-Jack Stone

purplepanther wrote 1270 days ago

I always like stories that are based on true stories I put you on my watchlist. I read part of it

Debbie Kirts-Dragonslayers

SonyaJ wrote 1270 days ago

This is lifechanging, world awakening stuff.

Rachaelet wrote 1271 days ago

Hi...I'm sorry! I finished what you'd posted last week and I meant to comment, I completely thought I did, but when I got your message I realized I hadn't! Sorry, I really liked your story though. I'm normally not a fan of 'based on true story' books, but yours is really well written. I hope you add more soon :) backed

William Kendall wrote 1271 days ago

Gripping and powerful, Ida. Backed.

Ringmaster wrote 1271 days ago


What a great read. Will you be posting more? I certainly hope so.


Golden Reef wrote 1271 days ago


This is outstanding! Can't wait to read more.

Fall2010 wrote 1271 days ago

Ida, great job. I enjoyed the character development and the way the sentences flow. This was a tremendous read.

Straw Man wrote 1271 days ago


This book is not only well written, it has a message that is beneficial to society at large. I hope this book gets lots of exposure. Your climb to the Ed's desk is well deserved.

PirateWriter wrote 1271 days ago

Backed. Good luck.
The Healer's Stone

PirateWriter wrote 1271 days ago

Backed. Good luck.
The Healer's Stone

Naphilia wrote 1271 days ago

I think this could be a big seller. Not really my kind of thing (I'm a fantasy gal) so I had trouble getting into it but I asked my friend who's into this sort of stuff and she loved the very idea of it. So much so that I sent her a link!!! :P
It's very well written, gripping and makes your heart ache when you think it was based on something true.


berseba wrote 1272 days ago

Ida, first, please forgive the delay in reading your story. I have now read four chapters and really, really enjoyed it and have got to read more. It is so well written and that it is based on a true story made my blood boil with anger at Burton's treatment by arrogant officials. I felt his anger, embarrsement and fear, for himself, his family and his patients. I can't wait to see what happens. This is very well written, with short snappy dialogue and good descriptions of place and people. Well done, backed.

Shieldmaiden wrote 1272 days ago

Your voice for this story is incredible. I'm definitely backing it!


Mighty Ferg wrote 1273 days ago

Hi Ida. Nothing hooks people into a story more thoroughly than a sense of monstrous unfairness - the agent breaking into the doctor's office really needs a major comeuppance! I've only read to ch 6, but it's clear you know your stuff as a writer. Minor point - the description of diarrhoea in ch 4 seemed a bit OTT to me. "Foul-coloured" would probably have conveyed a sense of disgust to the reader just as well.

child wrote 1273 days ago

Silent Storm - Death, taxes and the duplicity of man - they are inevitable and we all know of them. An inkling of life and who controls it can be found, to some extent in this book.
Well written and observed it deserves its place on the editor's desk.

Child - Atramentus Speaks.

Marissa Martin wrote 1273 days ago

There are few who cannot relate to the horror of having cancer diagnosed either first-hand or in a friend or close family member. The temptation to rely on the claims of alternative remedies is huge when the conventional remedies are so radical.This is well-written and a difficult subject which requires sensitive handling. Good use of dialogue
Had you considered a non-fiction or docu-drama type of approach for you have raised some controversial issues MM

AnnaSlade wrote 1273 days ago

This is a topic of vast human interest which is bound to find an audience.

CG Fewston wrote 1273 days ago

A writer is better off paying money to an agent, or bribing an editor - it is who you know, not what you write. American literature has taken a nose dive in the last several decades. It is about commerce and finance. Editors and publishers, quietly and subjectively, seek authors who have a high profile, tons of public connections, and an ability to sale the dung from a horse. Why do you think Palin and Porn Star James are able to land book contracts? Wake up writers of America! It is not about talent or skill or craft. Editors do not care how well a writer can write; they do care, however, how well you can sell what you write. Facts of life. But such is capitalist greed.

bonbon3272 wrote 1274 days ago

Wow, this book has a way of gripping the reader. I want to read more. I'll gladly back it. It's really a shame because so many people can't get the treatment they need, and money is just spent for nothing, and no one seems to care. It's just a shame.

RoyalT wrote 1276 days ago

Ida, you have a very fluid writing style. What I mean is, one can imagine being in the situation and each sentence follows logically and naturally. As a writer I think you have potential.
I'm really busy with my agent and haven't been able to devote much time to this site..
Best wishes,
- Royal

Jewels Diva wrote 1277 days ago

The book started well but the back story has bogged it down. Weave small parts of it through the book because you need to keep people hooked with what's happening now in the story. And it needs to keep moving. I want to know why he's being looked into, who's behind it, not how he got to be there all in one big lot. Small sections through the book as his memories would work well.


sly012468 wrote 1277 days ago


I started reading your book an hour ago and I was immediately sucked in by the vortex of a gripping story! It is well written and is both compelling and poignant. I myself, have had the displeasure of having illnesses that landed me in many a doctors office or hospital only to have them tell me they can't find anything wrong or don't know what is causing my symptoms. So I could very much relate to Kyle's plight. I'll be anxious to read the rest of the story, and it looks like that won't be long since your story is parked on the edge of the editor's desk it seems! Bravo!

All the best,
A Duke from the Past

EOS wrote 1277 days ago

This is a tremendous book. I am happy to back it. Keep the good work up, Ida.

Best Wishes,
Stan Burns

Shieldmaiden wrote 1277 days ago

I just finished the first chapter. The realism and pace of this story is incredible. It's easy to get into the characters. When the agents burst in I felt very indignant too and wondered what I'd do if I was in that situation. I'll be coming back. Wish you the best of luck with your writing.


livloo wrote 1278 days ago

Backed with pleasure. I notice you say this is based on a true story and it is always sad to see those who try to help being treated like this. Well written and fast paced you deserve that top 5 place. If you have the time you may want to check my story also, which whilst not medical it has a similar vein.

A Policeman's Lot

DirogEX wrote 1278 days ago

I like it, it jumped into the story within the first three minutes after i started to read, and it keeps me inerested. i will be glad if you make it into publication. you have a real talent.

flnaturelover wrote 1278 days ago

I'm backing the book because it is very well written, good flow, and have auto immune issues myself, found this a compelling read. Can't wait to finish it.

THE INSIDERS mg/ya (PLEASE check out my book)

flnaturelover wrote 1278 days ago

Hello Ida: I've put your book on my watchlist and will get to it today! If you have time, please reciprocate with my MG/YA book.

Thank you.

Richard J. Dean Jr. wrote 1279 days ago

Thank you for the invitation to swap reads. I found your writing to be enjoyable, even if it was not of my normal reading genre. You definitely have skill in storytelling and placing a story on paper (or screen in this instance). I hope luck finds you in publishing. My sister is learning the medicine trade so I'll try to remember to send her your way. Hopefully she'll like this as much (if not more) than I did.
Enjoy Twin Fates. I look forward to your comments.

mturner wrote 1279 days ago

A gripping start

It starts very interesting indeed, talking about all the different tests and treatments. Then from nowhere the FBI come

Certainly gets you intrigued and wanting to read more

Great job


Frank James wrote 1280 days ago

To Ida (Silent Storm)
Boy do I agree that this is essential reading for doctors and patients. I think your book is brilliantly written and if it wasn't that you state it is based on a true story, it could easily pass for pure fiction. I think the pitch is great and I'm convinced you will climb the slippery pole quite a way. I'm BACKING your book and have a spot for it on the old bookshelf. Good luck with your future writing.

Frank James (The Contractor)

HannahWar wrote 1281 days ago

Ida, this in indeed a powerful book, not only because it has the backing of reality, but because it has your anger about the happenings and your sympathy for the main character in it. You complete these pillars (reality and strong emotion) with an excellent writing style. All the details are necessary and all the actions count towards a horrifically good and necessary book. I am completely taken aback by it, as I always will be when great injustice befalls innocent, dignified people. I hope your fire will spread wide and far and Silent Storm will leave a mark on this world. I know I won't forget it any more. Best of luck, Hannah

wildychan wrote 1281 days ago

I am hooked on the description of the book too. Good luck with all my best wishes. wildy

Julie Glynn Miller wrote 1282 days ago

Hi, Ida, I am so excited for you on your ranking! I have your book on my watchlist to read, but will gladly back it to help your ratings. My book is for young girls but would love your feedback and backing. Good luck! Julie

linniedee wrote 1282 days ago

Hi Ida,

So interesting! I cannot wait to read more. Good Luck!

Karen Ratliff

aweber wrote 1283 days ago

I can testify to the wonders of massage therapy. Ongoing back pain that muscle relaxants and chiropractic care didn't touch was fixed in three sessions of clinical massage therapy. So, kudos to that info.
I enjoy fiction that entertains and informs. Your book appears to do both (I read chapters 1 and 7)
On a grammar note, I noticed a couple punctuation errors in chapter one, but it's nothing a little editing can't fix.
Backed. Good luck.

Emma the Exterminator wrote 1283 days ago

I’m reviewing the top five. You are number five.

I like the first paragraph, but I don’t think you need ‘Porter had pleaded’. Would be more enticing for the reader to wonder why Porter had been squeezed in.

Not keen on the repetition of ‘photographic blood pictures’. I know it’s not exactly the same as the line in the first paragraph, but it gives the same visual. I’d consider changing that up a bit.

I like the descriptions of the characters. Gives me a good picture of them.

Not too keen on ‘fear gleamed in his eyes though’ Does fear gleam?

Again further down, more repetition of the ‘blood picture’. I get what you’re doing but find a better way to do it. The dialogue is a little stilted in parts, but given the scene you can get away with it I think.

Oh, the FBI sure change the pace! I didn’t expect that (didn’t read the pitch), and I like the change up.

I did think you introduced too many characters in the first chapter though. I wonder if you might make this into two shorter chapters instead to give the reader breathing room and allow the reader to latch onto the characters before hurtling into the others.

I think with a bit more work, this could be really good. The premise (now I went back to look at the pitch), is exciting. If you untangle it a bit, streamline it, this could do well.


Hampstead wrote 1283 days ago

Hello Ida

It captures the reader because it is an unusual story, and of the course the tension - what exactly are the FBI after, and what is the truth about Dr. Burton - make you want to read on to find out the answers. Which I shall be doing; after, of course, I've backed it.

Michael Clifford

Sometime in Andalusia

treega wrote 1283 days ago

Loved your first chapter. I could picture it being a television series about a fugitive "healer", helping people wherever he runs to. I am a nurse who long ago realized the "shortcomings" of American medicine. I will rarely go to the doctor, and when I do, I rarely agree with. Keep writing this story. I am interested to see where you go with it.
Mary Magdalene; Mary Story

Dagura van Acra wrote 1284 days ago


The first chapter was very exciting to read, however I do have one small niggle on the text - the punctuation is very iffy, there are commas where they shouldn't be, and no commas where there should be some. Also, you missed out a speech mark somewhere in there.
Is it really based on a true story?

Good luck,

P.S. Please tell me if you edit it, and I will be more than happy to back. :)
'Rising Seas'