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date submitted 06.01.2010
date updated 19.05.2010
genres: Thriller, Science Fiction, Horror
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Beyond Armageddon

Tony DeCosmo

Contemporary Earth is invaded by a diverse collection of alien animals and extraterrestrial militia.


Earth is invaded by a collection of alien animals—both predators and prey—as well as extraterrestrial militias of varying technological capabilities. Governments fall; cities are overrun. The landscape grows wild, alien forces attempt to carve out zones of control, and humanity no longer sits atop the food chain
A young man named Richard Stone finds himself alone and afraid in this chaotic new world when he meets a strange old man who grants three gifts. The first, a well-stocked isolated estate perfect for surviving the initial invasion. The second, the ability to command the fiercest breeds of dogs. The third, access to the collective genetic memories of humanity.
It seems he is all part of a plan; a plan that has set 'rules' to this invasion and one that blurs the line between hero and villain.

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, aliens, armageddon, end of world, invasion, monsters, science fiction, war

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jesta1865 wrote 1145 days ago

just read this and book 2 on the kindle app on my phone. i loved it, couldn't put it down and went to bed far too late some night because of them. Trevor as a character is great as he has to make some very nasty decisions. flawed characters are always best.

its meant to be a story in 5 parts i read somewhere so are the next ones out?

can't wait.

Captain Campion wrote 1244 days ago

Unique, exciting, and beyond belief. I could not put this book down. The plot and the characters grabbed me and would not let me go. Loved it. Am hoping to see the next book in the series very soon. Backed

Thank you for the nice review. The next book in the series will be available very soon (hopefully within two weeks). The cover for Book II will be released on the Beyond Armageddon facebook page in a day or two. Thanks again.

rasengalia wrote 1246 days ago

Unique, exciting, and beyond belief. I could not put this book down. The plot and the characters grabbed me and would not let me go. Loved it. Am hoping to see the next book in the series very soon. Backed

CarolinaAl wrote 1300 days ago

A wonderful science fiction adventure. Tremendous attention to details. Illuminating visuals. An engaging balance of dialogue and narrative. Fantastic, well-etched characters. Well-detailed relationships. Believable, spontaneous action. Your storyline held my attention from the start. Amirable writing. A seductive read. Backed.

Andrew Burans wrote 1306 days ago

You have written a very interesting and unique storyline, which I do like, and created a most memorable main character in Dick. The dialogue is realistic and well written and the pace of your story flows well. All of this along with your descriptive writing makes your science fiction horror thriller a pleasure to read. Backed.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

eurodan49 wrote 1307 days ago

Though not my favorite genre I find your work interesting. The pace is just right, the voice is strong and tension is present from the start. The POV of the narrator is holding too much control but that's your voice, I guess.
Backing it.
PS. Would appreciate if you look at mine.

M. A. McRae. wrote 1381 days ago

Fabulous start, an exciting read.
Your writing is of professional standard, in my opinion, anyway, and I spotted no typos or errors. Well done. Your book-cover is exceptional, and the fearsome image entirely suitable. Backed with respect for an excellent story. Marj.

zan wrote 1424 days ago

Beyond Armageddon
Tony DeCosmo

Nice cover and title Tony. Only had time to read your pitches and first chapter but I am looking forward to reading more soon. I thought this was a good opening. Exciting and a pleasure to read and I am glad I decided to dip into it. Loved the prose and the images which came into my head as I read this. "The creature sensed the moment of vulnerability. It ignored gravily and galloppped sideways...". Nice line at the end too - "The news of the weird had reached their corner of the world." Coming back for another fix later. No problem backing this.

Raymond Nickford wrote 1436 days ago

The lead up to the detection of the first alien creature is very tense, aided by the short paragraphs and the action from the start.

A good eye for selective detail gives the reader a realistic and immediate setting and I felt involved from the beginning; as much adrenaline pumping as would have been the case with the characters if not fictional.

We can still feel the urgency in the dialogue between Mr Monroe and Dick and when we finally have the incident after the accident in which only the clothes of the victims were traced, then the mystery of the nature of the alien threat intensifies and the sense of jeopardy mounts.

Clear prose, realistic dialogue suited to the characters and seamless plotting made me want to read on.

(A Child from the Wishing Well)

Owen Quinn wrote 1439 days ago

The pitch is fine. It does exactly what it says on the tin. Leave it. Te opening is very well written and flows along easily. The hunt at the start was well played with the creature. The global reports about the disappearing people with their shredded clothes ef behind was creepy. It smacks of extraterrestial yet if they are predators why leave the clothes behind and how exacly are they taking so many people out almst bloodlessly. Excellent, well done

soutexmex wrote 1457 days ago

Tony: I can go with the short pitch. The long pitch. Can you position the end with a question, like, 'can Richard Stone use the wishes for good or evil ... or both?' And I would break down that long pitch into smaller paragraphs so it reads faster. Perfecting your pitches is how you climb in ranking to gather more exposure and comments to better your novel. The writing is good so I am SHELVING you.

Though I have been a very active member for over a year, I can still use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Every little bit helps. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

Burgio wrote 1457 days ago

This is an imaginative story. You've obviously spent a lot of time thinking about what this future world would be like - and it shows in the way you're able to describe settings and your characters in detail. You have a good writing style for this; give us enough information we always know where we're at; not so much it bogs down the story. Makes this a good read. I'm adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Famlavan wrote 1458 days ago

Beyond Armageddon

Don’t mess about getting in there do you – Brilliant!
I think your character at the beginning a brilliantly portrayed, I think the image of her and her disconnection to the emotions because of the job she is doing is great, annalistically precise.
Then you shift to Dick and a different style comes in, very good.
Surreal and real in such a short time. An absolutely great story well told.

Sheila Belshaw wrote 1459 days ago



I love the way you plunge us straight into the action. I can already see this on the silver screen. Clear as daylight - the characters stand out, the dialogue is punchy and realistic and to the point, moving the story on. Good pacing and smooth flowing prose blended so well with the dialogue and action. Excellent characterisation. Have you ever thought of writing for TV?

Backed, with pleasure.

Sheila Mary Taylor (Pinpoint)

toussaint wrote 1459 days ago

Beyond Armageddon

[Thank you for returning my backing, T. ☼☼☼☼☼]

You promised us alien monsters and we get them in bucketloads right from the start. Your team leader is smart and beautiful and immediately appealing. Good opening. And good use of the night vision goggles and spotlight to move this along.

The second part of chapter one is equally good. You have a nice encounter with Dick’s boss at work and an old schoolfriend. Then we learn all about Richard and Ashley and the wedding plans, but interspersed with accounts of weirdness in far off places which come home to roost when they visit their neck of the woods. Armageddon is off to a flying start.

Chapter two builds on this, and I like the Dick’s thoughtful drive through the boonies, summer lightning building the tension and the monster waiting for him. The almost human conversation with the dogs is a nice touch. You again use the radio to add to our anticipation. The conversation with his parents carries on and we get to know about them. Then the bar scene, you skillfully interweave reports of huge dinosaur like creatures, just like Dick saw, I presume, and a growing panic. Dante has it right. Good going. The narrative is hotting up. The scene at Ashley’s house does a nice job on her and her family. She only cares about the wedding and the put down about the fourth largest fence firm is fantastic. Your dialogue is really good and the characters are now really beginning to shine.

You’re into your narrative proper and this is a really good read. The structure is great and you have the focus of Dick and Ashley’s wedding to tie it all together with the growing unease and strangeness coming ever closer to home. I can see in chapter three it finally comes calling. The dialogue is good and the characters are great.

I am backing this, and if you can find the time to take a look at Bokasssa’s Last Apostle in return, I’d be extremely grateful.

A Knight wrote 1462 days ago

Fantastic. You have made this seem so real, while keeping it bright and exciting, thrilling and dangerous.

Great work, and I've backed this with pleasure.
Abi xxx

Captain Campion wrote 1476 days ago

What I really like about this is your confidence in the subjest matter. You give it a real life feel and that brings a certain sense of excitement t the writing.


Thank you for the comments.

Lockjaw Lipssealed wrote 1476 days ago

What I really like about this is your confidence in the subjest matter. You give it a real life feel and that brings a certain sense of excitement t the writing.


Helena wrote 1488 days ago

HI Tony I really like this so far, the opening reminded me a little of Jurassic Park and I had the same feeling of tension as when the raptors were in the kitchen with the kids, I think its the whole thing of not being able to see the enemy. I like how you move onto Rich. He seems to be happy "ish" about to get married, in a job I get the feeling he doesn't like too much either. The dialogue between him and Mr Trump is really strong and this all helps to paint his character really well. This is well written and a gripping story, I really think you could find a publisher with this. On my shelf. Helena (A Load of Rubbish)

David Fearnhead wrote 1489 days ago

Action packed and with plenty of pace.
Certainly one to please those who like their Sci-Fi with an adrenaline rush.
Bailey of the Saints

lionel25 wrote 1523 days ago

This opening chapter can stand its own against other memorable sci fi first chapters. Great work, the product of a creative imagination.

Happy to back this.

Joffrey (The Silver Spoon Effect)

J. Hamler wrote 1527 days ago

Chapter 1

he PASSED a trailblazer... not PAST

Wow. That opening scene was boffo, Tony. Badass action movie exciting and written with enough skill that I was able to keep my bearings the whole time. Bravo.

...the statement lacked a question mark. That's one of the coolest dialogue attributes I've ever heard. Maybe I just don't read enough. :) Anyway, this is supercool, superfun cinematic stuff, Tony. Far as I know, you're doing everything right. From the characters to the dialogue to the narrative to the way the story is unfolding. Bravo again.



Pat Black wrote 1530 days ago

A blast of an opening; I could see the gunfire exchange with the creature as a movie or a TV show, exciting and dangerous in equal measure. The other segment, when we see how this catastrophe happened, was more slow-build but I enjoyed the dialogue and the sense of dread building.

All the best

Pat Black

Bob Steele wrote 1532 days ago

Beyond Armageddon is a pleasingly complex story full of imaginative adventure. I enjoyed getting to know Richard as you make his character blossom across the pages with some great 'show not tell' scenes - the put-down by Sheila, the cop car at the lights, the conversation with father-in-law and so on. I loved the scene wrestling with wedding plans, and the near pathos of 'his life waited on hold, like a flower waiting to bloom'. The build up to the monsters appearing in C3 was good, keeping the pace and tension going, and when the 'skullish faces' and so on showed up they were suitably monstrous. This will appeal to sci-fi fans and has a clever and polished style that will do well, but which I can't see how to improve. I'll back this with pleasure.

paxie wrote 1540 days ago

I read your opening twice......I think, the paragraph beginning :-
The woman moved her team past........should have come straight after the line: - of her icy blue eyes......Tell us where we are....I'd have felt more grounded...

I attended a speech given by a Literary Agent,,, she said using dialogue before introducing the setting, is like sitting in the theatre, the play begins but the curtain does not rise.......I changed mine.....I paid £130 to hear that, so wanted to get my moneys worth.....I'm happy to tell you for free ....

Shelved,,,, brilliant read......

nboving wrote 1541 days ago

Incredible opening scene in the theatre - I see I'm not alone in thinking that. Your premise has warned me to expect something reminiscent of Well's Island of Doctor Moreau - not the bad movie but the great story.

Generally, I have three requirements for backing a book. It has to capture my attention with the first couple of lines: then I’ll read the first page. If it still holds me, promises a good and well-told story with good characterizations and truly believable dialogue, then I will happily back it. This book as greatly exceded those requirements. It really promises to be a very wild ride. Science fiction is a tough genre. Horror is a tough genre: I know because I try to write it. But to combine the two takes skill.

“Beyond Armageddon” ticked all those boxes and I’m putting it on my watch list right away until I can make room on my shelf.

Nicholas (“The Warlock”) – Horror/Thriller

Lorri wrote 1544 days ago

Exciting stuff.



Jo Ellis wrote 1547 days ago

Great movie like start... tension and suspense and left with a hook.

Then Richard 'Dick', I feel for him immediately, particularly when he goes to see Sheila and he recognises her and probably just like in high school gave him the brush, we have all been there and can relate. Then the FIL talk.... great.

You feed bits of news reports and then it is touching Dick and Ashley's world, how is this going to affect them... would want to read more.

I like your style, great pace and dialogue.

Jo xx


T.L Tyson wrote 1548 days ago

This isn't something I would normally read but I slipped into the first chapter fairly easily. It is an engaging read and one that moves along at a quick pace. There is intrigue from the get go and you do paint the scene well with your words. I felt chapter one was a little long, but that is a small nit. The only thing I noticed was the sentence starts were always the same, either they, the or a name or he or she. The static of these starts did wear on me as I moved along. But I think you have a great premise and the dialogue is really well done.
T.L Tyson_Seeking Eleanor

Rosali Webb wrote 1549 days ago

This has the sci fi and the paranormal slant, things that are inexplicable. Like the cars all heading off the cliff. Reminded me of two dead rats I saw the other day as I slowed on the dual carriageway. Both laid out side by side, head to toe, mirroring the other perfectly. Your book reminded me of that. Backed. Rosali
Fieldtrip to Mars

SteveLB wrote 1550 days ago

An excellent read - compelling plot - strong characters - good dialogue.
I am going to have to read more - I want to know what happens...
You have put together a really strong book here - I am very impressed and hope it does really well for you.
All the best

John Wickey wrote 1550 days ago

Excellent command of the language. Everything flows very smoothly. Superbly written first scene. Well done!

John Wickey
Future's End

TomW wrote 1550 days ago

Comments on Chapter 1...

Commendably efficient in the use of words.

Some observations in writing, for you use or not as you see fit.

1. From the woman's pov, she wouldn't be able to see her icy blue eyes or blonde ponytails. Maybe find a more elegant way of describing her hair colour etc, if it's important.

2. Describing her as "The blonde woman" might come under burly detective syndrome (where you use everything except the obvious "she" to describe a character). Perhaps give her a name. I mean, you told us her eye and hair colour, so why not give her a name?

3. The number of paragraphs beginning with either "She" or "The" (perhaps sentences within paragraphs, too). Try and vary them a bit. Hard to eliminate them altogether, of course, but at least make sure consecutive sentences/paragraphs don't begin the same way.

4. The paragraph beginnings morph into "Rich", "Mr Munroe" and "The" further on.

5. Richard Stone. Dunno why, but in my mind this becomes Dick Stone and then Stone Dick. I suppose you're stuck on the name...?

Otherwise, all good. A suitably action-packed and intriguing opening, and the blurb promises more strangeness. I'll give you a run on my shelf, and best wishes with it.



scarletjg wrote 1553 days ago

I'm am not worthy! This is amazing stuff and I am so glad that I finally got around to reading it. I got sucked into the story during the first part and then when it switched to Dick I couldn't stop reading because I had to find out how he was involved with this amazing female lead. She's hot by the way, love the pigtails.


Janice (Blood of Eden)

Patrick Gray wrote 1553 days ago

News of the woerd alright. Very good opening to this story, good character portrayals and some very scary alien citters too. The managing father in law to be is certainly the kind of family bully that manges to ruin everyone's lives longterm, but can never see it that way either.

This looks like a very interesting read and I will be going deeper as soon as I have the chance. Shelved. I hope you'll have a chance to look at my work - Their Lordships Request..


Helen Bell wrote 1555 days ago

This is riveting stuff! Shelving and if it has to come off it'll stay wishlisted whie i read the rest.
Helen (The Girl With No Shadow)

Tim Hawken wrote 1560 days ago

Very nice snappy sentences. They really lend that sense of urgency to the piece right from the start. I must say, the simple touch of making the element leader a woman, really gripped my attention, maybe because it was a little unexpected from the scene. I like you dialogue and your ideas. Keep it up and best of luck!

Worth getting a cover for it to set it apart a little visually on the site. It doesn't have to be much, just different than the stock ones.

Kind Regards

Tim H

Adam_Landau wrote 1562 days ago

Good fun, well written and a real page turner. Good luck with this.

Eleanor Anne Dudley wrote 1564 days ago

Dear Tony, we saw this on K Blakeney's bookshelf and read it as we are avid science fiction fans.
This is a must for all sci-fi fans. A nice easy style we found a pleasure to read.
We will back it as soon as wemake space today.

Eleanor and Sharkey.

KevRogers wrote 1565 days ago

A really fresh idea on the 'aliens are coming' style of book. I love the mystery. Another one that would look good on a big screen. You write with an easy style.

I hope this book goes far



meemers wrote 1565 days ago

Reminds me of what Earth would be like during an Apocalypse and invasion from other worlds. Thriller, good tension.

sue sohn
fate's chastening

Jim Darcy wrote 1565 days ago

This has the promise of a good story. I like your switch from thriller to mundane, nicely building up the tension. Your pitch works, pulling in the reader to explore more. You write well and your dialogue feels realsitic. You should do well here. Listen to the advice and take it if it seems good to you. Jim D Serpent's Blood

Melcom wrote 1566 days ago

You have a great story here with much potential. I think you should consider adding the thriller tag alongside your book, it will open up your reading audience.

The writing flows well but could be cut here and there to highten the tension. Also I'd lose some of the dialogue tags in areas as they are instrusive to the reader.

Best of luck oh and welcome aboard the rollercoaster ride that is Authonomy.

Impeding Justice when you have the time I'd love to hear your thoughts on mine!

Jillylinton wrote 1566 days ago

Good description, lively and overall, it flows smoothly.