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date submitted 12.01.2010
date updated 12.01.2010
genres: Fiction, Literary Fiction, Chick Li...
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William H Abbott

Star crossed lovers are torn apart by religious intolerance. The result is unhappiness for the two lovers that follow through their entire lives.


John Cobb came from a blue collar, fundamentalist Christian home in Georgia. As a teenager in 1960’s Georgia, his background seemed a handicap that suggested little chance for great success in his life. His family and friends sought to put him on their chosen course for him, to become a minister. But John met Sarah Clark, who shows him love and that he has potential to be something more in his life. Sarah’s influence opens John’s eyes to the smallness and bigotry of his background and his religious upbringing. Unfortunately the changes in John come at a price and cause a backlash that these star crossed lovers do not expect as his mother and those of his faith declare war on Sarah and his relationship with her. John loses Sarah and his own way, becoming destructive to himself and to others. Life takes him to new places and he becomes a man very different from the teenager he was. He is successful, moving far from his earlier background. Yet, dark times overwhelm him and when the light again comes, he finds that he must sacrifice everything to find what his heart desires most, Sarah.

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bigotry, coming of age, fundamentalist, love, star crossed lovers, tragedy

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lizjrnm wrote 1496 days ago

What an incredibly and beautifully rendered story - so much passion - and man who writes chick lit lik ethis cant be wrong in my book no pun intended! FABULOUS and Backed with pleasure!

The Cheech Room

Diatom wrote 1557 days ago

Have read the first chapter so far which is really like the prologue. It will be interesting to go back with John and see what brought him to this present day state and what does actually end up happening. Backed and good luck, Lorrraine

Thank you very much.

Diatom wrote 1557 days ago

As i started to read about John I instantly disliked him - A man wielding power just because he could. Don't ya just hate them when the little people have to wait in line. I dipped in and out of a few chapters and enjoyed the read.
Shelved with pleasure
Eye of Erasmus

Thank you. Hope you read on to see why he is that way and to eventually find he is really a good guy who regretted the road not taken.