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date submitted 16.01.2010
date updated 25.06.2013
genres: Fiction, Chick Lit, Romance, Comedy...
classification: moderate

Breach of Faith

Andrea Hughes

Homosexual husband, erotic dreams about another man, suspect pregnancy and problems escalating out of control; the story of Kate’s life. And don’t forget the ghosts.


His breath was hot on her neck, his hand now running down the length of her spine, holding her close. The towel forgotten, she put her arms around him, her head tilted back, the muscles of his shoulders tense beneath her palms.

Thirty four year old Kate Robson has a nice life in Australia; nice husband, nice house, nice job. But her imagination is bored. So when she discovers her husband with another man, all hell breaks loose inside her head, creating a steamy dream-affair with a sexy baker. But when Kate confuses reality with her erotic dream world, it all begins to tumble down around her.

Follow Kate as she makes bad decision after bad decision, gets pregnant – but who’s the father? – runs away, all the way to England, and meets up with an old boyfriend; someone she hasn’t seen in almost twenty years. A man with a horrifying secret of his own.

Breach of Faith is a hilarious and tear-jerking look at one woman attempting to fight the world she lives in … and almost losing everything.

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australia, death, dream, dreams, england, fear, fiction, ghosts, humour, loss, love, pain, pregnancy, sex, sorrow, woman, women's

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RichardBard wrote 1085 days ago

Hi Andrea!

Since you haven’t been to Authonomy for a while, I hope it’s okay that I’m sending this through your book comment:

I’d like to thank you for backing BRAINRUSH (a Thriller) last year. Because of you it hit the Authonomy Number-1 slot, attracted an agent, and landed a film option. Now that’s a brain-rush! The formal book launch is September 1st and the sequel will be released in December. None of this would have been possible without your help. So, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Richard Bard, BRAINRUSH

PS. If you want a good laugh, check out the temporary book-trailer video on the BRAINRUSH website. It’s there as a placeholder for the upcoming professional video. The current one features children and it’s guaranteed to make you smile! And yes, the younger kid on the screen is really me. You can see the video at The link is also on my Authonomy profile page. Special offer for former Authonomy backers between now and the formal launch on Sept 1st: If you would like to receive a “Review” copy of the eBook (plus 2 FREE thrillers from the Kindle Top-20 PAID Bestseller list – yes, really), go to the website, click the “Contact” button, and leave a message that includes your Authonomy username and the secret code words “I Feel the Rush!” Details of this promo will be emailed to you. Thanks!

Kristine Cheney wrote 1484 days ago

Backed! Will you please take a quick peek at my "Spartan Heart," and if you deem it worthy, return the favor?

Thank you so much! Best wishes for all of your writing endeavors.

Kristine Cheney
Spartan Heart

Famlavan wrote 1580 days ago

Breach of Faith

I think what makes this so good is it is grounded so well in a real world. You have a writing style that while perfect for the genre does actually take this to a different level.
I very much like the strength of dialogue it pushes the storyline a long while giving insight into the character – This is a good piece of writing – Good luck

Andee Hughes wrote 1597 days ago

I'm Andrea! My character is Kate.

gerry01 wrote 1597 days ago

Kate or Andrea?

gerry01 wrote 1597 days ago

Kate, This is another chick lit that I love. I never knew them to exist until I joined this site. I have read a few now and they have all been great: amusing, fast flowing and extremely entertaining. I can always imagine myself reading this kind of thing on a beach inThailand. Easy to pick up and dabble into. I will get back to this and read it in its entirety later. Good luck with it. It seems there is a lot out there. For me though, infinitely more enjoyable than reading about dragons and wizards.

A Knight wrote 1599 days ago


You've got an engaging style here and some brilliant dialogue really brings you character to life! I really enjoyed the opening and I'll definitely be back for more.

Abi xxx
"Everyone knows the rule: Stay inside the Wall, but Tisha believes rules were made to be broken." - Relic

Sinead McNeill wrote 1600 days ago

I like your style. Witty and engaging. Really good dialogue.

Best of Luck

Sinead - Make Cake Not War

lionel25 wrote 1601 days ago

Kate, your prologue and first chapter read well. Good mix of narrative and true-to-life dialogue. I choose not to nitpick anything.

Happy to back your work.

Joffrey (The Silver Spoon Effect)

LawsonBlacklock wrote 1605 days ago

It was Martha! Just double checked. L.x

LawsonBlacklock wrote 1605 days ago

I've read Breach of Faith in its entirety now, and I have a few thoughts. First let it be said that I admire the work greatly- it caught my imagination and I cared about your characters enough to read the whole book. Your prose is good and you have a fabulous sense of your characters... I truly believe you know them well and have written them out beautifully. But I'm afraid I'm going to follow the old critter pattern of praise and then some criticism... but please take it the right way, because I mean it constructively and I do think you are a fine writer.

Firstly, this is not chick-lit, and nor is it hilarious. Look at your plot: dissatisfied housewife believes secretly alcoholic husband is in fact secretly gay, and turns to an affair with the local baker (who is himself terminally ill) to ease her pain and malaise. She finds herself pregnant but unsure of her child's paternity... escaping to England, she comes face to face with yet more demons. How on earth is this comedy? This is high melodrama (and great melodrama at that) but not comedy. In fact, in certain sections of the book where you have inserted humour (eg. dress in underwear gag, and I say gag, because its been done to death in other media) it feels just that, inserted, and not at all natural to the prose. It cheapens the drama of the book, which is a terrible shame, because the drama is just so deliciously done.

I'm not too keen on the structure of many of your chapters either. On occasion you fall into the 'tell' trap when you could be 'showing' (I'm sorry, I hate these terms too, but that was all that sprang to mind!). Kate 'tells' much of the book through dialogue with her friend (Martha? I'm working from my notes but forgot to write down her friends name) when you could be showing the action. Frank and Kate check into a motel and I'm expecting to see the unfolding of their illicit romance... but then you jump to Kate and Martha (Is that her name? I'm going to have to check after this!) talking about what happened and I'm not sure what happened. I want to see Frank and Kate realise their love... I don't want to be confused. The more you build up Kate and Frank's real relationship (and not through dreams) the more poignant your ending becomes.

Right. Now onto Will, and Kate's mistaken belief about his homosexuality. To be frank (no pun intended there!) it just doesn't work. I didn't buy for one second that Will was homosexual, and Kate's belief that he is from one embrace with a male friend seems contrived and unbelievable. All marriages have their problems, and Kate comes across as childish and immature when she believes she has uncovered her husband's infidelity. In fact, it appears she merely wants justification for her affair with Frank, and considering she and Will are still involved in a sexual relationship (albeit a stale one) the homosexual storyline doesn't work. Keep the secret alcoholic thread by all means, because secrets do destroy relationships, but I would cancel out the gay subplot.

I liked the ending. It was satisfactory and moving, and tied up all the loose ends of the story. I wonder now if you had a book plan you were working too or if you wrote from your head. At any rate, I was happy by the end and felt as though I had lived the story with your characters; a mark of good writing.

I know I've warbled on a little, which I hope you can forgive, but I offer these criticisms as constructive because I think you have a well plotted drama here.

All the best with this one. Am going to check my notes for Kate's friends name now! L.x

Margaret Anthony wrote 1606 days ago

Whilst there are a lot of complex human issues running through this story, it certainly isn't a dark read. Far from it, you avoid that by writing with a light touch.
Kate has a lot to think about, I guess finding out your husband fancies another man, is probably the most devastating. I can see from the pitch, Kate's in for a bumpy ride but your confident story telling will handle it well, I'm sure.
It's all very contemporary and reads well for Chick.Lit. Not that I'm an expert with this genre but this hold its own with others I've read on here. Backed. Margaret.

Michael Santos wrote 1607 days ago

Thanks for backing 2076 Reagan's Last Word.
I've picked up yours and will be reading it.

Onlee1Chance wrote 1607 days ago

Now this is interesting! I love it and can't wait to read more! good luck!

Rosali Webb wrote 1608 days ago

Read chapters 1, 2 and 10. Ten has a different feel and has the slightly more serious edge than the first two. I think you have you target audience well within your grasp and also believe you will do well with this. Backed. Rosali
Fieldtrip to Mars

zan wrote 1609 days ago

Breach of Faith
Andrea Hughes

This is a philosophical comedy. It sounds like the beginnings of an excellent soap opera! Great cast of characters, including the homosexual husband, and the dream baker! "Bloody hell!" Kate reluctantly opened her eyes as the fantasy faded, bloody hell! I'm buckling my seatbelt for this one! What an imaginative set of twists and turns this story promises, all for the benefit of poor Kate who has a "bored" imagination. Not so boring I think. And there's deep thought behind this too - appears as if you are experimenting with many themes here - least of all, the confusing nature of reality. Kate is a bit too hard on herself I think - what bad decision after bad decision? What about her homosexual husband? Is she really fighting the world, or just living life? I have to come back and read more just to see whether or not she loses everything. I hope not!
Best wishes in finding a publisher.

Lynne wrote 1609 days ago

What a great opener. A lovely fantasy dream - amusing and erotic. The pitch promises a bumpy ride and I feel this is going to be a great story. I've only read the first chapter but I know this is a book I would like to read. You write well. Backed with pleasure, Lynne, Brooklyn Bridge.

David Fearnhead wrote 1609 days ago

I must say I would never have picked this book up had you not commented on my book. It's far from my usual genre selection, yet I'm glad i took a look at it. From the pitch you seem to have so many elements, and in the genre list i read Comedy, and I thought to myself how is she going to get a laugh from this.?
I think the date idea really helps to propel the book forward. I found myself skipping through various chapters and I found the standard really held out, but most of all I was thinking, this is like the ideal womens read it seems to tick every box and i felt like i'd fallen into a female nirvana. I felt it rather like being offered a tour of Jimmy Choo design studio and as a bloke you're in the wrong place but you know how every woman you know would love to be there, this was how it was reading your book. I suspect this will do very well. It's Backed:)
Bailey of the Saints

Tyrson wrote 1612 days ago

Well written, convincing MC. Am not sure that she would be able to hold in the rage and pain of her betrayal just for the sake of a holiday to the UK. Or that she would feel so guilty about her feelings for Frank when she knows Will is being unfaithful.

Ashley Agony wrote 1613 days ago

the writing is strong. It was a very enjoyable read. I especially like Kate, she is unique and life-like.

trainspotter wrote 1613 days ago

Hi Andrea
Am enjoying reading it so far - funny, engaging, steamy... Just a couple of things that I noticed:
I know in your summary you say it's in Australia, but in the actual book, it might be good to just put in where it's set, because when it gets to the part about winning a holiday to England, I had forgotten that they weren't living in England. Maybe in your first paragraph you could say 'the Perth rain', or whichever city.
Also, her reaction when she finds out her husband might be gay, seems a bit too laid back.
But they're only minor things. The tone and the pace of the book are fab.
Good luck

trainspotter wrote 1615 days ago

My kind of book - Intelligent chick lit. Will have a proper read, Best of luck,Sha (A Shirtful of Frogs)

blueboy wrote 1615 days ago

your first parargraph seems intuitvely off. that is important to editors who want writing clear. but your voice and story telling are quite good . based on the pitch and the first chapter i'm going to back you. take care and good luck with your manuscript. if you have any constructive feedback for The Age of Rhinestone i would appreciate it. ttyl

Closet Writer wrote 1615 days ago

Hi, Andee,
You certainly have all the ingredients of Chick Lit here with a dash of poignancy which easily pushes "Breach of Trust" into literary fiction. I would love to curl with a lovely book like this but because I can't and I'm the impatient sort, I read your last three chapters and a bit from the beginning as well. I think that almost any woman could identify with Kate, plus your descriptions and dialogues are very engaging as well.

If I may make a suggestion, I would probably put the bit about where Kate thinks that she has found out Will is gay in a separate chapter. It's kind of a longish flashback [or dream] right now and might be a little difficult for some of your more ADD type readers to follow.

All the best,
SC Dwinnell, "Nobody Liked to Say"

PS BTW, great cover.

egobox wrote 1616 days ago

I just read the first chapter, and WOW! That's all I have to say, You must get this published ASAP! You have a strong, unique voice that literary fiction is missing. Well done :-)

Nick Poole2 wrote 1617 days ago

They say never start with a dream, but this one works, I think.

You write well.

"Bad dream was it?" I laughed at her nod. A monster!

Will's affair with Carl. Good variation.

Will or Frank?

Of course I will back this. You get right in her head and we do, too.

"Mirror In The Sky" (if you would be so kind?)

MarkRTrost wrote 1617 days ago

Your writing is good. You’ve got a tremendous amount of elements here. Sex, love, homosexuality, infidelity, feminism - you’ve got everything to make this marketable. I read two chapters. I liked them.

I was with the character in the car. But when she discovered her husband was unfaithful with another man - I felt her reaction wasn’t authentic. There would just be so many lies involved in his deception that I don’t feel your character has an authentic reaction. I mean, he Breached Her Faith. Right? Isn't a great deal of the plot hung on that fact?

But then I haven’t had her experience - so I don’t know her proportion. But, I think infidelity is so goddamned difficult to endure because it makes the faithful spouse live a life (at least for a bit) without trust. There are so many lies involved that one doesn’t know who to trust because the soul closest is the most deceitful. I just feel that your protagonist didn’t react in a realistic way.

So when she didn’t have an authentic reaction - she lost my empathy.

Just my thought. Hold it bound; let it loose. If nothing more - you can anticipate this reaction from a reader.

Mark R. Trost
“Post Marked.”

Jed Oliver wrote 1617 days ago

This is very nicely written. Steamy! Backed . Best of luck, Jedward (Knut)

miket wrote 1617 days ago

Hi Andrea.

This is very good writing, very natural, very erotic. I imagine you are something of an socio-cultural anthropologist and write, at least in part, from life? The book has risen 200 places and it won't be long before it rises another 200. Very well done. On my shelf.

Best wishes.

Michael Ashley Torrington, author, 'Kristin.'

soutexmex wrote 1618 days ago

BACKING you. I can use your comments on my book if you can spare the time. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

siena wrote 1618 days ago


Fiiiiiiiiiinally I got round to taking a look. So sorry. Am having to limit myself to one read a day after work as nothing gets done!
What a brill pitch!on lunch and reading through it. not got very far but backed it already!

Promise to come back and read more! xxx

Michael Croucher wrote 1618 days ago

An enjoyable and often humorous read; compelling and engaging. I'm happy to give this a bit of time on my shelf.
Michael Croucher (Bravo's Veil)

AlanMarling wrote 1619 days ago

Dear Andrea Hughes,

Thank you for sharing your story with us. I skipped to chapter seven to cover less-traveled ground and was rewarded by them investigating a palatial mansion. I appreciate your active verbs “they drifted down the hall”, as well as your apt similes “she clung to him like a leech”. I see she’s in a complicated relationship with Frank. He’s put her in awkward situation and isn’t presenting himself well. I’m not sure I’m convinced by his explanation of his actions, which may be intentional on your part. Overall you have exceptional dialog.

I enjoyed your story. Bravo! Backed.

Best wishes,
Alan Marling

Sheila Belshaw wrote 1619 days ago



What a brilliant pitch. Pulling poor Kate through hell and back again. But the writing is laced with humour and great characterisation and we are with her all the way.

A great read.

Backed with pleasure,
Sheila (Pinpoint)

Sheila Belshaw wrote 1619 days ago
Sheila Belshaw wrote 1619 days ago



What a fantastic pitch. So well constructed, pulling poor Kate through hell and back again, it makes for compulsive reading.

Laced with humour and characters that leap off the page, this is a fresh and lively chick-lit novel to watch.

Backed with pleasure,
Sheila (Pinpoint)

lynn clayton wrote 1620 days ago

Believable, touching and hysterical. Backed. Lynn

Famlavan wrote 1620 days ago

I’ve had this on my list for a while and kind of savoured not reading it, the pitch and premise, well?? Now I’ve started it I’m not disappointed, the humour hooked me straight away. This is one I’m going to have to finish - good luck with it.

mokhamoli wrote 1621 days ago

Backed and backed again. What a great read. Well done and good luck with this fine piece of writing. Mokha Moli

Shayne Parkinson wrote 1621 days ago

I found this wickedly funny, but with a poignant undertone that gives it depth. Starting with a dream is a risky business, as it can be clumsily done, but your opening sequence is really good - I was so *relieved* to find it was a dream! But poor Kate, to find out her suspicions were both right and completely off-target. She clearly has a wild ride ahead of her, but she's in capable hands - yours.


SareyFairy wrote 1621 days ago

Hi Andrea

Your first chapter is very funny with all the innuendo's in the dream well written; then turns when Kate finds out her husband is having an affair. Poor Kate!
This was an enjoyable read with a real mix of emotions.
Sarah. T-cup and The Dream Team Fairies

Emoo wrote 1621 days ago

This is at once familiar and yet so foreign. I can relate to Kate's semi-mid-life crisis and at the same time can't imagine finding out that my husband is gay.

Will shelve based on originality and verve.

Hsiau Hsia Moo

(The Monarch Butterfly)

Raymond Nickford wrote 1621 days ago

After some vivid character observation worthy of the Literary Fiction tab, I was amused by the moment when Kate lamely replies to the man in the shop alcove 'It's really hard,' she offered, talking about the rain but unable to stop her eyes travelling down his body, magically halting at his crotch.' [After this, I think I might invest in a codpiece at the first hint of heavy cloud].
You caught me by surprise as 'his teeth nibbled her ear' as there certainly wasn't any ceremony beforehand, though of course you had mentioned that they already both recognised each other and had, presumably, some prior subtleties of body language or whiff of pheremones. [I don't get MY ears nibbled at the bakers but then, having been happily married for 28 years now, I suppose I take a healthier interest in a crisp French rye baguette with raisins than in imminent ear nibbling].
Whilst I shed my rose-coloured spectacles decades ago, your opening chapter will most certainly appeal to those who like chic lit and, refreshingly, also have a love of the language. Backed.
(A Child from the Wishing Well)

Sessha Batto wrote 1621 days ago

Out of the mouths of babes. Poor Kate, feeling so guilty over her dreams while her husband is having an affair with another man. Your description of her horror and frantic attempts to explain 'mommy talk to fank in bed' and 'he's mommy's fank' were utterly believable. My ex is gay, so I understand where she's coming from! Shelved.


G. M. Atwater wrote 1621 days ago

BREACH OF FAITH: Hi Andrea ~ I'm here to return your kind read of my book, "Nobody's Knight." This is not a genre I would read, usually, but it looks well written and engaging. Certainly you send your characters on one of the most convoluted rides I've ever seen in fiction! Yegads, what an imagination you have. ;-)

I'm not sure how Blake figures into the greater story, save only to prepare us for other ghostly interference, and the sheer intensity of her dreams (and her continued mix-ups in sorting reality after them) were a little off-putting, for me. But like I said, this isn't my genre, so there may be conventions of which I'm not aware.

But I can't find any many overt flaws, when I look beyond my own lack of interest in Chick Lit, and it seems an ambitious and lively narrative, with plenty of twists and turns to keep a reader going. Thus, I'm backing it with thanks for your kind support of my book. Thank you again!
Cheers ~

G. M. Atwater
Nobody's Knight

Esrevinu wrote 1622 days ago

The writing is fluid

You do a great job with the descriptions

I think you made some great choices with the characters and dialogue

People will find this book very relatable

Best wishes

The Esrevinu Chronicles/Secrets of the Elephant Rocks

peonyaceg wrote 1622 days ago

Andrea, I like this story. Kate is a fantastic character. I have your readers are going to learn a lot from her. She certainly has her hands full and then the pregnacy. Beautifully written, great voice. Backed happily.

Best Wishes

Robbins wrote 1622 days ago

I like the pitch, this looks like a fun read. I'll comment as I read through the first chapter.

The opening paragraph is too much. Try to tighten these sentences, cutting away at some of the unnecessary details.

The dream is fun, who doesn't like an enjoyable fantasy every once in awhile?

Interesting twist, catching the husband with another man. I wonder if he knows that she knows? Will have to keep reading to find out.

Seems like a good read! Backed with much pleasure.


DKTD1 wrote 1622 days ago

Second time today I've read a story that started with a sexual dream and then a rude interruption. Must be a theme.
Well written and very funny in parts. No complaints here :)

Steve Ward wrote 1622 days ago

Wow, excellent writing, love the fast pace and climb into the mind style with dreams, fantasies and sensual enuindo all teasing the reader along chapter to chapter. The thought dialogue is well done and the dialogue is real and crisp. Read 10 chapters before I had to move on. Who's Frank Mummy? Very funny too.Good luck with your book.
Steve Ward
Test Pilot's Daughter