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date submitted 18.01.2010
date updated 24.08.2010
genres: Fiction, Chick Lit, Fantasy, Young ...
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Haunting the Dead

Tiffany Chapple

Shortlisted for the Text Prize.
Meredythe Jones, seventeen, necromancer, uni student. Humour, heartbreak, politics and an adventure in Otherworld she'll never forget.


The story follows her journey as she tries to avoid her mother’s ghost, find her place in society, and finish the job that the Fae dragged her into Otherworld to do; raise the king and make him choose an heir. But when a cloaked figure tells her that the king was murdered, she doesn’t know who to trust, or what to do.

Ultimately the decisions she makes will lead to heartache and bloodshed, leaving her with the understanding that it’s not what you are that makes you human, it’s what you do.

Cover photography by Bettina Chapple

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, fantasy, necromancer, supernatural

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rhine wrote 924 days ago

Your work is very readable and flows well. You also cover the mechanics and emotions of the subject matter well. I thought the mom hanging around was hilarious, just like the real ones do in your head.

Scott Rhine
Houses of the Holy

CamilleS wrote 1324 days ago

Well written, quirky, and a fun MC. I want to see where this story goes, so I'm backing!

Curse of the Golden Fly

Andrew Burans wrote 1330 days ago

You have written a very interesting and unique storyline and created a most memorable main character in Meredythe. The dialogue is realistic and well written and the pace of your story flows well. All of this along with your descriptive writing ensures that your fantasy will appeal to the YA audience. Backed with pleasure.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

andrew skaife wrote 1332 days ago

An excellent addition to the genre. Perfect for your chick lit audience in every way.


paperbat wrote 1332 days ago

Evening Tiffany. i only read chs 1, 3 and 5, but hopefully gave me a good overview. i like the first person style. I often find myself writing like that, I find it can be more endearing. Your story line appears very interesting and draws the reader in. So well done. BACKED.
I would appreciate if you would return the favour and look at my childrens' book called Paperbats. Many thanks.
Jerry [paperbat]

Marcus Fisch wrote 1400 days ago

Excellent. Backed with pleasure
Abel Kane
The Alchemists' Cookbook

DKTD1 wrote 1480 days ago

Cool stuff, and so far... no vampires! I only read the first chapter though. I like getting dropped right into the maelstrom and trying to figure things out along with the characters. I'm guessing things have been pretty rough for this crew because when Rory-James found Meredythe covered in blood, he didn't freak... If I found ANYONE covered in blood, I'd freak... but I'm just a desk-jockey.
So shelved.
Best of luck
Demons and Other Inconveniences

Melcom wrote 1493 days ago

You kind of lost me with the killing of the cat, as an animal lover don't really like to read about animals being abused or killed.

Anyway your writing is solid and flows exceptionally well.

An intriguing read that promises much.

Great work

Happily shelved


missyfleming_22 wrote 1493 days ago

Very enjoyable, endearing book. I loved the storyline, chick lit and fantasy go very well together in my opinion and you've done it masterfully. My biggest compliment is that I would definitely buy this, it was a pleasure to read the bit that I did.


lizjrnm wrote 1494 days ago

Perfect Chick-Lit /Fantasy- ahh the old mother- daughter relationships has withstood the test of time! This is a well written novel and polished to perfection. BACKED with pleasure

The Cheech Room

Hatts wrote 1496 days ago

Enjoyed first chapter and pitch. Backed with pleasure

anbasekar wrote 1501 days ago

great story --backed



samoana75 wrote 1536 days ago

This is great writing! Backed.

Francis Albert McGrath wrote 1543 days ago

I like your premise, the notion that Meredythe can raise from the dead, and she has a particular raising with the Faerie King. I think your opening is weak, and needs more conflict in the first few paragraphs. Also, in your pitch, I think you need to make clear who Meredythe's enemy (nemesis) is, and how she will struggle against that enemy, and what her weaknesses are. The writing is good to excellent. I think the plot needs some work... more conflict, and clarity on the nemesis. Hope this is helpful. Shelved.

Alexei wrote 1544 days ago

hey good story, its great fantasy i dont like the chick lit part but the rest is good. goodluck.