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word count 30808
date submitted 01.02.2010
date updated 25.07.2010
genres: Fiction, Thriller, Horror, Crime
classification: adult

A Bed of Thorns

Claire Ferdinando

Two lonely women, a killer on the run, a tangled web of secrets and lies - three players in a deadly game of wits.


A Bed of Thorns is a chilling psychological thriller which challenges the reader not to become complacent.

When Charlie, a charming killer on the run, is attacked by a wild dog on a lonely moor, he takes refuge with two reclusive sisters on a remote farm.

Daisy rules the house with a strict hand and rejects the trends of the modern world, but Rose longs for a place in that world of romance, glamour and – modern conveniences.

Charlie can’t help but take advantage of their naïve generosity and soon charms himself into both sisters’ beds.

Sibling rivalry soon leads to an explosive concoction of secrets and lies. Suddenly Charlie’s only concern is to stay alive long enough to recover and make his escape.

But not all is what it seems and the women still have a few more surprises in store.

A terrifying roller-coaster of twists and turns with a constant struggle for both power and survival.

(** Full synopsis, for those interested, can be found in the final chapter **)

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bed of thorns, crime, horror, mystery, psychological, roller-coaster, suspense, thriller, twists and turns

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name falied moderation wrote 1310 days ago

Dear Claire
Talent and skill have been shown with this book for sure. I have to wonder on this site at the creations that come from peoples heads and of course the immense talent of those like yourself to animate such colorful characters. I truly wish I had half your talent. I loved your short and long pitch both really sell your book which they are meant too so CONGRATS, and love the way you write. Your ability with words to craft an orginal read is amazing. the characters have decided to take up permanent residence but i will insist they leave soom to go home. ha!

Please take a moment to look, COMMENT which is important to me, and BACK my book. if not that is OK

The VERY best of luck to you

The Letter

Crowel wrote 1330 days ago

Holy shit there's a lot of action in the first chapter! Not only do you know how to make your readers keep reading but you do it with great style, switching between characters and flipping into the past and back with ease. I really like your writing and your character development. In just one chapter I feel like I know all three of them. I am genuinely impressed with this.


ccb1 wrote 1334 days ago

Backed Bed of Thorns. Awesome! The chase scene really opens your story with action and suspense. We would have liked to seen a better description of the sex scenes. The two sisters are turning out to be the best part of the story. Can’t wait to finish! Pleasure to back this.
CC Brown
Dark Side

Nursing Around wrote 1347 days ago

great stuff, great start, really got me into it.

Elizabeth Wolfe wrote 1350 days ago

Dear Claire,
I really like your opening paragraph! It is so immediate and draws the reader right into the dilemna. Your dialog is spot on. Really great writing!

Elizabeth Wolfe (MEMORIES OF GLORY)

Here is your chance to get a double backing. My friend, homewriter, and I have similar taste in writing and trust each other's judgment. Back my book (already done -thanks!) and leave it on your bookshelf. Then do the same for his, "The Harpist of Madrid." Once the backings register, he will give you a return backing guaranteed. Just let him know in an email that you've backed my book as well as his. You might have to be a bit patient as we're 6 time zones apart. But you'll have two backings guaranteed on your excellent book. Of course, comments are always welcome too!

Jayne Lind wrote 1353 days ago

Hi Claire: Interesting and somewhat different premise to your plot. And definitely well written. Best of luck to you and if you haven't yet looked at The President's Wife is on Prozac, please do. Jayne

tisseurdecontes wrote 1353 days ago

This is a fast-paced, dark thriller. You take a scumbag killer (though it could be argued that it was self defense) and turn him into a sympathetic character. This is well written.

Best wishes with the book.

Steven Lloyd

Regina Tittel wrote 1356 days ago

Thanks for backing Abandoned Hearts. Likewise, yours isn't a genre I dwell in, however, your pitch is superbly written as I'm sure is your book.

Narwhon wrote 1356 days ago

Well girl, no doubt about it, you sure know how to write and hold the readers attention. You have captured the realism without being too wordy. Backed. Cheers, B. Cameron Lee (Diary of a Serial Killer)

CarolinaAl wrote 1357 days ago

This is a clever story with well developed characters. Fantastic dialogue. Exciting. Fast paced. Compelling. Backed.

Ron Mitchell wrote 1358 days ago

You have an interesting writing style and a story that eases into a compelling dialogue. I read your book through chapter 4. Best of luck with your continued writing. Thank you for your support of December Gold.

nsllee wrote 1358 days ago

Hi Claire

Great writing - the opening grabs the reader right away and the male pov is completely credible. You take the reader right into your world without pause for breath. Backed.

Nicole (Chosen)

lizjrnm wrote 1358 days ago

Finally was able to return for more of this gem and so glad I did. Fabulous!! Please upload more - Backed

The Cheech Room

name falied moderation wrote 1359 days ago

Dear Claire
This book cover is such a good one. Your long pitch is not up there with the best, i think it is the best. well so far. and I dont say that lightly. I have not read all your book yet.... but will comment more when I have......., I wish to get this backing in so that i can assist you in climbing to the top. so
if you could find the time to go through and 'comment', on my work, I would be so happy, as this will enable me to improve as a writer, and if you wish BACK it
Again the VERY BEST OF LUCK with your book

The Letter

Jim Darcy wrote 1359 days ago

This is a smart story with Charlie thinking he is the smart one and the women docile fools. How things change! This has all the hallmarks of a superior chiller and fodder for the small screen. Good luck with this well written and engrossing story.
Jim Darcy
The Firelord's Crown

Marija F.Sullivan wrote 1361 days ago

Very exciting. Fast paced. Backed with best wishes, M
- Weekend Chimney Sweep
- Sarajevo Walls of Fate

R.A. Baker wrote 1362 days ago

A very entertaining read. The premise is clever--take an apparently ideal situation and turn it into a nightmarish one. The the main character starts off thinking he's got it made. He has a place to hide out, two seemingly naive and attractive women isolated on a farm. If he only knew!

Best of Luck,

R.A. Baker

beekeeper111 wrote 1363 days ago

Amazing, so well written, defintely could see as a movie, you are very talented. I'll read some more when I have the time as i am almost nine months pregnant and have a lil toddler to chase after, but wow, really good. Thank you so much for backing my novel, it means a lot to me especially after reading your bio. It's really hard to break into the writing scene, I've been trying to get mine published now for some time, so it's always nice to hear an honest voice.
Thanks again, and good luck with your writing.
Althea's Magical Journey's

JD Revene wrote 1363 days ago

Cracking pace, reminds me a little of some of those English movies--Lock, Stock and Two Barells for example. Backed.

scorselo wrote 1363 days ago

Well written good psychological tension and nice interplay between the sisters. Why don't you upload the rest so I can finish it?
Scorselo-the Communicator

Roger Thurling wrote 1364 days ago

Two sisters, Daisy the elder and the more dominant, Rose the younger and more gullible and innocent. Despite Daisy's warnings, Rose gets involved with a man, and gets pregnant.

The above is part of the tale of my grandfather's half sisters, Daisy and Rose Cooper, born in the 1890s. Their opinion of their father? Daisy said that they would like to dig him up, spit on him and bury him again.
But you obviously know much more of the story than I did.

I like your version.

Eveleen wrote 1365 days ago

(Turning a new leaf)

memphisgirl wrote 1366 days ago

One: Don't think you have any trouble adapting to the novel format. Two: You gave me sense of place and I'm in somebody's head right off. Great. Three: Taut Writing. I am familiar with the Coppola site. I love this one. I've only been on the stie for about two days. Very glad to hear from you. Backing your novel with confidence.Hope this correspondence finds you well.

Ashes By Now

Bill Carrigan wrote 1366 days ago

Dear Claire, I haven't time right now to read beyond your first chapter, but I'll thank you warmly for backing "The Doctor of Summitville" and for calling my attention to your exciting, character-driven, well-written thriller. It's off to a fast and promising start. Trusting that you won't fail to keep readers turning the pages, I'll readily back "A Bed of Thorns" and promise to read more later. --Best of luck, Bill

matt.thomas wrote 1367 days ago

Really enjoyed the dialogue and pacing of the 1st chapter. Putting on my watchlist and will get to it soon.

Matt Thomas

Pete_Emmerson wrote 1367 days ago

Great, I love it and thanks for the synopsis, at least I dont have to imagine the ending now, that would have been a nightmare. I like your smooth writing style ... Good Luck ... Backed

Jan wrote 1367 days ago

Wham. Straight in there, which is just what a thriller needs. Good dialogue. Backed.

lfk wrote 1367 days ago

Hi Ferdi,
The dialogue runs so naturally and your descriptive style is very visual - I'm very happy to back you.

Rome wrote 1367 days ago

This is so awesome (I am sorry I took this long to respond too; work held me up....)
Next, I am so honored you backed my book. I am so lucky given your credentials!

But let's get on with this beautiful book - the English is meticulous; I am a stickler for that.
Your language talks - a smooth flow that takes me from word to word with a visual impact that is simply outstanding. In essence, you weave through a chapter with just the right words in terms of usage and visual appeal.
So brilliant and scary sometimes in the way it tells the reader what's coming next.....
Your ability to connect with your reader - ingenious; you use words that follow easily and diction that no one can complain; so in other words; I read through without any stop and a hitch. That is great for my tired mind right now.

In all, I love your book; a clever thriller that reaches out and dares the reader through a thorny chamber that promises terror and a hellish ride on the edge....beware "A Bed of Thorns"; not a recommended read for the faint-hearted.


Directives for Murder

Amy R wrote 1368 days ago

Great opening chapter. I love the opening few paragraphs, the inner dialog. I wanted to read more and I was not disappointed! The pace is adrenaline filled, I picture a character from a show I watch as Charlie (which fit perfectly by the way). You are throwing everything and the kitchen sink at the reader but also give them the berth to navigate the path you've laid out.

Very cool!

Backed and enjoyed!

Trust Me

Su Dan wrote 1368 days ago

l like the way you the everyday life and horror...good work...on watchlist for now...
read SEASONS...

andrew skaife wrote 1369 days ago

Not my genre so I will keep my read critique to your writing.

Your structure is set in stone and shapes the read well. I was especially impressed by the pacing that you control so well.

The language is excellently chosen and shows much in the way of craftsmanship.

I especially love the dialogue in its most visceral expression.


magog wrote 1371 days ago

Hi Claire,
So nice to see a familiar name, makes me feel at home.



Katy Christie wrote 1371 days ago

Not normally my kind of read, but this is good. Your writing is invisible while the characters come to the fore. Happy to back this.
Katy Christie
No Man No Cry

fletcherkovich wrote 1372 days ago

Hi Claire.

A hundred clapps for your book.
I love the title. It is very catchy and powerful. I read your story and found it absolutely brilliant. Good language facility and concise plotting. Characterization is interactive and inspiring. It is clear that you have put a great deal of effort into your writing, are committed to your content and serious about the development of your craft. What I like about Authonomy is that it allows writers, of all abilities, to share their work with other keen writers and readers, work that might not otherwise become published—and not necessarily for any reasons related to literary merit. I have backed your book since I felt that your efforts deserve my backing. Best of luck with your writing.


Ceeds wrote 1372 days ago

Really well done! I love the beginning - it drags you straight into the story. It reads like a film - you can see the pictures in your head. And I love the speed of the action. All the best, Carol.

eurodan49 wrote 1378 days ago

Hi there, fellow Authonomy-topian. If you enjoy historical spy/thrillers and would like to know how two former dogs-of-war plan to assassinate the world’s foremost dictator…come take a look at To Kill a Dead Man.

Azam Gill wrote 1381 days ago

A Bed of Thorns.

A dramatic beginning impacts the attention, and the “wasteland” reference is efficiently anticipates the inversion of “cluster of civilization … peaceful oasis” with something simmering under the placidity contained in the subtext.

The milieus of the first two chapters juxtapose diametrically opposing locales, following which two distinct threads of well defined characters, and racy events converge into the central, gripping conflict of the work.

Accessible narration that moves at a good clip offers lean, mean and keen dialogues.
On occasions, the narrator’s voice takes a moral position, and this observation can be taken either way.

The fragmented chronology is well under control, with no confusion.

The work is solidly structured.


Azam Gill

C W Bigelow wrote 1383 days ago

Claire - liked the difference between the two chapters - the high energy adventure and violence of the first compared to the beauty of the town and Rose's sadness in the second - though both reveal the ugliness of human nature - with Rose and Charlie being the targets. They add up to an engaging read that makes me want to get to chapter 3. Backed with pleasure. CW (To Save the Sun)

Lynne Ellison wrote 1385 days ago

remarkable thriller

wespollet wrote 1386 days ago

Hi Claire, I really enjoyed the opening chapter and like your main characters Charlie, Phil and Bo. I was hoping Phil would catch Charlie at the train crossing but I guess from the Synopsis the sisters used Charlie for food. after nearly being castrated in a fight. I Back the book! Harold Alvin(ICON)Wesley

Daniel Manning wrote 1386 days ago

A Bed Of Thorns is a thrill a minute crime caper that has everybody running away, one is scarpering from gangsters, and two live on an old farm thats shut off from the world, through personal choice. Salfords dingy tenements, and dirty deeds behind the locked doors of a garage, is the lead in to poor Charlie, who only knows the good life. So a near death experience forces him to make good an escape and the pace does'nt stop for a second as he dodges gangsters, and fights with dogs. But will the two spinsters who live on the farm he finds refuge in, get the better of him.
Other than Salford referred to as being dingy a couple of times more than necessary, I can find no fault in the early chapters, and think this a rip roaring story, Rose and Daisy are both entertaining characters who fit into the running away message, and I suspect it will lead to a showdown, a final confrontation
Backed with pleasure.
Daniel manning
No Compatibility

greeneyes1660 wrote 1388 days ago

Claire your two main characters remind me of Joan Crawford and Bette Davis in " Whatever Happen to Baby Jane". One so domineering and the other submissive. Charlie is likable and your premise is gripping.

You build tension well with your dialogue and descriptive writing. I have read 10 chapters and I like the way you unfold what lies ahead just enough to grab us and entice us into forging foward.

Well done, great stuff Backed Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

Vanessa Darnleigh wrote 1391 days ago

Simple and direct...just right for this kind of tale...the opening chapter left me quite breathless...a few issues with syntax and places where some cosmetic work might help tp polish it up...all in all a very good read!

Johanna Kern wrote 1391 days ago

A very skillful thriller!

Congratulations on the great idea and writing.

Backed with real pleasure,
Johanna Kern
Master and the Green-Eyed Hope

Njoy14u wrote 1391 days ago

Clair, A Bed of Thorns is very well written, you've drawn a fantastic word picture of all three of the main characters, as well as capturing a wonderful sense of place. You set Charlies charming character up nicely. And You did a great job with Rose's character. Great action you are an accomplished writer and your experience writing in films shows that.
Best of Luck
Njoy *moods and expressions*

Groaner wrote 1392 days ago

Hey, Claire. Good book--lots of action in the first chapter, though I think I'd like to see the last part--where the POV changes back to Phil--told from Charlies viewpoint instead. Just me, of course, and I'm no expert.
Your writing really shines with Rose, her thoughts, feelings, descriptions, etc. Very nice.
Sorry, but I only read the first two. The pitch promises a great story, and from what I've read you'll pull it off with no problems.
Backed with pleasure.

bluegirl09 wrote 1392 days ago

Action right from the start! Very light hearted writing; charming, really :P Good writing, and I love the line 'as the short hemlines off' - describes it perfectly in a few words! It's great, and really hooks the reader from the beginning!
Good luck!

Selena Hallahan - 'With Teeth'

Thomas White wrote 1394 days ago

Great premise and a great read. Very well done. Backed with pleasure.

Kidd1 wrote 1394 days ago

Your pitch is excellent, and hooked me. You have a very chilling voice, meant in the thriller sense, that carries your storyline forward at a fast pace. Backed.

I hope you will give mine a read, and back it if you like it.
Golden Conspiracy