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date submitted 03.02.2010
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The Next Ice Age.

Francis A. Andrew.

Is global warming a reality? Is not another ice age a more likely scenario? Perhaps global warming has more connections to politics than to science.


For the past two decades or so, much has been made of so-called global warming. This supposed phenomenon has been so ingrained in the collective consciousness of the public that it is now generally considered as being "fact". But is it? Although this may be contrary to accepted "wisdom", this book not only challenges the idea of anthropogenic global warming but postulates that the most likely natural disaster to befall the Earth is another ice age. It is the opinion of the author that the most appropriate context for global warming is not a scientific one but a political one - or, more precisely, a politically correct one. A blend of science fiction, science fact and socio-political historical fiction and fact, this novel aims to show the absurdness of political correctness. Perhaps the most controversial idea of the novel is the linkage between political correctness and Nazism. While on the surface it would appear that the two doctrines are at complete variance with one another, the writer attempts to demonstrate that they may not be so mutually exclusive as the popular mind imagines them to be. The novel is a wake-up call to the dangers of radical unbridled political correctness.

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asteroid., glass tubes, glass worms, global warming, hitler, ice age, mars, narcotics, nazism, political correctness, ufo

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Adam0386 wrote 700 days ago

rated "very good" purely because what i've read of it, it's just that :) I love the way you write, and the overall theme and plot of your work here. I'd be appreciated if you could rate and comment back on my short story The Survivor's Diary, which includes global warming as well.


Adam E
The Survivor's Diary
Legends Of Sharokait

SusieGulick wrote 1507 days ago

Dear Francis, Well, here's another of your 4 books that I'm backing. :) Written just as well as the others. :) Nice crisp paragraphs & sentences. :) Thank you for backing my 2 memoir books. :)
backed :)
Love, Suse :)

andrewvecsey wrote 1512 days ago

I read up to chapter 8 and was very impressed. I don't understand why your book is not getting a lot more attention that it deserves. It is very well written, thought provoking, and because it uncovers hidden truths, I find it funny. Of course I am going to continue to read the rest of your very entertaining book. I think that one reason that you have attracted so little attention is your pitch. You should emphasize the satirical side of your book as well as the speculation of Hitler's role in our present day politics. I look forward to discovering other aspects of your brilliant satire in the following 11 chapters. I am certainly going to recommend this to my friends. It is one of the best and most unique books I have read here. Thanks PS. For a bit of scientific incorrectness, take a lok at chapter 9 of my book.

RobinP wrote 1625 days ago

Satire is alive and well... I love the tongue -in-cheek pitch (at least I HOPE it's TIC!) and your style of writing is exactly right. I read Ch 1 thru 5 and then Ch 10. I am unable to back your book at the moment because of a problem (I think) with Authonomy that is preventing me from doing so. But you're on my watchlist for further reading and eventual backing.

Robin Piper