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CJ the Angel Book Series

Paul Alan Gunneman

Five short children's stories featuring CJ the Angel. Re-tells Biblical stories from his child-like point of view. Includes an imaginative original Christmas story.


"CJ the Angel and The Heavenly Choir" - The birth of Jesus Christ is arriving. It is time for the heavenly choir to practice their songs. However a choir member named CJ is an awful singer. The choir director tries to fix the problem by putting CJ in charge of sound control and being quiet. But God has a different plan for him.

"CJ The Angel and The Zacchaeus File" - CJ befriends a tax-collector, Zacchaeus. Zacchaeus remains the same till he hears that Jesus was coming to town. After climbing up a tree, an offer to have Jesus come to his house and a heart-filled talk, he changes his ways.

"CJ the Angel in The Easter Week" - tells the story from Palm Sunday through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ through the eyes of CJ.

"CJ The Angel and The Lost Coin" - re-telling of the parable of the lost coin in present time.

"CJ The Angel and The First Christmas Ornament" - CJ accidentally breaks the first Christmas ornament and tries his best to repair it.

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Mike LaRiviere wrote 1539 days ago


We have an oilspill in the Gulf of Mexico that may be one of our greatest disasters, The area where I live was flooded last weekend, There is no end in sight for the Iraq war, and our churches are experiencing so much trouble and grief. What a pleasure it was to escape into a heavenly realm of innocence, and simplicity, and goodness, and child-likeness, and love, and God........

I write children's books for my granddaughters, and I have created worlds and planets, and fantastic places of beautiful colors, and sounds, and things. I am a Christian, a Bible teacher, a Theology buff, and a lover of all things beautiful. And your work is beautiful, theologically sound, and tells the story of Jesus in a spectacular manner worthy of being published and given to every human being that just needs to be reassured of goodness and God's love.

I teared up while reading the individual stories, and I think I know why. I needed relief from the sadness all around me. I love the perspective of that little angel. I loved CJ's innocence. I loved his interaction with God and the other angels. It lifted me into the heavenlies. It broke the dam and let the pent up waters flow forth till they flowed crystal clear.

What a wonderful story telling knack you have. You have painted wonderful, marvelous, joyful word pictures and have developed neato characters that capture the heart and administer happy shots to ailing readers,

I back your book with pleasure, I pray that you will be successful in your endeavors, and I give you a big PawPaw Mike hats off and thumbs up.

God Bless You Real Good,

PawPaw Mike

plantaen wrote 1554 days ago


First, I have to declare that I'm an atheist. But one thing I do believe in when it comes to the education and character development of our children is diversity.

So, it's the quality of the story telling and writing that would concern me if I was considering buying these avowedly Christian stories for my own children.

After reading the first two stories I can say that I'm impressed on both counts—I'd be happy for my children to read them.

On that basis, I'm going to back this book.

I spotted one typo near the top of the first story:

God sid to him…

Plantaen aka Ian Taylor: Sirens And Other Tall Short Stories.

Cherry G. wrote 1574 days ago

What lovely stories,. so gentle and calming. I think this is ideal for adults to read to young children and older children to read for themselves. It is easy to read with short sentences and a lot of dialogue, but most of all, CJ the angel is adorable. You've created a wonderful little character here and through him, you've made the bible stories more accessible to young children. Most children will be able to identify with the broken ornament predicament ...perhaps most adults too! There's humour and light heartedness as well as the initial anger and sadness of the Easter story . You've put a lot of love into these stories and it shined through when I read them.
I will BACK this at my next bookshelf "reshuffle".
Cherry G,.

ThePauleman wrote 1617 days ago

My son is dyslexic. When he was younger I struggled to find books where the language was consistent in line with the catchment age group.....He only needed the odd.....'impartiality' instead of 'unfair' and he was done for, said book would then be frizbee'ed on top of the wardrobe, never to be retrieved......

I'd have bought him this.....

Shelved with enthusiasm

Thank you for your kind words. Truth be told, I don't know too many big words myself. lol. Best wishes for you and your son.

Kerrie Price wrote 630 days ago

Paul, your book is just great. I guess I'm just a kid at heart. Your stories are beautifully written, with characters that children can readily relate to. High stars.

Have you considered joining the Christian forums?

Kerrie Price
Answer the Call

Di Manzara wrote 647 days ago

Hi Paul,

This to me looks really good. I've WL this for now. I'll come back soon to read it.

It's me,

fayha wrote 826 days ago

I have just read the first story and I thought it was written wonderfully it was quirky and fun just what a children's book should be. At the same time as an adult it was fun to read. A very sweet book I will read this to my daughter Iam sure she will love it. I can imagine it with Illustrations.
On my watchlist given it a sprinkling of stars.

Labradors and cappuccino wrote 889 days ago

Very sweet. Nice ideas. Have backed you for now.I'm new to the site so am still working my way through lots of books. Would you like to read my book-Help! I've swapped my mother! Only if you want to.

Tom Bye wrote 893 days ago

Hello Paul-
book- C J > the angel book series-

after reading all the five chapters posted, I feel that you have a winning book, a sure fire seller
to all young children and or for grandparents to read to them-

the writing is just delectable and delightful and C J is sent down from God to sort out various problems-
loved when he is send down to Jericho and not forgetting when he is sent down to help Wanda to find that coin-

A lovely Christian book told with a great sense of humour that had me turning the pages at a rapid rate-

wish you good luck with it and God bless-

tom bye
book - from hugs to kisses'
please oblige and read some of mine Paul- you might like chapter 16-14 and others if you can spare time-thanks

Lcamp wrote 897 days ago

Hello Paul,
I really enjoyed your stories! Especially chapter 3. Wow, what a magnificent way to play out the crucifiction story for not just children, but adults to clearly see the picture and understand. You have a great gift ability to break down a story and give it life that a child can appreciate.
I know this book will do well and hope it is picked up by a publisher. These stories would make a great screen play.
One small typo I will point out in Chapter 2 - ...Zacchaeus said as he made his (way) back down the tree" - add "way".
May God bless this book and may it be successfull!
Take care,
Lynn - "The Chair"
I hope you have a chance to read my book. It is a non-fiction story of a vision of heaven and angels. I think that's right up your alley!

Owlbyrd wrote 919 days ago

I agree with all the other folks who stated that they were thoroughly pleased and even enlightened by this story. Especially compelling was the sentiments expressed by those who claim to not believe or have lost faith in God.

One thing I might add is what someone else posted about going on a bit much and changing the possible age preference or audience. I'm not sure if the second paragraph's second sentence," He could not carry a tune..." is a bit of a run-on for this type of story/audience. Also I might use another word or two on the part where it says "Now the somewhat boring songs had a romping..." to something denoting the songs previosly being boring, just for clarity of thought and seamlessness of readership (if that's the right word). What a treasure you have been given, please continue working on these wonderful stories.God Bless You and all that you do for His Glorious Kingdom with the treasures He's given. I will continue to read these to my kid's and offer suggestions if you like.

ThePauleman wrote 946 days ago

Thank you so much for your kind words. May you and yours have a very Blessed Christmas. ((smile))

Paul Alan Gunneman,

After finally getting a chance to give it a longer peek, I found the CJ the Angel collection to be great. Coincidentally I read the Christmas story. It was nice to see a simple concept and what consequences happened. It was also nice to reiterate the fact even though what CJ did was a mistake, he was still able to turn it [inadvertently] into something good due the people he touched/affected in the process or righting a wrong.

Keep up the good work.

Lee Tarvis wrote 958 days ago

Paul Alan Gunneman,

After finally getting a chance to give it a longer peek, I found the CJ the Angel collection to be great. Coincidentally I read the Christmas story. It was nice to see a simple concept and what consequences happened. It was also nice to reiterate the fact even though what CJ did was a mistake, he was still able to turn it [inadvertently] into something good due the people he touched/affected in the process or righting a wrong.

Keep up the good work.

Dael wrote 1222 days ago

Interesting Take into Heavens' activities and I like the character of CJ.
I only read the first chapter and I like how sad CJ's life turned around when and where he least expected so.
That is so how our dear God works with us!
Daelle Worth~ Rebirthed... From on High

Raven Scott wrote 1351 days ago


Rev Raven Scott

brunworthdds wrote 1370 days ago

My kids would love these! Backed!! I wish you the best in your pursuits. What a way to tell the biblical stories in a way a child can understand great job. I was hoping you could read my Children's book as well and let me know what you think. it is called "May Hammer Is Hiding: A Peek at The Fifth Commandment"

mikechurch wrote 1375 days ago

Lovely simple stories. I can see these going down very well at Sunday School, for example. I think we all have memories of being kids, breaking something, and being terrified of the consequences. Or was it just me?!

livloo wrote 1379 days ago

Simple and delightful, my daughters would like to read this. Every success

A Policeman's Lot

SingingOwl wrote 1380 days ago

I LOVE this! Best wishes! Backed.

J.S.Fairfield wrote 1382 days ago

This is a simple and beautiful work Paul. After reading books and watching on television one murder and tragedy after another it was refreshing to read this tale and feel hope once again spring anew. Thanks Paul

Runningwolf wrote 1384 days ago

Hi Paul.

Well written set of stories. This should appeal to all children there is truth and wry humour in your writing. Backed. James.

Eunice Attwood wrote 1390 days ago

I love this very original concept. You have done a wonderful job in relating these stories, adding a slightly different twist to the bible stories we have grown up with. Your little angel is the perfect character to bring these stories to life. I loved your book. I too, have written about a little angel in my children's books. Backed - Eunice - The Temple Dancer.

todd89 wrote 1390 days ago

Very well done and I enjoyed it

I'll put it on my watchlist

lavery51 wrote 1391 days ago

Paul, what a cute book. I like this for kids as it personalizes the Bible, with their little friend CJ> I really enjoyed the Christmas ornament. There is such a need for good children's Christian books so good luck, lynne///P>S> could you take a look at You-Turn.

mike-wolfham wrote 1392 days ago

thanks for the support, will check yours out as well. you oughta do a devil series too :)

JOE ADU-GYAMFI wrote 1398 days ago

I realy felt gud readin abt u.i think ur xprnce may benefit all of us.i realy appreciate ur backin n am takin a keen interest in ur work.wil take time 2 read n send feedback as wel as backin u up soon!bye4now

bwriter wrote 1399 days ago

Paul, I stopped believing in God a long time ago. But I couldn't help being moved by this story which you told so simply and so beautifully. It deserves to be on all the bookstores' shelves this Christmas. Your voice is very strong and reminded me of Burl Ives. Remember him?
Good luck and keep writing.
And thanks for backing One Of Us. I will back your book.

LN wrote 1403 days ago

Hello Paul,

Read the first chapter. It's beautiful. I wish everything was as simple as CJ's world.
The writing is lyrical.
Backed with pleasure.

N.Lalit ( Siren )

hapless rider wrote 1412 days ago

Kids storys are all about making the best of highs and lows, facing problems and overcoming them. I think you have challenged that and done well. Also - there is a market for this writing - so best of luck with it. Hapless

Rachaelet wrote 1413 days ago

I read the first two stories in your CJ the Angel series book. I will finish the rest later, but I wanted to tell you now, the stories are just beautiful. You are very talented. I'm not usually into Christian Bible stories, but yours are very sweet. Good luck with them in the future :)

Gerry Burnie wrote 1414 days ago

Hello Paul

While it is not my genre, "CJ the Angel" looks like a delightful concept. I am also mindful that stories like these, although seeming simple of the surface, must be far more of a challenge than that.

Journey to Big Sky is already published, but I appreciate your interest.

Good luck,
Gerry Burnie
"Gerry Burnie Books" []

lj reads wrote 1416 days ago

I will add this to my collection for my son to read. Thank you so much Paul!

Frank Calcagno wrote 1416 days ago

Very refreshing. A great child's book.

Jayboid wrote 1419 days ago

Paul, I wish there were applause greater than a hearty backing of your "CJ and the Angel Book". This deserves a wide audience through publication. I've only had time to read the first, lovely, lovely story. I shall leave it on my bookshelf, however, until I finish them all. You have such a wondrous gift, Paul. Congratulations.

"Keeping Score"

Green H wrote 1420 days ago

i loved it so much, it is such a perfect storyline for both kids and grown ups...
i cant wait to read more and comment ...
green h

Herschel Shirley wrote 1423 days ago

Great idea and well done. If it is true that God 'fleshed' out Himself in His perfect Son why couldn't Heaven have angels with some personality? I like it a lot. Hope it does well. Backed.

holas wrote 1427 days ago

great for children! Let me know when they are on the bookshelves or available on DVD.

Nicholas Riordan

Vall wrote 1429 days ago

Oh, what charming stories! Backed with pleasure

Francene Stanley wrote 1429 days ago

Just Great. What inspiring stories. I love it when things turn out right.

Thanks for backing mine. I'm returning the favor.


Peter Wild wrote 1435 days ago

A highly-enjoyable, professional and original series. Why isn't it in the shops? Not personally my cup of tea, but it will be my kids'!
Great fun and so backed all the way.

Peter Wild
Double Action

Pat Black wrote 1440 days ago

Hi Paul,

From a purely commercial perspective, there's a lot of scope for sales in this type of book - lots of Christian bookshops around the world would happily stock this sort of book. What pleased me the most is that there's no signs of an angry, belligerent or vengeful god here, just a benevolent deity who looks out for his flock. It's difficult not to get behind ideas of loyalty and love regardless of denomination or belief.

All the best


Gurmeet Mattu wrote 1442 days ago

It's very hard to judge this kind of material without either sounding like a grouch or a sycophant, but I'll put my neck on the line and say that this is actually very good work. The writing is professional and there is no doubt it would appeal to its target audience. Backed.

graciem365 wrote 1444 days ago

I would buy thesebooks for my kids as well as spread the word to our churchs childrens teachers!!
--grace a perfect life

Splinker wrote 1450 days ago

"I've Been Deader"

nsllee wrote 1455 days ago

Hi Paul

What lovely stories! The tone is just right for young children and it is such a jolly idea - a jazz-trumpet playing angel! Backed.

Nicole (Chosen)

M.H.Thonger wrote 1456 days ago

very entertaining and different. Maybe this is what is needed!
Please cast your eye over ' the compulsive adventurer'. A travel saga with a difference.

soonerbred wrote 1457 days ago

Lovely and refreshing stories - i can see using the first at a children's service at Christmas. Enjoyed the read.

The Smoke That Thunders

name falied moderation wrote 1457 days ago

Dear Paul,
this book cover is so endearing so much what I would pick up in the stores.....I have already commented and backed your book a while ago, but cannot see the backing anywhere. So i am taking the time to back it again because I believe your book is WORTH IT
just let me know if it does not show again.

Carlamarie wrote 1461 days ago

Very Refreshing. Backed

flower girl wrote 1462 days ago

I LOVE these stories. When my kids were young I would have bought these. So light hearted but based on truth. Brilliant and backed.

ikraft wrote 1465 days ago

A very interesting and unique story - I like it! Putting a new breath into a lot of the Biblical stories really makes this an interesting read! I also like the way it seemed to somewhat reflect Biblical texts, telling only the important information.

Best Wishes,
Ian Kraft
(The Freel of Streel)

Jason Morte wrote 1467 days ago

Original, articulate and entertaining. I like what you're doing here.
The only bit of criticism I can offer is that I noticed the sentences growing longer and more complex as the story progressed. Keep in mind your audience. Are youngsters going to be reading these stories themselves? If so, what age group? At first it seemed that it was written for the beginning reader, age four to six. Half way through I realized that the reading level was higher than that. It's all I can say, though, and that's an easy thing to fix.
Well done! Keep up the great work!

lfk wrote 1468 days ago

I thought the stories were delightful and can imagine them being a great starting point for discussions in primary school classes on good citizenship, how to relate to each other etc.

magog wrote 1469 days ago

I think children will love these stories, you have brought them up to date in a delightful way.

Good luck.
Carole Pitt [The Lily Branch]