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date submitted 15.02.2010
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My Life at the Magical Beings' Rehabilitation center

KM. Shea

Morgan L. Fae was perfectly normal. And then she met Dave, the stupid and chubby vampire, and Frey the not-so-sweet werewolf. Welcome to the MBRC.


I used to be normal. Only a few months ago I hung out with my best friend, went to school, watched all the TV I wanted, and I was blissfully unaware of magic beings. Only a few months ago my perfect world was busted wide open thanks to the presence of one stupid-and-slightly-chubby vampire named Dave.

I still hate you Dave.

Now instead of watching my favorite shows or attending my after school clubs I rush to Chicago to brush fussy unicorns, tutor rotten elves, shove tomato juice down the throats of unwilling vampires, argue with a blastedly stubborn Pooka, do paperwork for cyclopes, and more.

Did I mention I STILL HATE YOU DAVE?!?

Welcome to my life at the MBRC, the Magical Beings Rehabilitation Center.

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, elves, fairies, funny, high school, humor, laugh, love, magic, magical, pegasus, pooka, unicorn, vampire, werewolf

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C. Frances wrote 1042 days ago

You certainly know your humor. I read this whole thing, loving your MC's quirky personality. The dialogue is fast-paced and realistic. The whole plot has such potential. It sort of reminds me of the novel, "Paranormalacy," but not really. Same idea, per say, but yours focuses on rehabilitating.

Critique wise, this needs to go through an edit or two. There are misspelled words, punctuation errors, etc. Also, I advise you not to reference "Twilight." Granted, you do sound like a teenage girl when you do, but not all your readers are going to understand, especially the older ones. Anyway, great job. Backed :)

Naphilia wrote 1079 days ago

I love this. LOVE THIS!!! It's quirky, it's fun and it's completely orginal. I would buy this, I seriously would! Morgan's great, Frey and Devin are briliant, Dave's ridiculous and how, oh, how did you come up with the MBRC?! This book is genius. Please, please, please, PLEASE post more!!


samoana75 wrote 1148 days ago

This was well worth the read! Wildly entertaining and I like the humour! Morgan is an excellent character with a lot of common sense for a teenager! Please post more!

andrew skaife wrote 1368 days ago

I am BACKING this on the strength of the first chapter.

If I did not think it was worth it I would not back it but I have not got the time at the moment for detailed comments. Since floating higher and higher in the Talent Spotting ranks I have been inundated with requests for reads. What I will say is that if you want detailed commentary in addition to the backing, message me. I just want the best works to go up while the detritus falls. Cheers.

name falied moderation wrote 1368 days ago

and did I say I wanted a copy of this book signed by you. if I dont get one I will haunt you till i do HAHAHA

name falied moderation wrote 1368 days ago

Dear KM
This book is so original I just L O V E D it. Your characters can play in my head any time they want, in fact I think they have taken up permanent residence. and that is OK. You use such color when creating them and so many shades that it highlights your obvious skill and talent. CONGRATS.
I do hope you will review my book, comment and most of all BACK it. but either way the BEST of luck with yours
The Letter

Lu-Lu wrote 1368 days ago


Nice! Morgan is a refreshing young voice. The vampire genre is done a lot, but I found myself laughing at how sarcastic and innocent Morgan was. Not only that, Dave is a short, fat vampire and he answers to a werewolf. Talk about different.

You have a nice tone, and the book reads easy. Good luck with this, and BTW--your cover is excellent!


SusieGulick wrote 1368 days ago

Dear KM., I love your fantasy of vampires, werewolves, unicorns, elves, & even cyclopes - what a ride, your story - totally enjoyable. :) Hope you write more books. :) Your pitch is excellent, so set the hook for me to read your book. :) When you use short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, it makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm backing your book. :) Could you please take a moment to back my TWO memoir books? Thanks. :) Love, Susie :)

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Burgio wrote 1380 days ago

This is a clever vampire story. First, the vampire isn’t breath-takingly handsome- he’s fat; secondly, the whole idea of the story is funny. I admire the way you’ve taken a much over written genre and created an original vampire story. Makes this a good read. I’m adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Beval wrote 1398 days ago

Highly amusing, it made me smile a lot. Its a fun idea and you have delivered it with style, there are the odd one liners that had me laughing. The characters are well drawn and just enough offside to make this bounce along at a cracking pace.
I have a couple of nits, you have slightly over used "that" in places and it could do with a bit of light editing. I suggest you try reading it to yourself out loud, this makes it easier to spot the stumbles.
Really enjoyable, the best of luck with it.

Ferret wrote 1398 days ago

I like this very much, so much that I would buy it if I saw it in a bookshop. It's very funny, as is your pitch. Best of luck. Backed.

Mandi Oyster wrote 1463 days ago

You have to put the rest of this on here! I loved it! Very original. Let me know when you put more on!

Mandi Oyster
Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy

Sue G. wrote 1474 days ago

What a brilliant title and pitch! This is a great beginning and very witty. Good luck with this! Backed with pleasure.

Sue Gedge/The Practical Woman's Guide to Living with the Undead

j.f.johns wrote 1482 days ago

really great read! couldn't stop! funny characters and great twist to the usual genre of vampires and werewolves!!!! absolutly wonderful!!!

VICTORIASECRET wrote 1491 days ago

Great fantasy book. I do not have a book but please check out Bamboo Promise. Best wish. Backed.

PJ Wayman wrote 1501 days ago

The humour is still flowing freely - i'm really enjoying this. give us a few more chapters and i'll be looking for space on my shelf. :-)

PJ Wayman wrote 1501 days ago

The humour is still flowing freely - i'm really enjoying this. give us a few more chapters and i'll be looking for space on my shelf. :-)

Shannon Lee wrote 1502 days ago



This is a good read. I will be watching this.


Shannon Lee

Mythic Blood.

shawshank wrote 1505 days ago

This is excellent. Really. Perfect voice, exciting start and funny, too! Shelved.

samox wrote 1505 days ago

Very engaging, right from the very beginning. I have a 16 year old girl at home, so I hear a voice like Morgan's 24 hours a day - you have it nailed. Well done! I look forward to reading more. Happily backed.

Painfully Ordinary

PJ Wayman wrote 1509 days ago

This is a great start. There are a few typos but nothing that can't be fixed easily. You have a great voice for your Morgan and her character shines through her speech and thoughts. Hopefully you will put some more up before too long - I'm really interested in where you are going to go with this.