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What Happens After the Hoop?

Jerome A Bell

Simple answers for those seeking the next plateau in their relationship with God. If you’re ready for an abundant life, this book is for you.


Jerome is a dynamic teacher, public speaker, who has facilitated seminars for major corporations throughout the country over the past fifteen years. Although he has spent much of his career providing trainings to support those seeking to increase their skills in leadership, customer service and communication, what he enjoys most is sharing his love of God. As a teacher, he shares biblical wisdom without wearing you down with clichés and spiritual brow beating. He instead provides the reader with spiritual, Bible-based foundations in a manner that's both uplifting and focused towards Kingdom Building. As a writer, his subtle witticisms and simple explanations of Biblical truths are passionate and refreshing. God has truly blessed him with the ability to make things seem clear, straightforward and obtainable to the reader. If you're seeking to enhance your relationship with God, then this book is a must for you.

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JamesRevoir wrote 961 days ago

Hello Jerome:

I read all of What Happens After the Hoop? in one sitting, which is rare. Your book is full of encouragement and speaks life to the reader.

Thank you for proclaiming His Kingdom-not just in the life to come but in the life which is.


James Revoir

M. Wilhelmsen wrote 964 days ago

Hello Jerome, I finally am back to What Happens after the Hoop. Your insight could be applied to any worship service. What happens after the benediction, etc. What you have to say is powerful and enlightening and needs to be published. God's blessings to you. Many stars and now on my shelf.
Marjorie Wilhelmsen
Exact Places

M. Wilhelmsen wrote 1028 days ago

I want to return to After the Hoop as soon as I can - love the term "hooping". On my watchlist.
Marjorie Wilhelmsen
"Exact Places"

michaeltc wrote 1325 days ago

I really like your dedication list, espcially the First One! I believe all gifts and talents come from God, and I like to see Him acknowledged!.
Since Christians need to support Christians, I am backing your book.
I wish you sucess in your endevours ( and may you spell better than I do! haha).
Iniquity Shall Abound

James Apologist wrote 1346 days ago

I am interested in your book and am putting it on my watchlist. I will be reading parts of it as soon as I can. In that it is related to the Bible, it perhaps bears some similarity to my own book, which, if you are a Christian, potential Christian, or a thoughtful and objective skeptic in this regard, you might enjoy. Its title is "Things Are Not as They Seem."

Barry Wenlock wrote 1414 days ago

This is very interesting work.
I shall read more.
Best wishes, Barry
Little Krisna and the Bihar boys

SusieGulick wrote 1486 days ago

Dear Jerome, May you continue to put Christian living books on authonomy. Fantastic. Using scriptures & examples! Your book is a good read because of the anointing on you, creating interest, making me want to keep reading & reading to find out what you're going to say. I'm backing your book. :) Please take a moment to back my TWO Books, ... "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" ... and the UNEDITED version? ... "Tell Me True Love Stories"
Thanks, Susie :)

johnjoch wrote 1489 days ago

I felt after reading part of the book, It so made me think that I am going to back it and not get too involved with crits. Perhaps that sounds a little harsh but its not meant, I can assure you. Look at my book, Three Stayed Home a WW2 adventure and love story, perhaps not your type of reading but I hope you will enjoy it. JohnJ

SharonsSunology wrote 1509 days ago

Jerome, I think your pitch should be something more about the book and less about you. You can put that info in the author information. When I started reading it, I thought Jermone might be a fictional character in the book who you are going to give an example of that would make me want to read more. Something about a nonfiction book about relationship with God needs that kind of grab. "Oh! What happened with Jerome?" but instead that piece was about you so I felt a little letdown. Not that I don't want to hear about you; I do. I just was excited to hear about some unknown person who had had something happen and then got it fixed, and I do think that this is what would make a good pitch.


mikegilli wrote 1510 days ago

best of luck with it. You have a huge potential
readership and the writing is clear and atrtractive.
mikegilli the Free (shelved)

TheLoriC wrote 1510 days ago

Strong writing and excellent subject matter makes this book very strong potential for doing well. On my shelf.

L. Anne Carrington, "The Cruiserweight"

Melcom wrote 1510 days ago

Moving read for a specific market, not sure how well it will do on here though.

The writing is solid.

Impeding Justice

Cameron Sinclair wrote 1511 days ago

Seriously off target with me I'm afraid, but I can see that you are a talented writer. While the subject matter was not something I could relate to, I was drawn in by the elegant way you delivered the text. I have one question. When describing the melodic elements of the Hoop you talk about God setting an evil spirit on Saul. Are you saying that God likes to listen to music when he is tormenting people? I can see this finding a home in the christian market as it is very well written, and obviously a subject that is close to the author's heart. Backed.

Colin Normanshaw wrote 1512 days ago

Not my kind of book, but nicely written and likely to well with its market audience. Be wary of starting too many of your earlier sentences with "I" as it slows the flow somewhat. Backed. Colin

soutexmex wrote 1512 days ago

Throw both pitches into the forums and have people help you out with it. I am SHELVING in advance. I can use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

William Holt wrote 1515 days ago


Best wishes on this. It has a definite market in the world of Christian publishing.


setondan wrote 1515 days ago

This is a very moving piece with a lot of potential to grab reader's attention. Deserving of being backed, and I wish you the best in getting the message out.

MiniMePom wrote 1517 days ago

Nice, easy to read prose and an admirable subject--what to do when you come down from the mountain to everyday life. Backed.

DKTD1 wrote 1517 days ago

This is a very honest and brave work. Heartfelt and emotional. It's not something I would normally read, but has merit and deserves to be seen!


Eunice Stubbins, among others.

Jammylmd wrote 1517 days ago

This is an interesting premise. I'm definitely backing it, despite not having the chance to read much. I'll hopefully read more later. One comment though - consider splitting the pitch into a few paragraphs so it's easier to read.

udasmaan wrote 1517 days ago

Certainly, such a lovely subject should be said in the way you have written it. i am thrilled by your writing honestly. there is love hidden in each sentence and that makes your reader,read it and fininsh it. backed with pleasure. you have a very unique style in your writing. you can give the information you want in best way possible. great.

shah, the interpreter

jrm.bell wrote 1517 days ago