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date submitted 28.02.2010
date updated 20.08.2013
genres: Young Adult
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Restoring The Light

Helen Bell

When what you dread most is what you want most,
how can there ever be a right choice?


Book Two of the Ilmaen Saga. Renia is struggling to live with seeing the future, fearing for her brother at every step and knowing there is no hope her love for Kerin HedSarol will ever come to anything; and she has at last met his brother Jastur, rightful Crown of Ilmaen, the man her far-seeing has driven them to rescue against perilous odds.

Jastur may be have his freedom but he is a sick man, and Kerin’s hated adversary Lemno Tekai is hunting them all. At some stage Kerin must face the Tekai once more if he is to restore Jastur to his rightful place, but right now the only option is to run.

It doesn’t help Renia to know that the Tekai wields the same power she does. Now she must tell Kerin or he could end up making the wrong decision. The heartbreaking truth is that the wrong decision could be to trust her too far.

The journey has revealed unexpected new friends and hidden secret enemies. It continues to bring wonderful opportunities and demand heartrending sacrifices.

And still that vision weighs on her like a burden while it draws her irresistibly on...

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epilepsy, post apocalypse, teenage, telepathy, visions

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Paige Pendleton wrote 1487 days ago

I agree with making one book two - I think that's the right course for this work. I want to do a bit more reading (of both) but your instincts are on. The good news is that it is very enjoyable reading, so I will enjoy giving you the larger view of this ....... I'll be back.

Melcom wrote 1488 days ago

Lovely writing, Helen. And a great story. Found myself urging Renia to do well in her quest.

A great read for your intended market.

Therefore happily shelved.

Impeding Justice

Helen Bell wrote 1515 days ago

This is Book 2 of a four-part series. Book 1, The Girl With No Shadow, is also on this site.