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A Plague Upon Thee

Kellen Lynch

"A plague on both your houses!" These words carry more weight than anyone could have ever imagined.


“A plague on both your houses…”

The dying words of Mercutio, best friend of Romeo Montague and cousin to the prince, set the stage for a horror the likes of which the world has never seen.

Now it’s up to Benvolio, the only Montague not caught up in the infamous feud between the Montagues and Capulets, to investigate why the dead are rising up and feeding on the humans. When it is discovered that his family and that of his enemies are being targeted by these monsters, a small group of Verona’s citizens must band together against the onslaught of the un-dead.

Set in Verona, Italy during the events of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, this novella utilizes both the original text of Shakespeare's masterpiece as well as the author's own unique view of what was taking place just out of view.

A witty combination of humor and action in the vein of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead and Shawn of the Dead.

Cover art by Kelly M. Betz. Used with permission.

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action, capulet, comedy, horror, italy, juliet, mercutio, montague, romeo, shakespeare, verona, zombies

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Walden Carrington wrote 1247 days ago

A Plague Upon Thee is brilliant historical fiction. I love the idea of using characters familiar to generations of readers of classical literature in crafting your own enthralling tale. Backed with six stars.

Danielle Gin wrote 1252 days ago

I am a great fan of Shakespeare and must say when I read that this was a spin on Romeo and Juliet, I had low expectations. Come on. Zombies? In the greatest love story ever told? But you proved that the undead were meant to be among R & J's cast of characters. Without being overly funny, you've managed to incorporate humor. This paired with simple imagrey made it easy to read. My only concern is making sure that the story's plot comes through enough in this first chapter, since the first piece the reader sees should give him expectations on where the story is going, characters, and your writing style. My only suggestion would be adding a little more to this first chapter, just to expand on where the story's headed without giving any twists away. But other than that, I thought this was pitch perfect! Wonderful job!

Marija F.Sullivan wrote 1255 days ago

Most intriguing book, brilliant writing. I will happily read and comment more anon. Will find a place on my bookshelf later today.
Best, M
- Weekend Chimney Sweep or Happy New Year
- Sarajevo Walls of Fate

RonParker wrote 1259 days ago

Hi Kellen,

A very clever tale and, in my opinion, much better than your other story. There are a few typos so you do need to geive it a good proofreading but otherise it's fine. Examples are, in the second chapter you have though instead of thought and in the same chapter you have 'her hand smashed in' when I ythink you mean her head.


Richard J. Dean Jr. wrote 1261 days ago

Fantastic writing! Love how you weave the dialogue into the story in a way that captures the moment without sacrificing the story. I think this is definitely a talent lacking among a large portion of writers and you seem to have mastered it. I hope you find success!
The homepage of the site led me to you and I already liked you when I read through your bio page and saw your favorite books. I saw you like a bit of fantasy. My stories hail from that genre and I was hoping you could find some time to take a peek at my writing.
Take care and good luck finding success--you deserve it!
Twin Fates

PS. Needless to say, Backed! And don't worry, I keep to the new guidelines and will keep your book on my shelf for a minimum of a day. Hope you find my book is good enough to merit a spot on the ever-precious Bookshelf.

Neville wrote 1262 days ago

I like your style, this is a very good book that deserves recognition.
Skillfully crafted your writing shows true ability.
Good voice, flows well, excellent description. Will shelve when possible.
Best of luck with it. - RATED.

kind regards,


Lara wrote 1262 days ago

I so enjoyed the creative adoption of the characters. Lines such as 'Are we linked - romantically?' are delicious. A very good read. Stars. x lara
Good for Him

Debra wrote 1267 days ago

What a clever premise. And Mercutio and benvolio have always intrigued me as characters. I was a little confused as to POV in the open paragragh--we clearly have Romeo's thoughts, but if we're supposed to be in Benvolio's POV, it doesn't work. But then you do get into Benvolio's POV wghen he's supporting Mercutio and helping him inside. And I was laughing. Best wishes with this.


Rachaelet wrote 1271 days ago

Sooo creative, I really liked've got a lot of talent...backed :) good luck

CarolinaAl wrote 1289 days ago

Brilliant. A creepy, mysterious multilayered historical paranormal adventure. Fast moving. Convincing characters. Tangled relationships. Atmospheric. An intense storyline. Clever wit. Polished writing. A compelling, compulsive read. Backed.

Bocri wrote 1292 days ago

It is a compliment to the skill of the author that the reader can enjoy a tale that most everyone knows already but can be made fresh simply by injecting humour, modern parlance and street cred into the equation. Simply? Ah, there's the rub! Brilliant. BACKED. Robert Davidson. The Tuzla Run.

lj reads wrote 1323 days ago

Your great with description! Quite talented, you are!

lj reads wrote 1323 days ago
memphisgirl wrote 1369 days ago

Yes, yes, yes. Students will love this and I do, too.

Ashes By Now

Ann Mynard wrote 1378 days ago

I like the original way you've taken up the story, Kellen, as well as the upbeat way you write. It makes for a humorous, absorbing read. Good luck with it.
Ann Mynard (Windshadow)

Eunice Attwood wrote 1381 days ago

Very cleverly written. Well done.

celticwriter wrote 1382 days ago

This is really interesting, too. Nice opening!

Eric Laing wrote 1386 days ago

What a very clever concept!

ccb1 wrote 1393 days ago

Hunger gnawed at the Watcher’s gut. Reaching for a bottle of blood from the minibar refrigerator, he chugged, savoring the slightly bitter iron taste. “Breakfast of Champions,” he chuckled. Tossing the empty in the trash, he dialed Kellen. Getting voice mail, he left a message,”Putting your book on our watchlist. Check out our paranormal thriller, Dark Side.”
CC Brown

aomtg wrote 1397 days ago

By putting a spin on the Bard I’d say you are a very brave man. I like your spin its good stuff.

Vanessa Darnleigh wrote 1398 days ago

Interesting but not my kind of read...sorry!
PS I did back it though!

Elizabeth Wolfe wrote 1400 days ago

This is such an interesting premise and wonderfully creative. To be able to use Shakespeare the way you do shows obvious academic ability. Your cover art is eyecatching too. Extremely well done. BACKED -Elizabeth Wolfe (Memories of Glory)

Dolores A wrote 1401 days ago

Unique and original. Backed.

Despinas1 wrote 1429 days ago

I absolutely love period pieces, having said this, I've never been a huge fan of zombie, or goolish pieces. What I do like however, is your pitch.....
It draws you in and captures your attention and once you've done that to an audience, Kellen you can do it to a world of audiences.
Well done

writingwildly wrote 1442 days ago

Fantastic! And it's just the right timing for me, since I'm reading Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, soon to move on to Sense & Sensibility & SeaMonsters.

You have a terrific dry wit, and perfect dialogue to go with it. Very Monty Python in some respects.

tomkepler wrote 1442 days ago

I have read the first two chapters, which read easily. I really like the counterpoint of your prose and my remembrance of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet. By the way, have you read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies?
Tom Kepler
The Stone Dragon

Chris_hstrswy wrote 1445 days ago

Shakespeare and zombies?! I love the ambition of this project and wish you the best of luck with it

From London To Paris

Chris_hstrswy wrote 1445 days ago

Shakespeare and zombies?! I love the ambition of this project and wish you the best of luck with it

From London To Paris

ilovereading wrote 1448 days ago

Well this is a breath of fresh air - something new and original (well to me anyway). How on earth did you come up with this idea? I loved the way you wove in the Bard's words with your own - you obviously know your stuff. I think your writing style is pitched just right for your target audience. Great read. Dee, Ticking New Boxes

Declan Conner wrote 1449 days ago

You have an intriguing premise here. The thing I liked about the read is that unlike many books I have read in this genre, I found yours to be very well written. I don't like it when people place quotes or poems by other people at the start of a chapter. It is so refreshing to have the author with the talent to place their own words

wvjazz56 wrote 1450 days ago

I believe I like this one better than Project Zero: BulletProof , but enjyoyed both. Backed with pleasure. J.B. Reed - Deadly Shamrocks

D.C. Grace wrote 1451 days ago

Very clever, picking up where Shakespeare leaves of, so to speak! If you're going to add o Shakespeare, and do it well, you have to have some top notch writings skills, not to mention "huevos" of steel - seems to me you have both, hahaha! Well done, very bright and clever!
Write On! :)
D.C. Grace
The Sacred Oath

M D Eyler wrote 1451 days ago

Kellen, This is an interresting premise and it could work.
I don't feel that I am a good judge of this because I have never read anything like it before.
It may be flawless, but I'm a believer in swapping chapters or paragraphs for close editing. That's where I have benefited the most. Good Luck With It, MDEyler

Keith Tomlinson wrote 1453 days ago

Awesome idea, and your prose is great. Backed. Keith Tomlinson (The Three Changes of John Everett Garrett)

Raven Scott wrote 1471 days ago

Hi Kellen, what a strange and original way with a tale you have. Methinks the future for you is bright indeed. backed with pleasure
raven (love is a colour too)

jfredlee wrote 1475 days ago

Hi, Kellen -

First, I have to commend you on your knowledge of Shakespeare.

The way you weave your new words and settings so seamlessly with the Bard's, well, all I can say is I'm in awe.

Your book does, in prose, what Tom Stoppard's play, "Rosenkranz and Guildenstern Are Dead" did on the stage for Shakespeare.

Then, next thing we know, zombies are whooping it up all over Verona? What you've got here is the literary love child of Romeo and Juliet and Shawn of the Dead. And it's freakin' brilliant.

I'm jealous of both the mind that thought of this concept and the talent that executed it so beautifully.

And you can bet your hindquarters I'm backing it.

Exceptional stuff and one humongous hoot, and I'd love to see your thoughts on my book.

Best of luck here, Kellen.

-Jeff Lee

Burgio wrote 1476 days ago

This is a clever story. Using Romeo and Juliet as the starting point for this was inpired. Makes it a really enjoyable read. I’m adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Esrevinu wrote 1477 days ago

Kellen, I am often attracted to authors that incorporate poetry into their writing. The writing is clean and flows rhythmically. There so many little gems throughout the story that it is hard to put it down.
Best wishes
The Esrevinu Chronicles/Secrets of the Elephant Rocks

Strauss wrote 1483 days ago

This is not the sort of book I would usually pick up, but I find myself enjoying it! Good luck! Straussy

Owen Quinn wrote 1485 days ago

Good psuedo historical. no machine guns to kill the zombie hordes but these historical settings make more effective supernatural stories. The imagery is very good with a atmospheric narrative. But behind every curse something is controlling events,is there someone with another agenda? will conti ue to find out.

SusieGulick wrote 1485 days ago

Dear Kellen, I love historical-fiction. Yes I loved it to the end! Far out! It says, "incomplete" on your profile, so you might want to change that. I love that. Your story is a good read because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm BACKING/COMMENTING on your book to help advance it. :) Thanks so much for backing "True Love Stories. :) PLEASE take a moment to BACK & if possible COMMENT on my other book that is the edited version ... "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" Thanks, Susie :)

darkenergy wrote 1489 days ago

Zombies and Shakespeare plus witty writing? I'm hooked...and relieved to see that this doesn't try too hard to take itself seriously.

holdril wrote 1492 days ago

Very clever and imciteful. I was tempted to read the last chapter to see if it had the same ending. But I was bogged down midway.
I thought it was too long.
Good luck

greeneyes1660 wrote 1493 days ago

Kellen, From the point of view of a person who did not appreciate shakespere back in school, this was a welcoming change...Iam not the Horror kind of girl , imagination to vivid, that being said, I think this is well written, and a two edged sword for you...So many people love shakespere and will be drawn to the book on that alone...wonderful, however, you open yourself up to stricture. I think this is extremely clever and if anyones spirits would want to come back it would be Shaksperes characters and that's what draws you in..The humor is dry, just the way I like it. I wish you the best of doubt you have talent..........backed Patricia aka Columbia Layers of the Heart

Vick wrote 1496 days ago

Unique, clever and very interesting! I am teaching this to my students at the moment (R&J that is!), and I would love to have something like this for them to refer to. Brilliant idea! Backed!

Iva P. wrote 1497 days ago

That was an unusual ride with Shakespeare. I never read anything comparable and that's meant as a compliment. Nitpicking: Whiskey in Modena? Do not think so. Backed and good luck with this.

Iva P.
Fame and Infamy

lizjrnm wrote 1501 days ago

This is the most unique book I have seen on this site - hands down. You have crafted a brilliant novel here with something for everyone! Clever clever clever! BACKED with pleasure!

The Cheech Room

JMCornwell wrote 1501 days ago

When Benvolio says that even dying Mercutio was still cracking jokes, there were no jokes afterward. Was that on purpose?

"...slain Mercutio laid waiting." Should be Mercutio lay waiting.

I have read nothing to compare to this, and it seems just another in the string of zombie-mated with classics that started with "Pride and Prejudice" with the zombies, which I have also not read. However, it is different and I'll keep reading to see how it goes. This could prove interesting and I'm open-minded.

J M Cornwell
Among Women

Famlavan wrote 1503 days ago

This is so unique it is hard to comment on, there is nothing to reference it against.
It is well written and the humour threaded through it is perfect – Don’t know what else to say!

Barry Wenlock wrote 1504 days ago

Hi -- this is a very interesting and (for me, anyway) an original idea, which combines one of the greatest plays ever written with horror from beyond the grave. I feel i know the characters already and I've found it enjoyable to be able to share in their 'continued adventures'. A good use of language and very funny, too -- even if you don't know Shakespeare. BACKED!
Best wishes, Barry (Little Krisna and the Bihar Boys)