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The Recipe Book to a Healthy Life

Nancy Bailey

Each recipe is designed to give you a better understanding of God’s word and to encourage you.
It is also a great reference tool.


Cookbooks are amazing and yet peculiar things. You see them in stores, yard sales and even on the internet. You can find them on counters, shelves, in pantries, or decorating a particular kitchen area that gives just the right accent and style. There are recipe books to eat wholesome, lose weight, gain pounds, change your diet, or add flavor to any meal imaginable.
What this book does is give each and every person recipe’s that will feed not just your body but your soul and spirit as well. Ingredients that go well beyond being purchased at a grocery store, deli, or farm but ingredients from the very Word that brings forth life and peace. The instructions given herein will provide more to your daily life than any healthy diet or food group pyramid can offer.Each recipe is designed to give you a better understanding of God’s word and to encourage you. It is also a great reference tool. The book has over 1400 scriptures. It has been my heart’s desire to reach the lost and to encourage the saved and I believe this book will do just that.

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aleknina wrote 1449 days ago

Chapters four and eight are identical. What do you mean? Are you cheating to make it visible? Would you not make 10.000 words without a chapter copied twice? Do you think your cheating can bring glory to God? Pray that nobody would report abuse (it's not gonna be me, don't worry). And as you pray, listen to God's answer. May I guess? Perhaps something like: "Fix it! I'll be merciful to you and not require to delete the book but write enough words and update it before it's too late!"

Natasha Owens wrote 1484 days ago

Hi Nancy, I like your book.


lizjrnm wrote 1493 days ago

How totally original - I can easily see this in the book store - so clever and certainly the way to someone's heart is through the stomach so perhaps it is also a portal to the soul! BACKED with sugar and spice!

The Cheech Room

Christina McClean wrote 1494 days ago

I have read some of your writing and though I am not a Christian I found it very uplifting and sometimes comforting. Thank you for sharing your message.
From Under the Bed

SusieGulick wrote 1495 days ago

PRENCE is 5th line from the bottom of chapter 1. tYPo/should be: PRESENCE

Yes, Nancy, Yahweh Roi, I shall not want. I love your innovation. It's beautiful. :) The Lord bless you back 100-fold for your sharing Him.
I just got my Memoir/testimony on this month, .. "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" ... & the UNEDITED version, ... "Tell Me True Love Stories." ... I read the Bible 3xs daily i.e. aprox 2hrs since 1993 when I became disabled. The Lord is my strengh & my Redeemer. Love, Susie :) Since I already backed your book, I will put you on my watchlist to possibly help your book to advance. :) Please BACK my 2 books. Thanks. :)
p.s. Jehovah Shammah:My abiding Presence (misspelled in chapter 1: PRENCE - the se is missing)

Francesco wrote 1496 days ago

Backed with pleasure! Good Luck!!
A look at Sicilian Shadows would be greatly appreciated.
If you back my work, you may also want to approach BJD (a big supporter of my work) for a further read and possible backing of your book.