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The 2,000 Percent Squared Solution

Donald Mitchell and Carol Coles

Increase profits in for-profit companies and effectiveness in nonprofit organizations by 400 times through expanding activity levels and reducing costs.


Since 1977, Mitchell and Coles have been helping leading companies pioneer the next generation of best practices.

In The 2,000 Percent Squared Solution, you will find out how to create two 2,000 percent solutions that give you the benefits of developing more than 20 such solutions. Clearly, these pioneers of global breakthroughs have done it again in raising the bar for organizational performance.

Building on their global best seller, The 2,000 Percent Solution, the direction has never been clearer: Become a master of complementary 2,000 percent solutions or trail behind those who do.

Donald Mitchell is CEO and chairman and Carol Coles is president of Mitchell and Company, a strategy consulting firm in Weston, Massachusetts.


They are coauthors of The 2,000 Percent Solution (with Robert Metz), The 2,000 Percent Solution Workbook, The Portable 2,000 Percent Solution, The Irresistible Growth Enterprise, and The Ultimate Competitive Advantage. In 2007, Donald Mitchell wrote Adventures of an Optimist which explains how the whole world can make improvements at 20 times the usual rate.

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Anthony Adams wrote 365 days ago

I have only read the first 6 chapters of this book, but I intend to read the rest. This is a tremendously important subject. I would imagine procrastination and timidity are the greatest challenges that you have to deal with with your clients. So many people are complacent and comfortable even if they are dissatisfied with how their life or business is going. I believe this is one of those books that can change a person's world. Great job!
I would like for you to give me some feedback on my book, particularly chapter 6 which deals with revitalization. I would really covet your opinion and assessment.
Tony Adams
Shepherd Leadership: A Path Forward

donmitch wrote 1402 days ago

Thanks, Dean!

The book has been published and can be purchased on and here's the link for the paperback version:


Dean E Brown wrote 1402 days ago

Chapter 3 did not come up for me. The business applications are clear. After 6 chapters, I, as a Manager can see were I need to go spend some time. So I think you should publish this work and let me buy a copy.

Lots of value in the Business section.

bonalibro wrote 1485 days ago

I've noticed you were here three days ago, presumably to check on your book. No one is reading it. Why? A. Because this is a mutual back scratching site. B. Because you haven't updated it since 2/10/09. C. You have an empty bookshelf. Let me make some recommendations for you, Moonbeam Highway, Every Atom Belonging,
Sicilian Shadows, Brewer House, American Sampler. All good. All well written. All destined to be published.

Stick those up there and maybe people will read a few pages of yours.

Nick Poole2 wrote 1518 days ago


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You have one last task to perform. One last, sacred shelf to confer.

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Then, only then, you may rest easy in your Authonomy grave.

Nick Poole2 (formerly known as NickP)