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date submitted 12.09.2008
date updated 10.02.2009
genres: Fiction, Popular Culture, Other
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Lonely Bodies

Iain Betterton

A collection of short stories around the central theme of the individual set adrift from their environment, about inner struggle and isolation


A woman with a desire for physical interaction, but a distaste for companionship. Sod the Lonely Hearts, it's Lonely Bodies more like! Her Bogey gives her sweet satisfaction until the charm dissipates, and her bit of fun disappears. But there's nothing like a woman scorned... Vern is a lighthouse keeper whose geographical isolation conjures a world of strange fantasies, centred on the flight of a Heron, a spiritual messenger. The destruction of his inner world by the brutal force of the world outside causes a catastrophic implosion which further pulls Vern into solitude and retreat... Aselom sits cocooned in a meditative state, attuned to his environment, waiting for an answer to manifest itself to the problem of a treacherous son. Guided by the voices of the elders, and the actions of a stranger and his dying horse, his vigil for ultimate guidance offers up a clear path.. Tommy struggles against the feelings crowding in on him like the New York skyline itself. Issues of class and greed rear their ugly heads to thwart his success, and leave him feeling like a fish out of water... Steve pays the ultimate price for the revelation he discovers through a telescope....

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reflective, social, story-telling, thought-provoking

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name falied moderation wrote 1365 days ago

Dear Iain
well another one, good for you great author fors ure and like the others backed
I wanted to give a small comment and back it so I could assist in its climb to the top. I will comment further later so till then
If you would take a look at my book, give comments ( positive I hope) and BACK it that would be soooo great. if not that is OK also
VERY best of luck

SusieGulick wrote 1365 days ago

Dear Iain, Well, I've discovered that you have 4 books of which I've backed 2 & will now back your other 2. :) Amazing your your short stories - I love them - they are concise & make me stop & think. :) My only suggestion would be to break long paragraphs into smaller ones for an easier read, so I don't miss the middles. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. Could you please back my 2 memoir books? :) Thanks. :)

Amerynthe wrote 1448 days ago

Only read Lonely Bodies so far, but will be back to read the rest when time allows. Very enjoyable, very real, well-written, clean, simple, compelling. On my shelf.

Best of luck!

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