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Alone in a Room

Martin Morasch

The writings have been called extremely vivid, direct, and even straight to the core of the topic with many added layers


In today's market of submitting to publishers, prose poetry is a automatic kill notice on an editor desk because it won't sell enough, unless your famous or established. Which rules out the new author trying to become established.

I Owe All of You

My chance to create a difference today
Sharing my life, love, and vulnerability
Moments in time to show my depth
Love for ones enjoyment of my passion

Never did I expect this encouragement
My heart is truly and honestly overwhelmed
Those of you could find solace or enjoyment
Understanding what I try to portray here

All the stories I ever wrote were for everyone
Even special and private request in a way for all
Pouring my heart, soul, and passion on this paper
To give any less would be an insult to you and myself

In times like these doubts, you have faith in me
You keep pushing me along with motivation
Keeping my head and heart on its track
I now owe you the same in return for your love.

Martin Morasch

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BeeJoy wrote 330 days ago

Thank you sooo much for backing my book. Going to get yours soon:)))

Gillespie915 wrote 1420 days ago

Hooked from the pitch. As a fellow poet I truly admire your flare and style of poetry. So gritty and passionate, yet so fluid. Great Job.

A Knight wrote 1433 days ago

This is wonderfully touching poetry - beautiful from the start and I have backed ti with great pleasure!
Abi xxx

Francesco wrote 1435 days ago

Why does stuff like this go down the charts when @&%$*^%$ still goes up?
Backed with pleasure! Good Luck!!
A look at Sicilian Shadows would be greatly appreciated.
If you back my work, you may also want to approach BJD (a big supporter of Sicilian Shadows) for a further possible backing of your book
Could you also have a read (if you haven't done so) of 'Moonbeam Highway' by Tim Chambers, a wonderful book that at present sits on the Ed's desk.

Wilma1 wrote 1452 days ago

Oh this is lovely, my favourite was Rapture. I envy people you can write like this and conjour up such emotions in just a few lines. Excellennt writing.

Sue Mackender
Knowing Liam Riley

Rusty Bernard wrote 1453 days ago

Hi Martin,
you have inspired me and I have just had an idea for a peom. Thank you and keep on rhyming!!! Beautiful emotion in your writing.

Clive Gilson wrote 1459 days ago

Thoughtfully judged and crafted. Opening few pages build a convincing world and the story so far makes me want to read more, which I will endeavour to do as time on here allows.

Cincinnati Dancing Pig

Famlavan wrote 1460 days ago

Alone in a Room

You have some immensely introspective poetry. I have seen some poetry published that is no way as good as this. Most of the poetry I like has a story to tell, it’s not a storyline as such, it’s imagery from which the reader can create and own the story. You have that skill.

Famlavan wrote 1460 days ago
Famlavan wrote 1460 days ago
lionel25 wrote 1467 days ago

Martin, I Iooked at Life's Journey. It's obvious you have invested a lot in your work. Good job and keep plugging away. Giving up is not an option.

Happy to back this.

Joffrey (The Silver Spoon Effect)

mqmorasch wrote 1472 days ago

I realize I don't play the political game of "do for me and I'll do for you" well and I don't kiss but very well. Therefore, my project is probably doomed to never reach the Editor's desk.

zan wrote 1473 days ago

Alone in a Room
Martin Morasch

I am happy to see poetry on your pages. I found them reflective, well written and effective simply because many of them touched me. I could identify with some of what you tried to convey - like here where you write - "...failing to see that the truth we have been tirelessly seeking, has been there the entire time, within the reflection we see, staring back at us the entire time." I wish you well with this and hope you find a publisher for it.
Best wishes,

RichardBard wrote 1474 days ago

You have a very original style to your poetry that is compelling. Congratulations.

Richard Bard
BRAINRUSH (2010 ABNA Quarter-Finalist)

zrinka wrote 1474 days ago

Rating poetry is not my forte but I have to admit that I really am enjoying your poems. My favourite one is "Honest Love" you captured the essence of love and family and trust and importance of all of it. One can feel the emotions that you poured into each and one of your poems and what I really liked about them is that they are so free style of poetry it's not another hallmarknesque kind of poems that you'll find just about everywhere these days. I'll back it with pleasure.

pinkcoffee wrote 1480 days ago

I wish you the very best of luck

Telegraph wrote 1481 days ago

Unique novel that I found fascinating. C W

SusieGulick wrote 1482 days ago

Dear Martin, I love that you have taken the time to share your poetry with the world, the purest form of writing from the heart. :) I'm backing your book. :) Please take a moment to BACK my TWO Books, ... "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" ... and the UNEDITED version? ... "Tell Me True Love Stories"
Thanks, Susie :)

Burgio wrote 1482 days ago

I don't read a lot of poetry so I'm not a good judge as to whether it's good or not. What I would have liked to see acompanying these poems is more about what inspired you to write each one, what emotion channeled your thoughts so they were expressed as a poem. I think it would transform this into a much deeper read and also give it more continuity. Make each poem stand out as a more distinct entity. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Dawn DeRemer wrote 1484 days ago

Your collection falls into the unusual and fascinating. I am no critic, just a reader that can only say that you caught my attention and some of it I enjoyed while others I did not. I'll leave the accessing of your ability to the professionals as I am not qualified to comment on that.
I do feel qualified to say that you are missing the mark on your two pitches. They tend to expound on what you think about what you've done instead of telling a potential reader what to expect. Pitches have a goal of drawing potential interest in your work. Everyone from publisher/editor/agent to on site readers peruse pitches, using them to help them decide if they want to invest time in checking out what you've done. I don't think your pitches are going to give you the kind of mileage you are hoping for as they are. Just food for thought.
Dawn De Remer (Golden Moon)

soutexmex wrote 1484 days ago

I like the Harper True entries because it's real life. The contrast is that it is hard to critique it as it is your life and no one knows it better. But the pitches? Think you can do better there, seriously. You have the skills so SELL us as to why we need to read you. Good wiritng though - SHELVED!

I can your comments on my book when you get a chance. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key
Authonomy's #1 rated commentator

lynn clayton wrote 1484 days ago

I especially liked 'My Castle in the Sky'. They are reflective, of course, but there's a lack of introversion and self-obsession which is unexpected and pleasing. You say you hope others will benefit from your poetry and it shows in your writing that these are not just empty words. Other people are present in your poetry. You're not in an ivory tower. I like them very much, Martin. Backed. Lynn

lisawb wrote 1486 days ago

I enjoyed some of the poems. I am no expert on this sort of writing so this is from a personal view. I found them to be emotionally expressive and reflective. I think they are good, but I would have to be in the right frame of mind to give this book the justice it deserves. Meaning that it would be a brilliant book for when I was in the right mood to read these to appreciate the art and creativity, and messages portrayed. Whilst writing this I am presuming at the same time you would have written this only when you were in the correct mood to do so. Some of these are easier to identify and relate to then others.

Backed with pleasure,


lizjrnm wrote 1487 days ago

Unique style and compelling writing. I'd buy this book. Backed.

The Cheech Room