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The Joys of Christmas

Gisela A. Riedel Nolte

The book, "The Joys of Christmas", is like a stocking, filled with gifts for the holidays! An easy read whenever we have a few minutes.


The book, "The Joys of Christmas", invites all of us, young and old and in between, who love this special festival, to take a second look at the meaning and the traditions that we hold so dear, probably since our childhood. We might be interested to learn what is fictional, what is true.

Each subject has been carefully researched to provide the optimum description of the meaning, the history and tradition, and it was written with much love and the confidence, that our faith would be strengthened and our hope renewed. And it does take both, faith and hope that this child, born some 2000 years ago, was and is the Christ, the Son of God, the Messiah, whom the Father entrusted to human care for our salvation.

This is the best message since the "Fall from Grace" in the Garden of Eden, that God has once again drawn us to Himself and restored our relationship. As there was great joy in heaven and this news was proclaimed to the simple shepherds by the angel at the nativity, we hear and celebrate these tidings anew every year. It is God's gift to us.

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Labradors and cappuccino wrote 597 days ago

Nice book. Can be expanded and pictures added if ever published. Break down some of the information into more reader friendly sections as some bits are rather dense and would put many off.With the right layout it could be an interesting Christmas book

Ron Mitchell wrote 1433 days ago

Generally, this is a very well laid out manual for understanding the various traditions, etc., in the Christmas season. Your research is evident in many of the areas concerning Christmas tradition. However, I would caution you to not use just one source (and also to document the sources wherever possible). You do well with naming of people behind certain traditions, etc., but sometimes (case in point the Advent Candles) there are numerous traditions that stick with the lighting of two purple candles, the pink or rose candle on the 3rd Sunday of Advent, and then shepherds candle (a purple candle) on the 4th Sunday indicating the proclamation of the birth. It is the same message, but many fellowships follow different road maps, so to speak. Then the Christ Candle (the white candle) is a familiar tradition to be lit on Christmas Eve (or some traditions on Christmas morning).

Another case may be the explanation of the Poinsettia plant. You could have embellished more on why that is particularly a Christmas tradition other than it just blooming at Christmas time. There is a spiritual significance there that you would do well to research. Also, I believe there is some recent evidence to show (I could be mistaken here) that the Poinsettia plant may not be the poisonous plant it was previously made out to be. More research should be done here to confirm that. Some of the same thoughts are with each of your points of the Christmas alphabet.

Overall, I enjoyed your writing and greatly appreciate what was written. I have been overly critiquing this book because of my background in worship leading and ministry. I have studied intently each of the areas you mentioned in your alphabet. I would offer you encouragement to step out with this book, expand the book where appropriate in order to offer the reader a more concise history and spiritual depth for each of the parts of Christmas, and I offer you blessings on your future. This can be and could be a very effective tool for churches to have ready and available during the planning of the Christmas season.

You could then expand to the other "religious holidays" like Easter to provide the behind the scenes research of other traditions, such as, why does the church celebrate Maundy Thursday? as an example or Holy Week. Best of luck. Backed your book with pleasure.
--author of December Gold, a Christian historical fiction novel

Rusty Bernard wrote 1451 days ago

Very interest and something to go back to time and time again. Just like Christmas. I love visiting old churches and have just been to one in NYC where the guide commented on the size and the weight of the bell.
Backed MM

Burgio wrote 1455 days ago

This is a very interesting book. Explains the origin of everything to do with Christmas from Advent to Stockings and even includes a recipe for lemon cookies. You've obviously done a lot of research to be able to describe the origin of all these customs so well - and that effort shows. Makes this a good read. I'm adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

soutexmex wrote 1456 days ago

Welcome aboard, Gisela. Both pitches need work on them. That's natural for a newbie. You wanna use these pitches as your sales technique, close the deal, so to speak. I would break up that long pitch into smaller paragraphs so it reads faster. Perfecting your pitches is how you climb in ranking to gather more exposure and comments to better your novel. The writing is good so I am SHELVING you.

Though I have been a very active member for over a year, I can still use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Every little bit helps. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

gotiko wrote 1456 days ago

Beautiful pitch. backed with pleasure.

Gabriel (It Goes On Forever)

SusieGulick wrote 1456 days ago

Dear Giselia, I love your thorough research of all of the words of Christmas listed in your Table of Contents & then defined alphapbetically - it is a book everyone should have because in the end, it's all about Jesus. :) You prepared me to read your book with your excellent hook before your story. It is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm backing/commenting on your book to help it advance. Could you please return the favor by taking a moment to back/comment on my TWO books, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" & the unedited version, "Tell Me True Love Stories" which at the end tells my illness now/6th abusive marriage I'm in now. Thanks, Susie :)

PATRICK BARRETT wrote 1456 days ago

There are some really fascinating insights here. Anyone with an instinct to delve for origins or deeper meanings will find it all here. Obviously a labour of love and a wonderful gift for the right person. Thank you for taking all this trouble to prepare this for others. Paula Barrett (Cuthbert-how mean is my valley)