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Adelsverein - The Gathering

Celia Hayes

The Adelsverein settlers came to the far Texas frontier. They brought their hopes and their children … and a will to survive!


Adelsverein: The Gathering is Volume 1 of the Adelsverein Trilogy, a saga of family and community loyalties, and the challenge of building a new life on the hostile frontier. They have come from Germany to Texas in 1847, under the auspices of the “Mainzer Adelsverein” - the society of noblemen of Mainz, who seek to fill a settlement in Texas with German farmers and craftsmen. Among them is a family who will survive and endure, making their mark in Texas, their new land. Christian “Vati” Steinmetz, the clockmaker of Ulm in Bavaria, has brought his many sons and daughters: Magda - passionate and courageous, courted by Carl Becker, a young frontiersman with a dangerous past. Her sister Liesel wants nothing more than to be a good wife to her husband Hansi, a stolid and practical farmer called by circumstances to be something greater. Their brothers Friedrich and Johann, who have always been close—in the Civil War, one will wear Union blue, the other Confederate grey homespun … but never forget that they are brothers. Adelsverein: the Gathering—It’s about love and loss, joy and grief… and the sometimes wrenching process of becoming American.

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fredericksburg, frontier, hill country, mainzer adelsverein, texas

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SusieGulick wrote 1374 days ago

Dear Celia, Well, now I have your trilogy left to read, comment on, & back & I will have completed all 6 of your books. :) I love that you put me right there in your stories. :) Totally well written with great paragraphing & dialoguing. :) Love, Susie :) please back my 2 memoir books. :)

Burgio wrote 1375 days ago

This is an interesting book. When I think of Texas I don’t think of German settlers so reading this really opened my eyes about Texans. The beginning is dramatic; how many people get to escape from a firing squad that way? The mark of this is your writing style; you have a good eye for how much detail to include to make your story interesting; not so much you bog it down. Makes it a good read. I’m adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

Celia Hayes wrote 1493 days ago

Thanks. Liz - I spent two years on the research and writing of the Trilogy, which is basically one long story broken out into three parts, for the ease of reading. This is all local history, where I live, so there was and is quite a lot of interest. It is currently available through a teensy boutique publisher/POD house - and I am working on a pair of follow-up novels, following some of the minor characters.
I figured I would put all of my books up on Authonomy - if nothing else, to prove that yes, I am completely serious about my books, in it for the long haul, and capable of writing extended works.

lizjrnm wrote 1493 days ago

It is evident you have spent much time and energy and research into this book! BACKED with pleasure. Looking forward to the second book when I finish what you have uploaded!

The Cheech Room

Debra wrote 1658 days ago

I love Rosemary Sutcliffe's novels--noticed you did as well. Interesting story line. Good luck with your writing.

TheLoriC wrote 1672 days ago

I discovered this book on the "Feature Me" section of Authonomy's front page and had to have a look. What a concept! This is stellar and outstandingly written. A large piece of work for sure, and best wishes to going VERY far with this!

L. Anne Carrington, "The Cruiserweight"

Celia Hayes wrote 2009 days ago

Thanks - it started as a single book and turned into three, and perhaps yet another three to tell the stories of some of the minor characters.
I have put historical notes at the back of each volume, giving some general background, and telling which characters are real and which were made up: In this excerpt, Prince Solms was real, so was Jack Hays and Samuel Maverick and Jinny, and the massacre at the Goliad citadel really happened, as described. And my website has all sorts of links to essays about historical background for this, also.