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date submitted 29.04.2010
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The Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend, Paths of Grand Wizardry (Book #1)

D.D. Turner

New author masterfully mixes the beats of Hip-Hop culture and fantasy-fiction influence in a page-turning novel about an extraordinary teen with an extraordinary destiny.


Cris Alexander Ellison is a young man who, with great pride, overtly claims and supports the culture of Hip Hop.
Little does Cris know that he has a direct genealogical link to an ancient, prophetic African tribe that is said to have sown the seeds for the Hip Hop ideal some several thousand years ago.
As a result of this unique link to the past, Cris soon finds out that he is the anointed holder of an ancient mystical key; one that will release the current Hip Hop culture from its dwindling existence — and place it back on the golden path of resurgence.
Fully accepting his noble destiny, Cris sets out to fulfill the prophecy — only to encounter a major tumbling block in Roger “Feedback” Cromwell and his Hip Hop for Destruction clan.
What follows next is a pulse-pounding race for survival as Cris tries to fulfill his date with destiny — and evade certain death at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

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contemporary fiction, family, fantasy, fantasy-fiction, fiction, hip hop, popular culture, popular fiction, urban fantasy, young adult

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Frank James wrote 1278 days ago

Very origional quality writing.
D.D.Turner (Chronicles of a Hip Hop Legend)
Here we go, reviewind a Hip Hop book and actually enjoyed it, so far. I only read a couple of chapters but I'll read more in the next day or two. I think your book is worthy of BACKING and it's on my bookshelf. Good luck for the future.

Frank James (The Contractor)

Andrew Burans wrote 1281 days ago

You have written a very interesting and unique storyline, which I do like, and created a most memorable main character in Cris. The dialogue is realistic and well written and the pace of your story flows well. All of this along with your descriptive writing ensures that your work will appeal to the YA audience. Backed with pleasure.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

Jim Darcy wrote 1383 days ago

This really needs to be an audio book to get the full-on auditory experience that your words conjure up. This was a different kind of read for me but an enjoyable one,especially getting to grips with the speech of your characters! :)
If you post more let me know.
Jim Darcy
The Firelord's Crown

A Knight wrote 1406 days ago

This is not the normal kind of thing I'd pick up to read, and I would be missing out. This is original, stunning in depth and detail and thoroughly engaging. Gritty and highly competitive in the saturated young adult market. Congratulations!

Backed with pleasure.
Abi xxx

klouholmes wrote 1440 days ago

Hi D. D., The writing has rhythm, good pace, and it evokes steadily the lives of these percussion musicians. I didn’t understand how Chris was there in the second chapter for Rashawn after he had to flee from the studio? Early, you have shown the conflicts at the place where they play and with the school system. The dialogue is enjoyable, reflective of their personalities and the hip slang. Shelved – Katherine (The Swan Bonnet)

mariecapri wrote 1447 days ago

Hello D.D. There was I thinking this was just going to be about Hip Hop, well done. This is really different and I'm sure it will captivate its genre. I wish you the best of luck with this! mariecapri (Cosmic Linx)

sjbal wrote 1449 days ago

Hi DD,
This certainly is a fun read. Your story is unique and your writing very good. Backed.
Good luck,
James (The Lycetta Legacy).

mikegilli wrote 1450 days ago

hey DeeDee...Congrats on your fun and zappy tale
backed with pleasure
mikegilli The FRee

carlashmore wrote 1451 days ago

One of the most original stories on Authonomy, I can just see this being bought by thousands of traditionally non-readers which is great. Chris's character and talents are just inspired creative writing. Your understanding of the dialect comes through in your dialogue and I am delighted to back this.
The Time Hunters

Burgio wrote 1451 days ago

This is a unique story. I can picture it as a movie with a great hip hop sound track. The idea that Chris can trace his talent back to an ancient prophet is clever plotting. And makes this a good read. I’m adding this to my shelf. Burgio (Grain of Salt).

soutexmex wrote 1451 days ago

Welcome aboard, DD. This website will improve your writing craft, if you allow it. The short pitch is acceptable. With the long pitch, expand on the story arch. End it with one succinct question. Perfecting your pitches is how you climb in ranking to gather more exposure and comments to better your novel. The writing is good so I am SHELVING you.

Though I have been a very active member for over a year, I can still use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Every little bit helps. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

lisawb wrote 1451 days ago

This is refreshing and a touch different. My kids are into Hip Hop and my daughter would like this. It is written well and it is nice to see a trendy book with the latest gadgets and up to date issues. It made me chuckle when Cris was shouting his Mum. It seemed urgent and it was for his ironing!

Interesting and worth backing,


lizjrnm wrote 1452 days ago

This is excellent - well written and unique. Backed with pleasure!

The Cheech Room

SusieGulick wrote 1452 days ago

Dear D.D., I love let me see a little into the Hip Hop culture that I knew nothing about . :) You did well in preparing me to read your book by your recap/pitch before your story began. It is a good read because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm "reading/commenting/backing" your book to help it move up on the charts (sending a message doesn't move your book up, but only "comment/backing"). Could you please return the favor by taking a moment to "comment/back" my 2 memoir books to help them move up? "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" & the unedited version? "Tell Me True Love Stories," which at the end of the last chapter tells my illness now & my 6th abusive marriage I'm in. Thanks. :) Love, Susie :)

PATRICK BARRETT wrote 1452 days ago

Hmmm, I am at a real disadvantage with this one. This is a British site and I have no idea what most of the references or bits of 'street talk' mean. This will affect the appeal of your book and narrow its audience. You have obviously worked hard on this book and you deserve a result, good luck. Paula Barrett (Cuthbert-how mean is my valley)