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Rene D. Schultz

This nonfiction anthology of short stories chronicles the EXPLODING WORLD OF ONLINE DATING! It's trendy, entertaining, and the only one of its kind.


After 24 years of wedded bliss that ended in divorce, my life was spinning in every direction. Once my feet hit the ground, I decided to dip into the world of ONLINE DATING. Things sure have changed. Dating in the 21st century requires much more than a cute outfit and a winning smile—it demands a mix of computer geekism, nerves of steel, the confidence of a high-powered Wall-Street wheeler dealer, the patience of Job and the ability to laugh as hard at yourself as you most assuredly will at others!

My personal 23 Internet dating experiences comprise the meat and potatoes of this insightful and heartily entertaining book. IT IS STRAIGHT FORWARD, UNABASHED, AND UNAPOLOGETIC and YOU CAN'T HELP TO KEEP TURNING THE PAGES. . Each story is unique from DEPUTY DAWG, THE LEPRECHAUN, DINGHYBOY, HOUDINI, right down to THE PREDATOR!

The book is a slam-dunk in a growing world of ‘single men and women’ who have joined technology, becoming a multi-generational group of 157 million Internet daters. It will also appeal to all ages, genders, and the many who are curious about the craze of Internet dating!

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lizjrnm wrote 1263 days ago

I am loving this book. You have written a funny, intelligent book on observations of being single in the cyber age and you nailed it! Id buy this so Im shelving it!

The Cheech Room

Kittykatmom wrote 1263 days ago

I'm close to your age and found your observations poignantly true. Much luck in finishg the book. I think you haven found an audience.

michi2 wrote 1572 days ago

I think we can both relate :)
backed with pride of battle
dummies for dating

Nick Poole2 wrote 1622 days ago


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Nick Poole2 (formerly known as NickP)

SwimChick wrote 1631 days ago

I read the first two and I'm really enjoying this.

Very intriguing and I simply couldn't seem to stop although I could be late for swim practice now ;)

Excellent writing you have here backed with pleasure

Mrs. K wrote 1722 days ago

I really enjoyed your book. I read the first two stories and love your sense of humor and voice. It is now the first book on my brand spanking new shelf. I will return to read the rest soon because your kind spirit and sense of adventure will draw me back to your writing. Good luck finding MRRIGHT!

wainwright& priestley wrote 1837 days ago

This is intriguing enough to read on. Will back it and return to read another story, soon

datingcoach wrote 1837 days ago

Your stories really made me laugh out loud. As you'll see from my own book, I have many similar stories! Great stuff. I'm sure the Elvis character has been to my own singles parties.....

James (Insider's Dating Bible)

Rene D. wrote 1982 days ago

Thanks for your wonderful comments. As an author there is nothing more humbling than another author's encouraging comments. As authors our greatest enjoyment is that of entertaining our readers. I'm tickled it brought a 'big smile' to your face.

At the time, my head was spinning out of control. Each date was a step in a new direction. Now I just look back with astonishment that I even survived!

I also write fiction. This book was actually meant to be, because I didnt have to create characters...they just showed up at my front door!!

Oh God, I like this book. It sounds just like my life... pre-husband number ... Ok I'm not going there. I found myself laughing, and scrolling down with a big smile on my face. Girl, you can write. You have have the perfect blend of prose and dialogue and the whole thing is so good I felt as though I was right there. This is as good, and better than many books already published. You can write, and keep doing it. I can't think of a think to say except good things.
Monique, Getting Skinny

canadian girl wrote 1982 days ago

Oh God, I like this book. It sounds just like my life... pre-husband number ... Ok I'm not going there. I found myself laughing, and scrolling down with a big smile on my face. Girl, you can write. You have have the perfect blend of prose and dialogue and the whole thing is so good I felt as though I was right there. This is as good, and better than many books already published. You can write, and keep doing it. I can't think of a think to say except good things.
Monique, Getting Skinny

Rene D. wrote 2061 days ago

Thanks for the comment. I still find myself still very single but have backed off from the internet dating. Someday, I would like to write a book on 'success stories.' As of now I have two completed fiction novels that are my babies...

Yvonne wrote 2061 days ago

I have added you to my watch list. I know of at least 2 couples that have met via the internet and both are very happy.

Rene D. wrote 2134 days ago

V Crowe,
You made me smile with your words, 'all these little slices of life add up to a delicious cake." Since my marriage ended seven years ago, I've learned to accept each day with an amazing sense of humor. To have a peer say ' you have a warm heart and great spirit' means a lot to me. This was not always a fun journey, and sometimes it took lots of guts for me to endure another date. Searching for my Mr.Right is what keep me moving forward. and each autobiographical story has been a great learning lesson in my life.

Thanks for your grammatical comments. For some reason the download messed up the formatting. I've tried to correct it.

The first three chapters relate to the dating websites, profiles online, and our online names we identify with. I also have an 'Introduction' and an 'epilogue.' It is truly a unique book and I'm happy you enjoyed the quirky humor I injected!

Rene D. wrote 2136 days ago

Thank you Bob..I appreciate your kind comments.. . Being single and dating is not the fun part of life!

I have written 2 complete fiction novels that have amazing contemporary voices! I havent started to search for a agent/publishing house for those yet. However, I assure would not be disappointed. was on the market...and really began to take off...I just had a defunct publisher. So, most of my energy is getting this back out there. The other stories are very interesting also.

frenchbob wrote 2136 days ago

Years ago this Brit lived in Orange County and met beautiful women, not on the internet, but at the bar of the hotel across from the airport (in those days there was only one of either! Your stories are so well written that they convey the feeling that there's a sadness about each and every one - the men putting on the agony and the author hoping for a dream Porsche to drive out from wrecked fram of an old Caddie. I hope you write a novel... the skill is there if you have the tale to tell. Bob

Rene D. wrote 2138 days ago

Thank you. This book was published in Aug/07 and in 4 months sold over 3K copies. It was moving quickly. Too quickly for my small publishing house with no capital or credit to inventory it. I had to get a release from my contract before she went under 2 months ago. I'm currently looking for a new agent/publisher. Check out my website...

I'm glad you enjoyed my humor. I actually write fiction and have a few under my belt. I love to create characters. Lucky for me these characters were placed on my front doorstep on Saturaday nights! These dates were very interesting to say the least.

I wanted to make the point in 'One%Percenter' that he was a very decent man who just chose a different road to travel. The point of this was to push--"don't judge a book by its cover!' Thanks for your suggestion...I will take that into consideration. I appreciate the feedback.

I think as far as being 'nuts'--my girlfriends pushed me into writing this book. After listening to my dating escapades, most of the time they rolled on the floor hysterically laughing. I'm not the best judge of character, but I like to give everyone a chance. What started out as learning to date and hoping to find 'my best friend' turned into a boatload of crazyness!

Sylvia wrote 2138 days ago

Rene, if only a fraction of your account is true, you are utterly nuts!!! Nevertheless, I grinned and laughed through 3 chapters (got rather sad in 3 though). You know there are folk here who question the behaviour of other writers' protagonists, saying, for example, 'no one would react like that in real life'. You may have just proven them wrong ;o) I think this piece of non-fiction will prove very popular.

A few favourite moments/phrases: 'I have women asking me out all the time. Trust me'. 'I pulled each word from his mouth with great effort'. 'exhaling with the force of a hurricane'. 'Dang, she spits fire'. 'a lot of flag poles flying'. 'more issues than a newspaper'. 'My heart was pumping a mile a minute'.

A few picky suggestions: 'I passed on the comment' (this seems rather ambiguous). 'I would bet a quarter his office' (this is also ambiguous to a Brit). There are a few places where there seemed an adverb or adjective too many and occasionally you slightly over-stress a point, e.g. ONE%PERCENTER being a gentleman.