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Maenan: The Second Battle of Britain.

Francis A. Andrew.

This is a novel based upon what would likely happen were the European Union to become the United States of Europe.


Since the European Union was formed in 1957, the peoples of the nations of that organisation have witnessed a progressive erosion of their countries' sovereignty. What used to be within the legislative competence of national governments is now the sole prerogative of unelected, unaccountable, unknown and corrupt politicans and bureaucrats in Brussels. Maenan: The Second Battle of Britain is a novel based upon a situation where all national sovereignty and all expressions and symbols of national identity have been suppressed by the dictatorship in Brussels. The story centres around a family which plays a leading role in the British uprising against the Brussels' dictatorship which, along with the United States of America, is engaged in crushing the rebellion and bringing the "awkward island" to heel. The two main focal points in the story are Tregale Castle, the ancestral home of the Holmes family, and Maenan School in North Wales, one of the many establishments which take in children who have been evacuated from the cities so that they may find protection from the military aggression being perpetrated against Great Britain by the invading USE forces. The story's central character, Alfred Holmes learns that he has a special mission to accomplish.

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british, enoch powell, maenan, merlin, sovereignty., the second battle of britain, tregale castle, united states of europe

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eurodan49 wrote 1367 days ago

For whatever it’s worth, here are a few comments.
Prologues and Introductions are mostly info dumping grounds. I have the disease too.
The narration is crisp and well written but up to second part of Chapter 2 there’s no dialogue (and that’s what moves the story forward). Most readers want to get to it, be acquainted with the characters, SEE something develop. One and a half chapters (not counting your Intro) of historical info is going to scare most off. Maybe some of it could be sprinkled throughout the story, have a character remark on past events.
The topic is of interest to me but I don’t know how many would feel that way. Your potential market must be broader and as such you should present different POV.
What do I know?
I enjoyed your voice and wish you good luck.
You got my backing.

Author apart from the rest wrote 1413 days ago


I love the concept of this book! I believe it has great potential and I have placed you on my watch-list.



soutexmex wrote 1414 days ago

Welcome aboard, Francis. This website will improve your writing craft, if you allow it. I'm a bit of a pitch doctor, having read thousands of pitches in my time on this website, so I want to share my insight here with you. You have to think of your pitches as your sales tool to grab the casual reader's eyes. The short pitch works. The long pitch needs to be broken down into smaller paragraphs so it reads faster, then end with one succinct question. Perfecting your pitches is how you climb in ranking to gather more exposure and comments to better your novel. The writing is good so I am SHELVING you.

Though I have been a very active member for over a year and have the most commented book on the website, I can still use your comments on my book when you get the chance. Every little bit helps. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

SusieGulick wrote 1414 days ago

Dear , I love "O Come O Come, Emmanuel" :) - I was raised singing all of those old hymns, as was my Mom & Grandma. :) Thank you for centering on God. :) Before I began to read your book, I was prepared by your pitch, which was very well done. :) Your story is good because you create interest by having short paragraphs & lots of dialogue, which makes me want to keep reading to find out what's going to happen next. I'm "backing" your book. :) "When you back a book, it only improves the ranking of that book, not yours. However, the author whose book you are backing may decide to back your book also, in which case yes, your ranking would be improved"...authonomy quote. :) Please "back" my TWO memoir books, "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" & my completed memoir unedited version? "Tell Me True Love Stories," which tells at the end, my illness now & 6th abusive marriage." Thanks, Susie :)
additional authonomy quote: "Every time you place a book on your bookshelf, your recommendation pushes the book up the rankings. And while that book sits on your bookshelf, your reputation as a talent spotter increases depending on how well that book performs." :)
backed :)
Love, Susie :)

Jim Darcy wrote 1414 days ago

Francis, read chapters 1 to 5 then 13 to 15. You have a serious upload problem at the moment which detracts from a very good and original story. There are page number inserts as well as name and book title between most paragraphs and there is a problem with capital T. It leaves a space next to itself every time.
WARNING. If you delete it to re-upload or edit you must make sure your word count doesn't drop below 10 000 or it will lose all its rankings, comments etc.
Jim Darcy
The Firelord's Crown