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date submitted 15.06.2010
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Nightwish: Lament of Time

Zoe W.

Killing Slania once wasn't good enough for the way of the world. It just had to make her a vampire and forsake her again.


They say that for every being there is a place in time that leads to our destruction, I say; ''If only it were so simple...''. Things could have been so much different if I truly had died that night. For good. Maybe there are just too many questions. Maybe I'm just forsaken -- thrown away from the worlds potential grace. Maybe it thinks there are too many possible what if's, so many unanswered if only's and sobbed prayers ignored. What if, what if. What if God existed? If he did, would beings like myself exist? If only, if only. If only we knew if immortality is more than falling into the dark side of the moon, away from Their eyes. Yet, there is one question thousands of years of existence never answered. If I wasn't forsaken with immortality, would I go to Hell anyway?

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demons, immortality, love, romance, shapeshifters, vampire, witches

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Ezekielle wrote 1184 days ago

Thanks j.f johns. It really means a lot to me! I'll keep writing and read yours next ;)

j.f.johns wrote 1184 days ago

Hey! well I started reading your book, only done some chapters but I'll keep goingg! its really interesting! I love vampire books but its hard to find them on this sitee and this is the typical book I would soo buy in a shop!!!! I think it would do great in the YA market!! Okay, I'm not very good with criticism because I'm never sure about gramatical mistakes or stuff like that, although I did read some gramatical mistakes(nothing you cant change with edit) the idea sounds really cool, plus I've read thousands (well, okay, maybe not thousands) of vampire books and this is truly original!! so I think it would do great! Pluss, its one of the few books I've really realllyyyy enjoyed reading on the site (cuz most of the books on the site aren't aimed at YA and arent fantasy which is what I like) so I have to say, great job!!!
By the way, the cover is beautiful, dont change it!:)
now, gramatical and writen I can't really say cuz I'm the person with most gramatical mistakes on thiss site so..xD but if it comes in use, I'm 18 and love vampire books and fantasy, so as I saidd before, this book would totally call my attention because of the cover and the story starts really good, it makes you keep reading because you dont know whats going on at the begining! and the MC Slania, I pretty much like her, she isn't the typical character you get in most books!
well, I'm not sure this comment helped much, but at least its heres with some advice from a young readerr xd :)
best of luck!!=D