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date submitted 22.06.2010
date updated 02.06.2014
genres: Fiction, Biography, Travel, Comedy
classification: adult

Wedding Chronicles

Bob N. Boguslavski

Bobby Bo attends weddings—big, small, near, far, formal, casual. No wedding crasher, his global exploits and encounters intertwine world events with a music playlist.


Life’s a wedding for Bobby Bo, having traveled to nearly 100, from Tenerife to Singapore, Chile to Iceland. He’s been best man, groomsman, “father” of the bride, and bridesmaid—but always the single guy, whether with a girlfriend, flying solo, breaking up, meeting a new flame, or witnessing an ex take her vows.

A colorful cast of personalities from all rungs on the socioeconomic ladder entangles him in a kaleidoscope of conversations and adventures that unveil the wounds and wonders of the places, cultures, and religions encountered. Quirky, elegant, and quickly moving dialogue roams from agribusiness to colonialism, war to world trade, yielding insightful views to the state of world affairs. Punctuated with the odd sexcapade, each chapter features a music playlist that sets the mood and may provide clues as to what’s really going on.

Fueled by his and others’ experiences, Bobby Bo humorously offers the odd wedding “how-to” while receiving advice on marriage and relationships, and all the while pressured to join “the club.” This first in a trilogy is a rollercoaster romp through 13 weddings, spanning two decades.

Will it ever end? He seems in no rush to be a groom yet.

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Famlavan wrote 1489 days ago

Brilliant story, brilliant humour, brilliant structure and absolutely fantastic characterisation. Very, very good read!

lizjrnm wrote 1496 days ago

Excellent and what a romp! Like the male version of Eat Pray Love only better! backed with pleasure. Liz

Amylovesbooks wrote 1491 days ago

This is hilarious! There is no choice but to back it!

Love Match

A Knight wrote 1499 days ago

An excellent, funny and engaging piece of work, perfectly described. You really bring a clear picture of your setting to the reader's mind, but it's more than that. You furnish these setting with fabulous characters and stunning humour.

Backed with pleasure.
Abi xxx

Melcom wrote 1500 days ago

This is so damn funny it's untrue, I had tears streaming down my face, bloody good job I chose to go without mascara today!!

If anyone doesn't think this is a good read, send them to me and I'll sort them out for you!!
Impeding Justice

Poppygb1415 wrote 58 days ago

Chapter One

rip-stinking hot - great opening phrase!

I like the way you paint the picture of the scene, vividly detailed, we can feel the heat, see that mountain of boxes.

park wasteland, where - comma

Lulu is a man!

features, aside from Lulu's - comma

practically a permanent fixture - not sure if you want practically - it lessens the impact of the statement a bit

were to be dispatched - think it should be dispatched to

everybody was a cocksucker at some point - ha!!

inside the trailer, without - comma

from his last Saturday's lesson - from his lesson last Saturday - might read more clearly/fluently?

during that era - during what era?

would, or could, question - commas

complex, where the contents would be stowed onto - comma, and I think 'onto' should be 'in'

you must be married a very long time - have been married a very long time, would be a better tense

on any level, at this point - comma

companionship, stripped to its core - comma

to let me have time to - to allow me time to - would be more succinct?

I really liked this opening chapter, with it's blend of humour, realistic detail, well drawn characters, with a dash of history, and the heart of your theme, marriage, surfacing too. I will find a space on my WL for this, and give high stars.

Amanda Cute and the Case of the Pussycat Sex Club

Software wrote 554 days ago

The multiple themes which drive All Over the Map make this novel a very worthwhile read for anyone keen on humour mixed in with poignant biography, and a travelogue that would challenge Alan Whicker for miles traveled supremacy. Most people can point to low points or disasters in their life, but all pails before the trails and tribulations of poor Booby Bo, who seems to attract life's downsides in spite of all the efforts he puts into making his relationships a success. Well crafted and delivered with verve. High stars, on my WL and will be on my bookshelf when complete

Clive Radford
Doghouse BLues

sherit wrote 592 days ago

Hi Bob...I saw your comments when I was messaging my friend, Edentity, so decided to give your book a quick look in the few minutes I had this morning. My bad, actually as I'm far behind on my reads from my watchlist...and I got even further behind last month when I took off to do Nanowrimo. But I am happy to report I'm pleased I veered off the path to read your first three chapters. You have an easy way of writing that's accessible and it's obvious you're smart as hell. The third chapter about the first wedding was interesting and you really gave me a sense of place and people. I'm wondering how you sustain that chapter after chapter, but that will make me come back to see, won't it? I was happy to see some dialogue and I think you do a pretty good job with that. I think the inner ramblings/thoughts/remembrances of your central character are handled a bit better though. Maybe I'm wrong, Maybe I'm wrong, but I found it odd that he'd go off to talk to three different guys and they'd all end up waxing poetic on the pros/cons of marriage. I did like your phrase about a "hall pass" to church...and had to smile at your Moonie reference as my husband is a former Moonie and is in fact working on a novel of fiction based on his time in the church. I know you're having some professional editing done and I'm sure you've caught this by now, but in chapter 3 there is a "wasn't" with a semicolon instead of a comma...not that I'm anal retentive or anything. Anyway, good work and I look forward to reading more. I'll star for now and put on my watchlist as I have so girlfriends i'm keeping on my shelf until they make ED. all the best,
Sheri Emery / Crazy Quilt

Cathy Hardy wrote 599 days ago

Wonderfully written and the dialogue is perfect, how clever!! Young, dumb and full of cum! lol. hope you do well. will back you as soon as I can xx

Cathy Hardy wrote 604 days ago

Brilliant read Bob. Beautifully written and so funny. x

Tod Schneider wrote 696 days ago

What an interesting book! The pitch doesn't do it justice -- most especially in that it fails to relate what I think is your greatest strength, which is your artistry with description and dialog. Highly imaginative use of language, articulate and drily humorous. Critique-wise, the only things that I'd tinker with would be some long stretches of dialog that threaten to become scripts rather than novel excerpts. I'd slip some visuals in there, either in terms of setting or movement, particularly if you can make the action interesting. But wonderful writing overall. Best of luck with this!
And if you have any interest in children's literature, please come visit the Lost Wink.

Maria44 wrote 704 days ago

I thought the prologue was good. The writing is faultless. Lulu is a great character whose outlook on life, negative and opinionated is great. Surprised this has not done better, it makes no sense to me, although I tend to read horror and am in a strange mood tonight.

My only criticism from the prologue (and do not take this personally it is no slight on your book but not my genre) was I had no desire to read on. But as I said I am in a strange mood tonight.

All the best.


Cara Gold wrote 777 days ago

{All Over the Map – Global Weddings, Wandering and Pondering} – Bob N. Boguslavski

First of all… loved the first line! What a terrific way to begin, crisp image and excellent alliteration ‘still… sauna’ and ‘soaked… sweat’ :)

I’ve read the prologue and first chapter and you’ve certainly engaged me and piqued my interest. Great familiar tone, inviting us into the scene. Nice choice of detail too – for instance the way you associated early wedding memories with food… and ‘where there was food, you would find me, in the center of the action’… made me think of my brother! The part ‘Yes, she called me Bobs, with the plural s’ also made me laugh.

Terrific portrayal of the wedding, I liked meeting Tanya and seeing her from Bobby’s eyes. Fun dialogue too, naturally written and flows along. Perhaps a few more dialogue tags at times would have been useful though, so we get some more development of character thoughts/action in between the speech. That’s probably my only criticism! Overall great job and I’ll come back for more.
Thanks so much for your support of ‘Dawn of Destruction’, and have a lovely day!

EllieMcG wrote 802 days ago

Return read (finally!):
Ok, so I'm up to wedding #18. It's a fascinating premise to juxtapose weddings with all the social commentary, but I suppose a lot of that (and philosophical musing) goes on at weddings, doesn't it? I think this book is definitely suited to people with socioeconomic, political, and even broader philosophical interests (ok, and maybe a bit of Canuck sensibility),  but I actually AM one of those, so this has been great so far. I'm enjoying it. 
I have to say, I lived in mtl for 5 years, and this has been a pretty fun exercise in nostalgia to read. I can really picture it. 
- I really liked the introduction of Lulu. I definitely read "Maudie Anglais cocksucker" in a québécois accent, and it was 10x funnier that way. 
-Just as an aside, I don't think I've ever met anyone who was studying electrical engineering and actually wanted to into it.
-Montreal’s existence peaked in ’76 with the Olympics, and then everything went to hell in a handbasket - I laughed because this is true. 
I really, really enjoyed the whole discussion on separatism. Fuckin' eh. 
- He wasn;t done yet (just a little thing, but the semi-colon should be an apostrophe)
I enjoyed reading about the first Gulf war. I don't know much about it (was 4 at the time), but it was good to learn about. Also, barbarocracy is a great word.
I went to the Maple Leaf pub last year! Shitty peanuts, honestly. 
- “What,” asked Roger cluelessly, “are you on about?” (I was thinking the exact same thing. After reading the dress/shoe description, I'm never getting married.)
- the ending of the chapter 4 (2?) was really well-written, I thought. The only other thing I was hoping to see from it was an expansion on the skimmed-over Europe travels, and how on earth you ended up working in India. Seems like those would be pretty neat stories.
Anyway, will try to get back to this soon.

Nathan O'Hagan wrote 813 days ago

Three chapters in, and very impressed. I had a wry smile throughtout reading most of it, and a couple of out-loud chuckles.
The prose is very witty and irreverant, and the dialougue is likewise. Characterisation is strong, Lule in particular was great, and your MC is an engaging, funny central protagonist. The only real criticism i have is that some chapters, chapter 2 in particular, are quite long. I'm not surethey can be broken up due to the slightl episodic nature of the book, but perhaps they could be edited down slightly. That's a minor quibble though. Very good stuff overal, high stars and staying on my WL for a future backing.

sandy-1 wrote 814 days ago

All over the map

Great book Bob, I'm really pleased I've finally had chance to read it -sorry about that.
The book is written extremely well, its descriptive and its very visual.
You must have such a great sense of humour because I found it hilarious.
You have created such an interesting storyline and some amazing characters to go with it.
I saw no sign of edits.
Rated highly.
Ruby Middleton
(Will Ryan)

Adeel wrote 845 days ago

An amusing, descriptive and well written book. Your writing style is very impressive, dialogue are realistic with vivid charachters and narrative is at great pace. Highly rated.

Davidmauriceware wrote 905 days ago

Very nice and engaging story you have here. It has a nice and smooth flow, very witty with just the right added amount of humor, Highly starred and I will be keeping my eye on this 1

Chris Carr wrote 987 days ago

It has often been said that novels about work or at work are the most interesting and I think this is a cracker. If I'm right they work for some mail sorting company ready to despatch parcels. I like the idea of a worldly-wise man in the face of raw youth but what a way to sum up fourty-two years of marriage, I was howling so much I went back and read it again for another bout. So this is how Bobby Bo enters his brave new world? A really interesting start, that I know from the beginning, is gonna be a laugh. It's a pity Lulu isn't around for the duration. I will definitely back it and put it on my shelf. Not enough humour in this world. One thing I would point out is that in the UK 'lanky' is 'tall' anyway. Well done Bobby Bo. I will now go to bed and before I sleep, this is where I reflect. Excellent start young man.

Walden Carrington wrote 1073 days ago

All Over the Map is an amusing account which makes me want to travel the world as you have. This was the first time I was introduced to the concept of a recycled wedding ring, but I'm all for preserving the environment.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Walsh McLean's Story

RossClark1981 wrote 1083 days ago

- All over the Map -

(Based on chapters 1-4)

Oh good, I do love it when a book is so tightly put together and so well written that I don't have anything to offer in the way of constructive criticism. It means far less work for me in this comment box thingy.

For me, the best travel writing gives us a sense of place but doesn't get too distracted by that. A country is after all only as interesting as the people you encounter there so the best in travel writing has always been that which produces great character sketches for me. And All over the Map certainly has that in abundance. I knew I was in good hands from the very off as I got these great pieces of characterisation of Lulu and the narrator in the first chapter and Baba at the start of the second. Throughout, we meet different characters at the various weddings and they are sketched with equal skill and humour.

Humour is another fantastic aspect here. There are laugh out loud moments throughout.

I loved the intros to each chapter, giving us a sense of each weddong before we even got there. It also gives a great sense of continuity throughout.

The writing itself is tight and humour packed with great turns of phrase and observations throughout. Excellent, excellent.

This is going on my shelf as soon as I can manage it.

All the best with it,


Jannypeacock wrote 1090 days ago

This has fun written all over it. I laughed out loud many times. Certainly the most quirky and unique story I have read since joining the site. I get very tired of the same old, same old, so this was a wonderfully refreshing change. You certainly have a gift for painting a funny imagine and taking it up a notch to hilarious.

There were the odd points of over writing but I was laughing so much I was grateful for the breather. I'll never look at a wedding in the same way again.


Andi Brown wrote 1114 days ago

Great concept, and wonderfully executed. You're a terrific narrator, and you draw the reader in instantly. I want ot go to every single wedding. They're such a novel and quirky way to get to know a culture - or in some cases, how cultures might clash.

I loved somed some of your images - pressed-panini dead animal comes to mind.

I am a big believer in the writer's maxim "show, don't tell," and I did find a few examples of telling. For instance "Tanya looked great. She always did." Why not describe how Tanya looks so we know that she looks great - to us and to you.

There were also a few cases of overwriting - you stepped on or explained your own joke. "It would be difficult to top that..." Not necessary to add that. The Justice Potter pornography line - leave it at that. No need to add "I'd know her when i saw her." We get it without that.

This has a lot of potential, and just needs a bit of tightening up. I'm giving you a very rare five stars and watchlisting for now.

And I do hope you'll check out Animal Cracker, another fun read.

All best,
Andi Brown

Dr Ajay Kansal wrote 1164 days ago

Good humor and intelligence in this work. You have an easy flow to your writing and your dialogues are crisp. Soon, I will read whole.

Su Dan wrote 1257 days ago

well witten and engaging piece of writting. a real joy to read...your narrative and dialogue also do their jobs well. on my watchlist...
read SEASONS...

mvw888 wrote 1282 days ago

One of the fresher voices I've read in a long time. I was at the end of the third chapter before I knew what happened. I found this engaging and interesting. The first scene, with the older packer and the young man...brilliant dialogue, excellent description that really brought me right into the setting. I like the situation of a worldwise young man looking back at a manual labor job, wherein the employees perhaps weren't worldwise in a certain sense but maybe had something to teach him after all. Your prose is excellent...moves right along with punchy word choice and it's never, never boring. Little bits of wisdom interspersed. Interesting characters. I'm intrigued with the use of music, although I think you should stick to one or two songs for each chapter, and I think that maybe you should consider inserting brief lyrics for those unfamiliar with the songs. The blend of different media, along with books, I think is interesting. Wondering how and if you'll draw any conclusions about the music, in terms of the story. Which leads me to my main issue with books that are biographical in nature...I think they should have some unifying idea, something the "character" learns, some main THING that makes it cohesive. Of course, life doesn't always happen like that but I think that memoir-type stuff should. Just my opinion and I haven't read enough to know if you've found something to unify your memories.

In short...loved this. I think you should participate more here and you'd have a solid chance of doing well with this. It's very engaging, very well-written.

The Qualities of Wood

A. Zoomer wrote 1287 days ago


Dear Bob,
This is my kind of book. Books don't get any better than this.
How did I miss it? The title, the pitch and the beginning "This is a work of f(r)iction..."
Gave this book six stars and put it on my WL.
I wanna buy it.
A zoomer

Lara wrote 1361 days ago

Again I read and again laughed and enjoyed. Stars to you.
Good for Him

SusieGulick wrote 1398 days ago

You are totally fantastic, Bobby! :) How can I ever thank you enough for backing my memoirs book? :)
God bless you. :) Love, Susie :)

CarolinaAl wrote 1400 days ago

Hysterical humor. Worldly wisdom. Fresh. Bold. Original. Endearing characters. Crisp dialogue. Lyrical narrative. Thought-provoking theme. Top notch writing. A captivating read. Backed.

Lara wrote 1425 days ago

Perhaps you haven't been on this site long for surprisingly no-one much seems to have noticed this. ut it's a cracker! Excellent premise - wish I'd thought of it - and sophisticated writing throughout. You've only uploaded to 7 and perhaps that's wisest. I reckon a publisher will pick you you up. It's great and I'm happy to back
Good for Him

olgasheean wrote 1433 days ago

Smart, witty, punchy writing in a fresh, brazen, boisterous voice. A highly entertaining read.

fh wrote 1435 days ago

Original and very funny. This crosses many genre and should appeal to many as it has huge potential. Well done

name falied moderation wrote 1435 days ago

Dear Bob

so funny really funny...It is so good to see that your book was well received. I have already commented and backed your book, and as at times the backing have not shown, i will back your again, just to MAKE SURE.
I do wish you the very best with your writing

The Letter

name falied moderation wrote 1435 days ago

Dear Bob

It is so good to see that your book was well received. I have already commented and backed your book, and as at times the backing have not shown, i will back your again, just to MAKE SURE.
I do wish you the very best with your writing

The Letter

PATRICK BARRETT wrote 1436 days ago

Excellent huge potential over all the mediums of book, films or series, well done. Paula Barrett (Cuthbert-how mean is my valley)

Craig Ellis wrote 1436 days ago

Great humour and wisdom in this work. You have an easy flow to your writing and your dialogue is exceptional. You've captured the French Canadian spirit well in the character of Lulu. I've known many like him through my years in the army.

This is very well done. Backed with pleasure!

Craig Ellis
The Sun and the Saber

name falied moderation wrote 1451 days ago

Dear Bob
I live the book cover I know not many comment on this but I think it is important. it is the very thing that would attract a potential reader when in the stores competing with thousand of others, some very famous authors. So it worked for me. Your long pitch was the thing that grabbed me and forced me to read, and glad i am that i did I found this book hilarious, you have a gift a talent for humor and the thing i find really amazing is you can put it on paper, this is skill. congrats on this book and i feel sure it will be in my local book store.
I will carry on reading when you write more. I would like to get this book of yours backed to assist it on the climb to the top.
Backed for sure my me. ..I would really appreciate it if your would look at my book, COMMENT , and back it. If not that is OK also
The VERY best of luck with your book

The Letter

Fuchsia wrote 1461 days ago

I hear Hollyword calling: considered the screenplay angle? Casting would be a hoot!

JJJ3 wrote 1466 days ago

Brilliant and hilarious, Bob!

Diane60 wrote 1474 days ago

Nice job very funny and like the bookending with Lulu at the very end.


Bocri wrote 1475 days ago

A very original and funny idea. I particularly like the changes in style with messages from the intergalactic communicator. When It's complete it should be compulsary reading for all contemplating marriage. And even more so for those contemplating being a guest, haven't we all been to weddings which we just knew shouldn't be happening?
Robert Davidson

Cherry G. wrote 1482 days ago

You've got an easy, almost conversational style, talking to the reader as if we're there with you at one of the weddings.
Your prologue set the scene. We learnt about you, touched upon the subject of marriage (via Lu-lu's wisdom!) and travel (via sorting boxes for delivery around Canada.) Written down like that, it doesn't sound much, but in your hands it was full of fun and good humour. I can see that you could make anything interesting because you notice small things about people and situations that others usually miss..
THen we begin travelling to the weddings. The characters feel real and the combination of music (revealing a lot about the place, date and the personalitiies of the couples) the range of countries and the conversations of guests made each wedding very different and memorable.
Along the way the narrator's own situation changes. You start as a electrical engineering student but by Chapter 6 , you're planning a book on weddings.
From the first wedding and the horror of Tanya's sudden interest in marriage, there's important lessons to be learnt. Things like: don't take a girl friend to a wedding and it's best for the nerves if you prepares a speech a little earlier than a few minutes before speech is due. Then of course there's the deeper advice about marriage itself, from the likes of Lu-Lu , Pops, Vijay and Kenneth. Very funny, very engaging and it makes good sense.
Bobby Bo is a great friend and a good listener to a whole range of conversations. There's talk about the economic state of Montreal after the 1976 Olympics , the Iraq war, Turkey's place in the E.U, agriculture, Britain's part in the Middle East situation, the benefit of tatoos, the win-win benefits of hedge fund banking, the global economy and the uncontrollable spending habits of materialistic wives! Plus a good many more diverse subjects, all dealt with in an amusing and entertaining tone that helps us learn more about the characters and also the narrator.
Humerous but wise and ultimately optimistic, this is a lovely book. It would be a great one to buy for my brother who is getting married for the first time aged 56 this October, having been bestman 5 times and has been going out with his fiance for over twenty years!
Only one very minor nitpick, which I see others have mentioned; I think the chapters may be too long. Could you break them up?
Well travelled, Bobby Bo. BACKED.
Cherry G.
The Girl From Ithaca

Lara wrote 1485 days ago

Hi, I've backed your funny book. The sort of thing I'd peep back at bits. I think you might enjoy Good for Him, set in WW2 and written from point of view of small boy.
Good for Him

trainspotter wrote 1486 days ago

Oh Bobby, I'm loving this! Keep reading snippets out to my husband, making him pause the telly. But he's laughing along with me (not annoyed at all by telly-pausing). It reminds me of when I was younger: inter-railing, spending a summer on a Kibbutz, travelling with friends, getting pissed in foreign countries... Such an enjoyable read.
Extremely backed xx

klouholmes wrote 1487 days ago

Hi Bob, Liked the line before the prologue. Lulu is a good introduction for his anniversary and a contrast to the narrator. The caterer uncle and the first wedding, keenly told, show the adeptness going on with the protagonist. I can see there’s much variety in this and I liked the details about the families of the engaged. The tone approaches that of the connoisseur. Well-written. Happy to shelve – Katherine (The Swan Bonnet)

Pia wrote 1487 days ago

Bob -

All Over The Map . . . like a sophisticated rap poem, the words come in a rythm from some steady source of humorous observations. A celebration of endearing characters, I think even nasty ones would come over as endearing. Loved Baba and wanted to know more of her. I guess she appears again, but I had to stop reading, getting addicted.

Backed, Pia (Course of Mirrors)

Rusty Bernard wrote 1487 days ago

Hi Bob,

I have backed your book because I was hooked by the pitch, loved the introduction and read on. Very funny, just what the doctor ordered.

How much more I read depends on time and commitment.

Enjoy everything and good luck.

Rusty Bernard
Psychiatric Evaluation

Andy M. Potter wrote 1487 days ago

Bob, a great canuck romp. love the strong prose: clean, energetic.
on my shelf.
the more i like something, the more i look to pass on some "real" critique. sorry, not much to quibble about here. ;)
here's a VERY minor thought:
"permanent fixture, or lifer" - maybe "permanent fixture, a lifer" ?
very best wishes, andy

zan wrote 1487 days ago

All Over The Map -- Global Weddings, Wandering and Pondering

Bob N. Boguslavski

This is an interesting idea for a novel. Re your title "All Over The Map -- Global Weddings, Wandering and Pondering" - perhaps it should read " Global Weddings, Wanderings and Ponderings" ?

First line of long pitch - "Life’s a wedding for Bobby Bo. Having traveled to nearly 100, from Tenerife to Singapore..." I think the word "countries" or "places" or "cities" (whatever) might be missing after "100" ?

I was honoured to have given your book a spin on my shelf, genuinely believe it has potential and I wish you the best in finding a publisher.

JD Revene wrote 1488 days ago


I don't know quite where this work sits, but it's an easy read and kept me smiling.

Lulu reminded me of an old guy I worked with in a chocolate factory (though he was a Pakistani).

The song list for the first wedding takes me back to about the same time.

Again, I really don't know what to make of this f(r)iction, but, as I said before, it made me smile. What more can you ask for?


ALPACAJUNCTION wrote 1488 days ago

V ery unique. Very fresh. and backed with pleasure.

Famlavan wrote 1489 days ago

Brilliant story, brilliant humour, brilliant structure and absolutely fantastic characterisation. Very, very good read!

delhui wrote 1490 days ago

Dear Bob --

This is wickedly funny stuff, and a nice break from serious themes -- although underneath the wit, your tale has a poignancy we couldn't miss about the institution of marriage. We loved your Baba, too; we knew exactly what her look would be like in response to those "poorly expressed words". Our main suggestion so far: consider shortening some of your very long paragraphs (in chapter two - 3 in the upload here) especially. The narrative is good, it would simply be more digestible in smaller chunks. This is a mechanical issue, however, and easy to resolve, so we're very pleased to offer our support for All Over the Map. -- Delhui, The Long Black Veil

Amylovesbooks wrote 1491 days ago

This is hilarious! There is no choice but to back it!

Love Match