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The Totenmyer Cottage - Life in Place Royale - History in the Making

Linda Randall

A prophecy brings heartache. For another justice comes. Themus Munroe sees a ghost that warns him about a curse that is sure to bring death.


The Totenmyers are Ojibwa Natives and The Littlewolfs are the Iroquois. A marriage proposal and a murder starts a war between the two tribes after someone tips them off with a letter. In London, England, the guilty party confesses to the deed, which leads to another murder. Now they must suffer the consequences of their sins and watch their loved ones walk into a nightmare from which they cannot save them.History dates back to the 15th Century when the Book of Spells and a mortal doctor, one who can read minds and place spells on people with the flick of a wrist, can use its powers to bring more evil to the inhabitants of Place Royale.

The book is missing, no one knows where it is, until death, and curses start to rear their ugly heads once more. Can Heta or Sasha Totenmyer use their white magic to stop it? Goderich Lafleur has a secret and he cannot wait to reveal it to the community of Place Royale. They are plagued by mysterious deaths that are some how linked to Place Royale.

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1940s, book of spells, canada, crime, history, immigrants, linda randall, murder, mystery, native, rms queen elizabeth, serial killer, ss america, the...

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Eveleen wrote 1352 days ago

The totenmyer cottage
A very good pitch, and a good ch one
- Turning a new leaf
- Like a dot on the horizon

Marija F.Sullivan wrote 1366 days ago

Started reading this interesting book and stopped for the backing. Cheers, M
- Weekend Chimney Sweep
- Sarajevo Walls of Fate

livid wrote 1366 days ago

Hi, I am sorry that this comment does not help you in any way just yet, other than to let you know that I think your work is worth backing, but I am getting used to the site slowly. Also, work commitments and writing are being squeezed to try to keep up. After the first days I thought that the reading returns and support would slow but as yet they have not even begun to. So, in order to be fair I am backing everyone who I think deserves it, thanking everyone who has backed me and keeping an increasingly long list to get back to and give my hand written comments over. I hope this is ok with you? Cheers.

Idea Girl Consulting wrote 1368 days ago

research info for canada, united states and UK made a video about it ... will be in the next novel for the munroe series...

Hypo99 wrote 1378 days ago

Linda. You write with such skill and talent, this desrves backing.


Hope you get the chance to peek inside The Russian Hat. I could sure use the lift.

warm wishes


Jim Darcy wrote 1378 days ago

Smart, pacy and full of origianal touches. Myth and magic in a modern setting. Dialogue convinces and desacription anchors the reader in the time period without becoming a 'history' lesson per se.
Jim Darcy

name falied moderation wrote 1378 days ago

Dear LInda
This book is a masterpiece, yes it is. You have such information in it , information that is so well researched. CONGRATS. Original book and setting, characters pop with color, and your use of the written word to create scenes is just skillful.The book cover , who did this? just a suggestion for the long pitch and that is to put in paras. It could give your potential publisher the impression of being a little long, when it is not. again just a suggestion.
I do hope you will review my book, comment and most of all BACK it. but either way the BEST of luck with yours
The Letter

Natalie Jones wrote 1379 days ago

Interesting time period in the world and one rich with life altering events from which a good writer could draw.

Below are a few observations from chapter 1.

" . . . to other parts of Europe, Canada and (the) United States . . ."
"September 2nd, (omit nd), 1939." This is in 2 places in chapter 1.
" . . . they prayed that (omit word) their homes . . ."
" . . .but I will tell you more about that later." Had no idea this was a first person POV until the word "I" was used more than half-way into the first chapter.

Backed and Good Luck

SusieGulick wrote 1379 days ago

You are amazing, LInda. :) Here I am backing your 6th book :) - totally amazing. :) Great writing!! Is there a 7th book? Love, Susie :) You have already backed my 2 memoir books. :) Thanks so very much. :)