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date submitted 19.07.2010
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Book. The Light Series.

Andie Pintado.

Leila Rayleigh thought books were normal objects whose sole purpose was to delight the reader. She just found otherwise.


Leila Rayleigh moved from L.A to Rye, England and found her world shift and turn 360° when she read a small paragraph in a book no one was supposed to open, specially someone like her... a human. Soon she finds herself in the middle of an evil uprising and she comes out as the key ingredient to help an underground association whose sole purpose is to protect life from whatever evil threatens it, because she is the only one who can find The Light. A mythical ancient power that if placed in the wrong hands would mean the destruction of life as we know it. Magic, love and adventure (the three things every girl her age dream of) find a new meaning when she becomes a target for the enemy, a hope for others and a burden for herself.

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book, fiction, romance, series., teen, thriller, ya

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EsmeCarpenter wrote 1343 days ago

I really like the way we go - BAM, into the story, just like that. Draws you in instantly. Not, however, so sure of the character description dialogue. Perhaps could be a little more subtle, woven in rather than just there. Also, (editing note) just check your punctuation etc.

Tristan was well-done. I like the way you set it all up like a traditional YA / rom-com, and suddenly it becomes sinister. Leila's voice is strong, and her friends all believable.

Good job!

Esme C
'The Summoner'

klouholmes wrote 1351 days ago

Hi Andie, I liked the "battlefield of butterflies." Leila's finding her group once in Rye would appeal to the YA reader. The dialogue about the girls' looks was a nice intro though typical. The encounter with Tristan was well-rendered. It begins to bring in a sense of caution and I can feel how the storyline is starting to steep. Shelved - Katherine (The Swan Bonnet)

Andrew Burans wrote 1356 days ago

You have crafted a most compelling and interesting storyline and your use of short paragraphs and crisp, realistic dialogue keeps the pace of your story flowing well. I really like your use of the first person narrative voice as this allows you to develope Leila's character excellently. All of this coupled with your imaginative writing ensures that your fantasy will appeal to the YA audience. Backed with pleasure.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

A Knight wrote 1356 days ago

A strong and engaging start to what promises to be an excellent YA fantasy read.

Abi xxx

Eveleen wrote 1357 days ago

Book. The light series
The putch is good, so is the writing and there is a flow in it too
(Turning a new leaf)

soutexmex wrote 1357 days ago

Andie: both pitches work. I do apologize for the lack of a proper comment but I am leaving for the weekend and it's late here. Let me know if you want a proper comment upon my return and I will read more as soon as I have a chance. For now, enjoy the BACKING. I can use your comment on my book when you get the chance. Cheers!

The Obergemau Key

Burgio wrote 1357 days ago

This is a good story. I like the idea of Leila gaining her power through reading a book; that’s original next to finding a sword or a magic stone as happens in so many stories of this genre. I like her reaction at moving from L.A. to Rye; that is a big leap. You have a good writing style in the way you balance dialogue and description; enough description so a reader knows where he’s at, not so much it bogs down your story. I’m adding this to my shelf. If you have a moment, would you look at mine (Grain of Salt)? I’m in 4th place but only holding on by my teeth. Burgio