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date submitted 27.07.2010
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A Confession in Hieroglyphics

Iain Betterton

I bear the physical scars of my emotional treachery. They give me away like a secret language; a confession in hieroglyphics.


It is more or less ten years ago to the day that I left as a young man in search of adventure abroad. A day like today, early in April, when the sun is as clear as the air is crisp, the land rejoicing in a recent wetting. An invigorating, hope-stuffed feeling pervades on days like these, charged, when the world has learnt once again to shed its dungeonesque beginnings, and offers us instead, illuminations. I thought the world held endless possibility.... Before long I had made a series of conscious decisions which were to affect my life in a way I could never have predicted. The calendar hanging from the back of the door reminds me of two crucial despondencies; the impossibility of leisure, and the magnitude of time when it is lived at the level of seconds. A bookshelf is crammed to the hilt with rejected books, ragged and discarded with troubled spines. A collection of ghost stories, a journal of sea voyages, the Pilgrim’s Progress, a dictionary of biology. They gather dust and, wedged together, form an impenetrable stack of misery, forgotten words left, irreligiously, with a forgotten man.

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discovery, emotion, enlightenment, first person narrative, journey, remorse

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mvw888 wrote 1359 days ago

I can't think of another time that I was so mesmerized by the prose of a pitch! Really, your style just drew me in and the writing in the actual work didn't disappoint either. It reminds me of something, your voice here, some book or some feeling maybe and I can't put my finger on it but what ran through my mind was Kafka and also Ellison--The Invisible Man, narrator voices that are unique and somewhat tormented and incredibly charismatic. If I picked this up in a bookstore and opened randomly to any page, saw the uniqueness of your prose...well, I'd be willing to follow this story wherever it goes. Really enjoyed this.

The Qualities of Wood

Andrew Burans wrote 1362 days ago

I do like what I have read so far as well as your use of the first person narrative voice. This allows you to convey your MC's thoughts, observations, perspectives and emmotions. Your descriptive writing makes your work a pleasure to read. Backed.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning

andrew skaife wrote 1367 days ago
M.H.Thonger wrote 1367 days ago

Beautifully written with so much feeling and emotion. Backed.
Please check out 'the compulsive adventurer' A travel saga with a difference.

name falied moderation wrote 1367 days ago

Dear I ain
wow it was your pitches that said read me. I started to read your work and cannot put it down....I dont want to say too much till I have finished.....I have not read it all but will carry on for sure. I will comment later when I finished it but I do want to assist you with this climb of your book to the top so
If you would look at my book and comment ( positive I hope) and back it, I would be so grateful
VERY best of luck
The Letter

SusieGulick wrote 1367 days ago

Dear Iain, Well, this is your 4th book that I am backing. :) This one is totally sad - I watched my Granny die this way - it too 10 years in a convalescent hospital & they'd tie her in a wheel chair when they got her up - that is until she became so bedridden for years - as I said, "totally sad." :( I am homebound with lupus & heat fatigue/fever & struggle to sit at the computer, but I'm not down, yet. :) Thank you for sharing :) - what a heartache. :( Love, Susie :) p.s. Hope you'll take a moment for me, to back my 2 memoir books. :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart.