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M.K. Kildor

Katie is always nine years old, and where is the other fourth grade class?


Nine year-old orphan Katie is trying to understand what is going on around her. She finds a website devoted to petitions and answers to prayers in the form of roses. Katie becomes intrigued with St. Therese of Lisieux and her roses, and places her difficulties and hope of becoming Band Princess in St. Therese's kind smile.

Choir director Sister Frenchetta picks on Katie. She hates choir and the humiliation she suffers at the hands of Sister. Jimmy Marcone is a fourth grade classmate. He chases Katie home on his green and yellow-striped bike after daily choir practice. Katie cannot qualify for band membership unless she stays in choir. She has to be a band member to be nominated for Band Princess. Can she endure the torments?

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Tari wrote 958 days ago

This is so refreshing. I have always been very fond of the little Saint of the Roses, St. Theresa de Lisieux and have a book of her life story in my library at home along with one of St. Theresa of Avila .

I also love the quotes.

The first person in letter form does create a bond with the reader immediately. I like the form of a personal letter of prayer to the Saint, in which the plot unfolds.

The prayer form of the letter along with the story is original. i have not read anything like it before so well done.
I was capitvated with how Katie envisions St. Theresa when writing to her.

Sister Franchetta and Sister Margarita are great characters and practically jump off the page.
It was endearing when Katie prays to the Saint to help stop Jimmy Macone pulling her pigtails. The Saint is in every part of her young life and heart. Alsoiliked the humour as in Father Michaud and his shoes!!

Without giving too much of the story away it is one that touches the heart and as I wrote above, so original. It is one I will return to and enjoy.

I wish you every success with this. A winner.

Backed, starred and recommended.

writerchick11 wrote 963 days ago

Hi, I wanted to write again because I've read it in more depth. Like someone said earlier, this would be hard to publish in its current form, but hey! You HAVE to write this as a fiction with this character - I love her. Is she a real person? She leaves shadows on the ground, I can assure you. With her unique voice, she is someone who I would love to read about and would definitely buy a book with this character in it. Your style of writing reminds me of Judy Blume; the attention to detail, the innocence of a child, it's just great. I especially liked the similie : "Ruffle up like black feather," obviously referring to the nun's black outfit. Brill. Not sure if the similie cheeks burned like a furnace is a little cliched. I think it would be better to denote hell (fire) due to the theme. You have to write this is normal fiction - like a Judy Blume book with the letters woven in the plot...say you will. She's is so funny! "The boy is not big, he's fat," - priceless and so true to the character. Well done.

PS. Have just seen you have done another book with this character. Oops! Will read this too! Karen

NMott wrote 964 days ago

Excellent concept for a childrens book, unfortunately the way you've structured it is more suited to a blog than a novel. Worth checking out Ways To Live Forever by Sally Nicholls, for tips on how to structure such a book.
All the best with it.

writerchick11 wrote 965 days ago

Needs to be published.

Cariad wrote 968 days ago

An unusual book - some formatting problems made it a little hard to read in parts, but very touching.

leelah wrote 973 days ago

This touched my heart. Not because I am a Catholic - because i love writings from the heart who lets us see a child/ourselves/ as we are - in all our facets. I like the commentary - and there seems to be a pedagogic side of it that I found myself liking. That shows me that you are not preaching, but speaking from an open and wise heart.
I wish you tyhe very best with this , and i hope you can get help with the formatting of the manuscript that has come pretty bad out in Authonomy. It deserves much better - now it is quite an eye-sore.
best of luck! A little pearl, I think. And maybe not so little.
Leelah Saachi, "When fear comes back to Love" ( non-fiction.)

DouglasLeBlanc wrote 1216 days ago


I just finished reading the first chapter. A fantastic concept! And well executed too. I think that the narrator's occasional asides work well, and contrast nicely with the child-like writing of the letters. Humorous, serious, and flows well.... I will try to read more when I get the chance.


LL Su wrote 1303 days ago


I love St. Therese's book, Story of a Soul. She's my patron saint. My grandma named me after her for her little ways. The part where she says that not everybody can be a rose in God's garden because it would make His garden boring left an unforgettable impression on me. Some of us have to accept that we are just violets. My name actually means "lotus" so it was a spiritual message for me. I am the lotus floating in the pond in God's garden. =)

I think you've done a profound job writing this book, Dear St. Therese...Letters from Katie Marie. I hope you get it published. How wonderful would it be for children to read this!

Have you tried Catholic publishers?

Here one:

Queenship Publishing

And you probably know about TAN books already.

All the best, MK!

May God bless you and your books!


karenrosario wrote 1318 days ago

This looks really cute and I have put it on my watchlist for now- might I ask that you do something to sort out the massive gaps of white space as I found it rather off-putting scrolling down to try and read it!
I look forward to getting a proper read of it soon

Neville wrote 1348 days ago

This makes a change, a delightful read, of a world as seen from a 9 year old childs eyes
Introduced as a series of letters that Katie has written, it comes across very clear with a good voice
I enjoyed reading your book and can easily relate to it from my own 9yrs old Granddaughter.
Best wishes and pleased to rate your book. RATED.

kind regards,


Walden Carrington wrote 1425 days ago

Dear St. Therese...Letters From Katie Marie is a delightful collection of letters. Katie should be a good influence on your young readers. I look forward to seeing the complete work. Backed with pleasure.

DMHeadley wrote 1427 days ago

The cover page is very eye catching and was a very enjoyable well written read.

Sammy and the Wise Willow

name falied moderation wrote 1446 days ago

Dear M.K.
Your short pitch took me to your long pitch which is very well crafted and promises an interesting original read. I I am amazed as I see the books on this site, with the minds, and the talent which produce writtings with such skill. I do wish to congratsulate you on your book. I have not read all your writing but I do wish to back this book so it may asssit you

Please take a moment to look, comment which is important to me, and back my book. if not that is OK also

The VERY best of luck to you

The Letter

SusieGulick wrote 1446 days ago

Dear M.K., You scriptures, quotes, & Katie's diary entries are precious - amazing, your gifted writing. :) Thank you for sharing from your (& Katie's) heart. :) May you write many many more books. :) I've backed both of your books & you've backed my memoir/testimony "Tell Me True Love Stories" - could you please take a moment to back my "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not?" Thanks. :) Love, Susie :)

Elizabeth Wolfe wrote 1451 days ago

Dear M.K.,
I think you have a beautiful coer - just lovely! Your pitch is excellent too. In your passage from Luke at the beginning of the book, the word "God" is bumped out of alignment, like maybe you tabbed it over too many times. It's just a small thing, but distracted me a little. Overall, very nice!

Elizabeth Wolfe (MEMORIES OF GLORY)

Please excuse the following message if I’ve already sent it to you. Sometimes I get confused! Thanks.

Here is your chance to get a double backing. My friend, homewriter, and I have similar taste in writing and trust each other's judgment. Back my book and leave it on your bookshelf. Then do the same for his, "The Harpist of Madrid." Once the backings register, he will give you a return backing guaranteed. Just let him know in an email that you've backed my book as well as his. You might have to be a bit patient as we're 6 time zones apart. But you'll have two backings guaranteed on your excellent book. Of course, comments are always welcome too!

Andrew Burans wrote 1452 days ago

What you have posted so far is a most compelling read. Using the first person narrative voice through letters from Katie Marie to St Therese is extremely well done and your christian messages clearly shine through. Your descriptive writing will appeal to your intended audiences. Backed.

Andrew Burans
The Reluctant Warrior: The Beginning