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Dreams Come True: A Story About Taylor Swift: An Unauthorized Biography

Chipper Newman

A lonely young lady beats.....the odds


Taylor Swift is one of Country music's biggest stars. Growing up on a Christmas Tree Farm, she had dreams to become a musican and she never looked back.

Taylor Swift grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, got a record development deal with RCA Records, she went in and when RCA refused to let her record her own songs. The teenager had a plan. With an eagerness to learn and make the best of herself, this young lady went to every record label on Nashville's Music Row and got signed by a man starting his own record label and used MySpace to get her music out there. Two years later, Taylor Allison Swift is the Queen of Country Music.

By the way, this is an Unauthorized biography created by a fan for the love of writing about her.

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biography, children, history, pop culture, young adult

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BeeJoy wrote 289 days ago

How fun this must have been to write!! Good for you getting her past together and writing about her leap of faith. I I loved reading about how people find their way. You did a spectacular job with this.

Searcher wrote 597 days ago

Hi Chipper, Great book cover & short pitch!

I really enjoyed reading Taylor Swift's story. You have lots of interesting facts outlining her road to fame. It's clearly evident you are a true fan and have done your research. After learning a little about Taylor a few months back, I believe you've chosen a remarkable young lady to write about. It still needs work but Taylor Swift has many, many fans that I'm sure would enjoy owning a book about her life! You're on the right path with a success story that teaches us all what hard work and dedication can accomplish! Lots of Stars!

Jane Lawry
The Genealogists: On Holy Ground

TDonna wrote 600 days ago

I read several chapters and it's beautifully written, Chipper. You bring great honor to Taylor with this "unauthorized" biography. Your passion for this work was apparent, detailed and thorough. And the way in which you presented the information, you bring out her determination and perseverance in passionately following her heart. I hope Ashley will read it and soon, too. It's such an inspirational read that every youngster would learn so much from. I'll be back in another day to read the rest of the chapters. High stars from me on this.
No Kiss Goodbye

Nepalwriter wrote 607 days ago

You've certainly done a lot of research. Congratulations. I'm a reference librarian and appreciate someone taking the time to get it right. Have you passed this by Swift in any manner? Maybe it could become an"authorized" biography.

I'm sure you will have an audience for your book. Kids love to read about the success of other kids. It gives them hope that they too might make it.
I had some trouble with your chapters. At least as of tonight's reading--#4 and # 8 are the same. #5 and #9 are the same.
Then the chapters become very short--only a paragraph for many and a single sentence for some. I'd suggest combining them somehow. But perhaps you intend to include pictures on those pages. Then that would be fine. You'd need permission however to use any photos. I've given you stars.

Kristen Lusk wrote 624 days ago

Hey Chipper! I really enjoyed this biography! The facts are very interesting, and you present the information smoothly with great transitions.

The only concern I had while reading was a few paragraph/story repetitions, but that is easily fixable. A suggestion: maybe you can have a chapter titled "Stories Behind the Songs" or something, and include an explanation (and quotes/stories from Taylor?) about the songs she writes. I would really be intrigued to read that chapter, and while I know I can probably just look it up online, I'm much too lazy for that. ;) I'd much rather read it in your book where everything can be grouped and combined together! :)

Taylor Swift is a major icon in the music industry, and your book will have a ready-made audience. Add in a few interesting facts that even her die-hard fans wouldn't know, and you will definitely have a bestseller! 5 STARS!

JMF wrote 640 days ago

I am here to return your support of my book, Shadow Jumper. Thanks so much for that.
I have to admit I have never read a biography aimed at children, so I was a little apprehensive about reading this and I am not sure what kind of constructive advice I can give you!
But here goes:
I really enjoyed reading up to chapter seven. You have pitched your writing at just the right level for children. Well done. For the most part it is a smooth read, although you may want to watch out for tense changes - at one point you swap to the present. I would have liked a bit more background about her early life, if you have details like that,. Apart from that, I think your material works well and it is an interesting read. Well done!
High stars from me.
All the best
Shadow Jumper

Wanttobeawriter wrote 656 days ago

I’ve never read an unauthorized autobiography before so I opened it to see what it was all about. And discovered an interesting story. Taylor’s courage to walk up to producers when she was barely a teenager is remarkable. Having the talent to sing the Star Spangled Banner is equally so. I’m not big on country music so I knew little about Taylor before I started reading this so for me, it was not only an entertaining read but an educational one. I think you’ll find an audience for it among Taylor’s fans and quite possibly, Taylor herself. Starred and added to my shelf. Wanttobeawriter: Who Killed the President?

David Olawoyin wrote 665 days ago

Considering how supportive you have been of my own work, I found it particularly pleasing when I came around to taking a closer look at yours and writing this comment. My initial thoughts were that writing an unauthorized biography in the circumstances might be tricky and not too promising. But when I saw the target audience, I could identify a definite market for a work like this. Your writing is crisp and clear, and your composition apt for the audience. With how much I have read, I do not see any real issues with the literary aspects of the work, although I must say that the pitch can be improved. Particularly, you write: “Taylor Swift grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania, got a record development deal with RCA Records, she went in and it when they refused to let her record her own songs.” There seems to be something wrong around the “in at it” that loses the reader. Your display Chapter 5 does also not have a header like the others. I guess this was an oversight while loading. There are also different formats in the body of the work, including font types. This can be repelling to the reader, although it may also be the result of a technical glitch while loading. Your using capitals, italics and underline for titles all at the same time is also not a professional plus. Actually, there are different ways you handle this issue and you would want to be consistent. Just italics will do. On the whole, I believe that with just a little more editing and proper pitching, this work can be a successful endeavor. Thanks for the offering and best regards.

Jesserella wrote 668 days ago

Hey Chipper,

This is really informative and well researched.
I listened to a lot of Taylor Swift when I was working at a summer camp in West Virginia three years ago,
but didn't know much about her. Your books offers a good insight. Good luck! :-D

Lena M. Pate wrote 675 days ago

This is an excellent story. You have incorporated your own story backing it with informative articles. I don't normally like biographies like this but yours is interesting enough to keep me hooked. You have a wonderful story here and you deserve high stars for it.

Debbie R wrote 696 days ago

Hi Chipper

Well you have certainly done a lot of research for this! It works well having newspaper/magazine clips in addition to your own work.

I've always been a fan of the song Love Story but apart from having seen Taylor Swift on the TV, I didn't know much about her at all.

It's a great piece of work and is certain to be a big hit with Taylor Swift fans. Biographies like these can do very well.

I wish you lots of luck with it and am starring it highly.

Sharda D wrote 700 days ago

Hi Chipper,
here for our reading swap, and very glad I came! An absorbing story of a young woman’s determination and drive to succeed. Compelling reading. The short chapters work well on Autho because they load quickly and you feel as though you are making quick progress through the book. I was so absorbed in Taylor's story I got to Chapter 6 without really being aware of it! It is written in a very smooth, flowing and direct style with great pace. There's very few superfluous words.

Here are the notes I made as I was reading, feel free to ignore them, I'm no expert:

1) Not sure about the word “stuff” in the long pitch, it looks a bit lazy. Perhaps use 'songs' or 'material'.

2) Love the quotes and newspaper cuttings.

3) I feel the tone is at times too 'breathy' and sounds a little like those short celebrity documentaries you get on North American TV channels alike E! Entertainment etc. Maybe you need to be a little more probing at times. Or provide more detail on e.g. What made her so determined? Family background, what was that like?
There is some mention of bad experiences at school, but would it be possible to find out more? That would really help readers to identify with her.

Very few niggles with this though. I really enjoyed the smooth flow of words and the story of determination and success.
6 stars from me,
all the best,
P.S Please take a look at mine when you get a chance.

Lucy Middlemass wrote 702 days ago

This is nicely written and interesting. I like the balance of quotations and prose. It isn’t the sort of thing I’ve read much of on here, so reading it has made an enjoyable change. There are a few minor errors here and there, but nothing I found distracting.

I read various chapters, and you keep up a nice pace and don’t lose the reader’s interest. It’s astonishingly well-researched and I’m impressed with the detail. I know a great deal more about Taylor Swift than I did before, and you’ve persuaded me to be interested too. High stars.

K J Anderson wrote 704 days ago

What an interesting story. I admit that I knew nothing of Taylor Swift before reading your chapters, but I'm glad I decided to check it out. A bunch of stars and of course backed.

Mr. Grassroots wrote 704 days ago

There are some technical and editing things that need to be done. Have you interviewed Taylor? You should at least try if you haven't. Interview people that know her (and I am assuming you have not, but correct me if I am wrong). Interviews will help bring life to the pages. Biographies are a much different genre, but can be very rewarding. Readers and publishers will want to know if you have broken any new ground. Feel free to contact me with any questions. John Presta.

Lcamp wrote 777 days ago

I am getting ready to read "Dreams Come True" and thought I would stop and let you know that when I read the description of your story, next to your book cover, you have something wrong with the second chapter, first sentence where it says ........."she went in (and it) when they refused to let her record her own stuff......." Not sure what you meant for that sentence to say. It's important to have your introduction to the book be sharp and correct, readers (and publishers) will pick up on that right away and will expect mistakes like that in the rest of the book.
I will leave comments again when I am done reading your book.
Take care,

Ian Walkley wrote 908 days ago

Hi Chipper
I enjoyed reading about Taylor Swift's background to success. Very inspiring.
I'd like to make a couple of suggestions...
Firstly, it would help to get the content into chapters and just put up the chapters, things are a little disjointed at the moment as I'm sure you realise.
A couple of times you slip from past tense into present tense.
I think it would be great if you could flesh out some of the sections. I suspect it might be difficult to do the research and get access, but there are key times in her early life where:
1. She gets rejected and struggles on (I loved the bit about the 12 string guitar)
2. She has success
3. She does something which has an impact later on, like writing a song
These key incidents in her life need to be detailed more, to bring out the emotional tie the reader has to Taylor as a character in the book. At the moment, the story is a little dry, a little like a newspaper column.
I like the way you've included other sources. It would be good to keep the font the same though, maybe indent quoted text if you like.
Anyway, I admire you for starting this project, and I would certainly buy this book if you got all the details and were able to gain more access to Taylor and her family to get more quotes and flesh out the characters and key events more.
Good luck with the project.

S L Stockford wrote 1038 days ago

Thank you for putting my novel Fresco on your shelf. I would be indebted to you for any feedback.

I have read the first three chapters of Taylor Swift and am struck by the pace of the book. You certainly don’t let your reader rest. In fact I wonder if the tone is too brisk. Is there a danger of it being a series of factual notes rather than a book?

Eg the very opening line about growing up in Reading Pennsylvania. I wonder what Reading was like when she grew up. To get a notion of where I am coming from try the opening chapter of Truman Capote’s in Cold Blood where he draws the reader in with a feel for the place and people. Of course you may feel such descriptions slow down the narrative but i would like to know more about her childhood environment.

Clearly Taylor’s hard work constantly pays off as she advances through her career, and equally clear is your admiration for her. I think you have completed the hard work with your research and perhaps might revisit the actual writing. There is a market in biographies that could pay your rent as a full time writer!

Without doubt you have the inherent talent of a writer along with the capacity to do the donkey work of research so good luck.

S L Stockford

lizjrnm wrote 1147 days ago

I would so much much rather read about Taylor than Justin Beiber. I am enjoying what you have written so far. Shelved for talented writing.

The Cheech Room

Marita A. Hansen wrote 1159 days ago

I stopped at section 22, though I skipped over the chapters that were repeated. There was also a mix up of chapters. I'm not sure whether you put in the repetition on purpose, safe guarding your work, but I'd suggest taking it out and just putting things in an orderly manner because my daughter was getting annoyed because she was eager for me to read on. That just shows that what you wrote interested her, and she did enjoy it very much. She is a fan of Taylor Swift and liked the fact that you mentioned Singapore (where we live) in the biography, stating about Taylor's grandmother singing here. Taylor Swift also had a concert in Singapore, but mean old mum (me) refused to take Narise (my daughter) to the concert because I'm far from a country fan :) But it doesn't mean that I don't admire Taylor's drive for success in her chosen field.

I've noted down some typos below, and hope that they are helpful:
-Deaf Leopard should be Def Leppard (I had one of their albums which is why I know).
-The line: At this time, she thinks she wants to be a song writer. **Should be: At this time, she thought she wanted to be a song writer. (To fit in with your chosen tenses elsewhere).
-Your line: Taylor was caught hugging Floo Fighter band. **It should be: the Foo Fighters.
-Amy Whinehouse should be Amy Winehouse.
-What George Strait said: "Yes, do it about 25 years and it will fill very natural." It should be: feel very natural.
-Kelly Picker should be Kelly Pickler.

That's all for now. I will comment on the remaining sections another day. All the best - Marita.

Bandof1 wrote 1166 days ago

Hello Chipper, Thank you for your support of "Just Out of Sight" I want to make a difference and I think that "Just Out of Sight" can do just that.
I'm reading Dreams Come True and find myself wanting to know more and more about Taylor's rise to fame. This is really informative and sometimes the facts are what I'm looking for. I like to read all genres. I will back your book as soon as I have a spot open on my bookshelf. Let me know your thoughts as well.
Craig (Bandof1)

J.S.Watts wrote 1297 days ago

This is packed full of facts and infromation, but stylistically comes over as rather monotone. The facts can sometimes come over as a bit disjointed. As it stands it is probably a book for fans only, but could be given broader appeal if greater flow, style and, perhaps, personal opinion were introduced into the text.


abipenfold wrote 1328 days ago

i just happened upon this book and was actually listening to Taylor Swift's music at the same time, lol. i shall have to read on asap.

Sly80 wrote 1333 days ago

This is comprehensive fact-wise, Chipper, but rather dry. I checked out Taylor Swift on youtube and saw that she's a talented, pretty and vivacious girl, but the only strong feeling for 'who' she is in this biography comes from interviews with other publications. After the first few chapters, I skipped around to later ones to see how it develops. It remains sketchy and disjointed until the Author's note. In that short piece, your voice and enthusiasm come across. If you could take that and inject it into the rest of the book, and maybe correspond directly with Taylor and/or those who know her well, you would have something much more lively and interesting. I'll back this for the research and the competent writing, but I think you could do even better.

Possible nits 'a talent for writing rhythms [rhymes?] in her head'. 'At this time she thinks she wants to be a song writer', this is in present tense when the rest is in past.

Mandi Oyster wrote 1338 days ago

My daughter loves Taylor Swift. She would go nuts over this book. Well written. Backed with pleasure.

Mandi Oyster
Dacia Wolf & the Prophecy

Elizabeth Wolfe wrote 1339 days ago

Dear Chipper,
I went to chapter 3 where the book starts. I think your writing style is realy good - very direct, factual, doesn't embellish the facts, just lays them out. I like that!

Elizabeth Wolfe (MEMORIES OF GLORY)

zan wrote 1339 days ago

Dreams Come True: A Story About Taylor Swift

Chipper Newman

A lonely lady who beats the odds - what inspiration. Determination often leads to the realisation of dreams. Good example to us here on Autho - remain on the site, read a couple million books in the pursuit of the dream of a lifetime, and just maybe that dream might come true! Anyway, your writing is competent and wish you all the best in finding a publisher.

Gauis wrote 1339 days ago

lonely, - not lonley

TalulaJane wrote 1339 days ago

Now, this will certainly be a hit. My daughter is 10 and she and her gal pals idolize Taylor. I think an inspirational book about her will fly off of all shelves! Backed with pleasure.
The Darkwood Tales: Demouri's Defeat

Mr. Nom de Plume wrote 1340 days ago

An interesting well written work. Music is essential to a life well lived. Backed

J. Moore wrote 1345 days ago

Wow, fascinating and relevant. Kind of short for a biography, but then again, with photos (which it will most definitely have) it might be just the right length for the target audience. This book stands out on this site because there aren't many biographies (many autobiographies, though). Well done!

CamilleS wrote 1346 days ago

I enjoyed reading about Taylor. Backing. I bet it was fun to write!

Curse of the Golden Fly

name falied moderation wrote 1346 days ago

Dear Chipper
Hey this is a best seller for sure. You have done an extreme amount of research for this book and I must congratulate you on a job well done. You have drive and talent for not only do you have the story but you have crafted a book that is so interesting because of your skill. CONGRATS. on reaching a best seller list( i see this for you)
I have not read all your writing, but i do wish to support your climb so will back this now and possibly comment a bit further on.
BACKED by me for sure,
I do hope you will take time to comment on my book, comments are so important to me, and if you feel so, back it. If not that is OK also
VERY best of luck
The Letter

SusieGulick wrote 1346 days ago

Dear Chipper, I love all of your time that you spent to compile all of this info for your story - what a labor of love. :) Your paragraphs & chapters & listed data are nice & crisp which make for an enjoyable read. :) Great write. :) I've backed both of your books - hope you back my 2. :) Love, Susie. :)

julia kay wrote 1351 days ago

Great story...I love stories of dreams coming true and taking a leap of faith. Great writing. Best wishes, Julia x