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date submitted 16.08.2010
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How to Possess a Cat

B. C. Stands

Would you like to know How to Possess a Cat?


All is revealed when Maximilian, an over 100-year-old soul currently residing in the historically French part of St. Louis, begins a new adventure by taking up residence in a three-legged cat named Maggie. Having traveled many years in a variety of feline companions, each of which can hold up to nine "lives," Max hopes to have finally found peace and quiet within Maggie, whose handicap makes her less desirable to other wayward souls. Max's newfound solitude is quickly disrupted upon the tragic suicide of Sarah, another resident in the newly rehabbed apartment building where Maggie and Max live. After discovering the secret crime behind the Sarah's death when her soul is also taken in by Maggie, Max risks his own existence in an attempt to bring closure to the young woman's grieving mother.

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adventure, afterlife, cats, thriller, time travel

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        It wasn't difficult to make him write exactly what I wanted to put into this book. A habitual pot smoker, his mind was an open vessel, one that I could easily enter and exit as I pleased. Whether you call me ghost or soul, the fact remains that I can't exist without a vessel and so, it was fortunate that his cat never strayed too far from his side. I mulled over where exactly I would start my story for a long time. My birth in Paris in 1870? The sad story of my adult life as a struggling artist in the City of Light? Or how I came, quite unintentionally, to possess that very first cat, thus beginning my afterlife? No. I chose a recent, yet still tragic tale (aren't they all?) that was fresh in my mind. So, as a way of trying out my newfound means of transcription by stoner, I give you the secret life of Maggie the cat.



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