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date submitted 19.10.2010
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The Frankenstein Testament

Tim Hodkinson

Victor Frankenstein’s secrets were recorded before his trial, and some one is using them to resurrect the dead…


In the early years of the 19th century, during his epic game of cat and mouse with his horrific creation, Victor Frankenstein was washed up on the north coast of Ireland . Blamed for the murder of his best friend, (actually killed by the monster Frankenstein created) he falls into a deranged fever. In the depths of his illness, someone was taking notes.

Thirty years later in Victorian Belfast a deranged killer is on the loose. People report seeing dead relatives walking the streets. Something strange is going on.

A motley collection of individuals investigate the mystery. A gruff policeman, a country school mistress who wants to be a journalist and a flamboyant Dublin detective join forces to try to stop whoever is using Frankenstein's secrets to create zombies to fulfill his evil purpose.

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frankenstein, horror, resurrection, undead

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lizjrnm wrote 1078 days ago

What a great idea! I am backing this because after the first two chapters I can easily see this in bookstores! Well done!

The Cheech Room

TimothyDH wrote 1112 days ago

in the process of a bit of a rewrite/reboot. If anyone was following this book please bear with me as I hope the result will be worth it.

billysunday wrote 1201 days ago

Great work. Well written and great style. Love the story.

billysunday wrote 1201 days ago

Great work. Well written and great style. Love the story.

Adam Shiels wrote 1203 days ago

It's been a long time since I read the original classic but after reading the first two chapters here I'm drawn in enough to want to continue reading.

The story so far feels right and that's always a good thing for any sequel to be able to capture the feel of the original.

I'm looking forward to reading more of to see if you can not only capture the feel but take it somewhere new too. I'm inclined to think that you will at this stage. :-)

I'll let you know my thoughts once I've finished reading.

billysunday wrote 1204 days ago

Read the first chapter and I'm hooked. I also love the 18th century style of writing. Great beginning. I know I'm going to love this one.

billysunday wrote 1205 days ago

Big Frankenstein fan. Your intro picks up where Mary Shelley left off. Look forward to reading. If you got a chance, check out 33.

Su Dan wrote 1206 days ago

another version of this eternal tale. good pace, and narrative...original...on my watchlist...

TimothyDH wrote 1244 days ago

The idea of Victor Frankenstein, and the monster being washed up on the shores of Port Stewart is definitely unusual - and your writing makes the readers journey very easy on the head.

Believe it or not, in Chapter 20 of Mary Shelley's original novel, Victor Frankenstein and his monster are washed up on the North Coast of Ireland. She just never said where. :-)

jamesmac wrote 1245 days ago

First, I have to say Tim, I enjoyed what I read of The Frankenstein Testament.

The idea of Victor Frankenstein, and the monster being washed up on the shores of Port Stewart is definitely unusual - and your writing makes the readers journey very easy on the head.

I am impressed by your easy style with the language - that's great - but my main concern however is that the great popularity of this classic story, might be it’s very undoing in this instance.

Mary Shelley’s horror has been interpreted, and reinterpreted so often that it is a mammoth task I feel for any writer to squeeze more out of it.

In saying that, it's just my opinion. Your version is definitely unusual, and I found your writing entertaining.

All the best for now.


Aaron B S wrote 1261 days ago

Excellent take on an old classic. I haven't read it all yet, but I am backing it to do well.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 13 The author has a little difficulty distinguising when a word is capitalized. Still the story marches on without a hitch and with few overall problems. Still quite engaging.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 12 Excellent!

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 11 Okay there are some inconsistencies here. They would most certainly call mentally ill people 'nut cases' and they would not have used the term mentally ill during that time frame (believe me I know). I'm not sure they would reference themselves as Journalists, either but I'll let the author research that. It is sarsaparilla BTW ( a form of root beer or at least tastes like it if you haven't had it before.) I have no idea if a corporation actually ran the police dept or if this was fiction. I'm too lazy to check.
Other than that, the chapter is a good transition chapter.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 10 An author who likes to leave the chapter on a cliffhanger. Oh well. The only thing I pondered was whether police officers actually went to basic training camp or if their military service sufficed for admittance into the police force. Sometimes historical fiction readers get picky about such things but they can be important. This is a good chapter.

Craig Ellis wrote 1264 days ago

Great setting and mystery in the first chapter. Loved the hook at the end of the first chapter, where the name of the German is revealed. Through dialogue and narrative, you've certainly given the story tthe feel of the original classic. The conversation between the doctor and the magistrate is masterful. Good pace, great story! Many stars!

Just one typo I notcied "and the turned to see" should be "and he turned to see".

Craig Ellis
The Sun and the Saber

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 8 Touches of prescient knowledge for the reader. Hopefully we are through with new characters and will see the meat of the story although this is as good a chapter as the oens that precede.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 6 Oh glory! The scene is well-crafted. I'm glad the author carried on from the previous chapter. It helps with continuity in a story. I think that this book can easily be backed.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 5 Once again a good chapter. But now we are into the heart of the story. So far very well written and the reader is encouraged by the quality of the writing to continue.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 4 It's not 'through' when you mean 'throw'.....(3rd para). "fainted hearted' do you mean 'faint of heart'? Also- don't think they called them 'gothic novels' in those times.. Might want to review this chapter for errors.

HOWEVER, it is an exciting chapter as we are introduced to new characters and to the 'creature'.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch3 Wow! Very nicely done! An exciting chapter. A little story all by itself.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 2 Nice chapter. A lone watchman as a narrator. Not too preachy or 'instructional' although bordering on that. Still the author has captured a moment vividly.

Natasha Vloyski wrote 1264 days ago

Ch 1 Yes, I agree with others that the first chapter is tantalizing. There are a few minor errors in grammar but a really thorough editing would fix it. Let's hope that the rest of the book doesn't disappoint.

missyfleming_22 wrote 1268 days ago

Wow, this is an awesome first chapter. It grabbed me right away. You really know how to paint a scene and make it come to life. Not sure I liked feeling like I was right there but it worked! You're on my watchlist now and I'm absolutely going to read more!


bonbon3272 wrote 1271 days ago

Just in time for Halloween! I like the way this it going, a nice twist to the original tale. Gladly backed.

Jennifer Turner wrote 1274 days ago

I am currently teaching 'Frankenstein' and I'm slightly obsessed with anything to do with it! I would love to buy the completed novel as it is an exciting and compelling idea. Well done! Jen

Jim Darcy wrote 1277 days ago

Recommended by a friend who said this was a good read and they were right. Plenty of commercial potential here. I think I slightly prefer it to Lions but that's today. If you can spare a bit of time to check out Firelord I am trying to get some feedback on the later chapters.

Vanessa Darnleigh wrote 1278 days ago

Some struggles aren't worth the effort, Tim but this isn't one of them. Very readable and entertaining with that self-effacing, elegant style that is so typical of an Irish (?) writer. Clean and quietly confident with few language errors to note or even bother about...well done!

Owen Quinn wrote 1280 days ago

Exactly what I ahev been campaigning for woth my own book, scifi, horror fantasy set in Belfast, good idea, well played, research into Belfast of old is obvious and the tinge of accent is music to my ears, backed

SusieGulick wrote 1282 days ago

Dear Tim, Well, here I am reading & commenting your 2nd book. :) At the end of chapter 11, poor Copeland :) - not really, huh? :) I knew something was going to happen. :) Your pitch prepared me for your murderer & your quick dialogue & paragraph brought me right through your story. :) Pretty neat that you had a portion of "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner" - I memorized portions in high school that I can still say at age 70 :) - "The ice was here, the ice was there" & "water, water everywhere, nor any drop to drink" :) - need I go on? :) haha :) Great intriguing twists in your story. :) I've now backed both of your books :) - could you please take just a moment to back my memoirs book? :) Thanks so very much. :) Love, Susie :)

andrew skaife wrote 1282 days ago

This is very well written and you have a handle on the structure so I can back it with an easy mind.


Ravenspell wrote 1282 days ago

Well written and great dialogue with just the right nuances of speech to evoke your setting

SusieGulick wrote 1283 days ago

:) comment to follow - read & commented on 1 day later :)