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date submitted 23.11.2010
date updated 12.01.2011
genres: Thriller, Chick Lit, Romance, Fanta...
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Deep ( Book 2 in the Lake Dweller series)

Leesa Birch

There's something in the lake. Something that shouldn't be there. Watching. Waiting. And very very deadly.


The one thing that sucks more than being kidnapped, is waking up in the Arizona desert not knowing who or what you are.
In between working for the Council Elders and trying to control my nightmares, there's something wrong with the lakes. And only the Fae can help.

Deep is available as a paperback through Or as an E-book from Amazon.

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fae, healing, ivy, kane, lake dweller, selkie, urban fantasy, water weaving

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Rozen' Mae wrote 1132 days ago

ust finished Deep. Where do I start? I'm so attached to all the characters! The ending shocked me and as I held back the tears, as I hit the next page button on my Kindle, there were no more pages!! I didn't want it to end. Once again, Leesa describes the scenes with such detail, I could visualize and feel myself being there with the characters. The connection between Ivy and Kane is the most amazing writing I have ever read. Once again, I have to thank Leesa for giving back my love for reading. Her talent is special and I look forward to reading her books for years to come.

K A Smith wrote 1162 days ago

Well, I liked this a lot. More so as it got going. The whole thing works well, the settings, the characters, the mystery, the mise-en-scene, everything. The one little niggle I had was that it took me a little while to get into, I knew I would like it when I did though. I am finding it hard to work out why I did find it hard to get into at first, I think it was my overly analytical mind analysing the whole amnesia thing. It's the sort of scenario where I will be looking for inconsistencies and errors, which will distract me from the story. I doubt my response will be like that of most people, so I hope that the mystery and the evocative writing will ease them in. Thank you. KA.

Pia wrote 1209 days ago

Leesa -

Deep (Bookd 2 of the Lake Dweller series) - I haven't read your first book, just came upon this on another shelf.
I can't comment on the story from reading the pitch and two chapters. I like the shamanic elements and the term water-weaving. Reminds me of Brickweavers, another wonderful book on this site. What I can say is that you writing has a haunting rhythm, which makes it mesmerizing - an irresistable read. Deep is on WL to be lifted on my shelf, and rated well.

Pia (Course of Mirrors)

jonsdawn wrote 1211 days ago

added to my watchlist to read later

Jim Heter wrote 1219 days ago

Leesa, I read this, and it's another good start. Jim