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date submitted 01.12.2010
date updated 16.01.2013
genres: Children's
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Kath Radford

Can the Archivist and Biddy repair the force field, protecting Lunardium, before the Astronomus’s henchmen launch their attack on earth and the moon?


Biddy Perkins, lived with her mum in the seaside town of Coatham Sands. She'd dream of how different her life might have been had her dad not disappeared thirteen years earlier - the day before she'd been born.

She discovers an unusual, if not decidedly odd, amusement arcade where she is sucked into a vortex and transported to the dark side of the moon.

The forebears created a force-field to hide Lunardium, but the Emperor Astronomus has sent his spies to prepare for invasion.

Biddy meets a boy called Nunkie, and his agogwe friend, Pendek. They join forces with the Archivist in a quest to find a molecule inverter to repair the force field, which was damaged but Astronomus's men. Biddy and her friends are chased through the Netherzone, crossing crumbling walkways, broken down monorail systems, and have to cross the sea of tranquillity to find the inverter and reach the force field’s control room. Biddy eventually discovers that the Archivist is her dad.

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adventure, children, fantasy

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acgal wrote 1232 days ago

I do love science fiction and space traveling - especially in children's stories where imagination can run wild. This is similar in concept to The Adventures of Billy Butler - Billy the Astronaut, which is one of my favorite books on this site. Good luck, and a pleasure to back you.

SusieGulick wrote 1232 days ago

Dear Kath, I love your intrigue of Biddy finding "out who the Archivist really is" which you presented in your pitch. :) Your large print writing & your tight paragraphs & dialogue made for a wonderful exciting read through chapter 6. :) Of course, I'm not happy about the "vile emperor" planning "to overthrow planet Earth and its moon" :( - I'm write in my mind that he will fail & everything will come out okay. :) Great write!! :) Hope that you will write a lot of books. :) I have read, commented on, & put your book on my watchlist to read & to also at least 24 hour back when space opens on my bookshelf. :) I have also gold ******-rated your book :) - could you please ****** & back my memoirs/testimony book, in return? :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. every ******-ing & at least 24 hour backing moves our books closer to the editor's desk :) - click on author's name, scroll down & click on their book cover or title :) - & go from there :)
None of this comment is copy/pasted & is written my best from my heart. :)

eurodan49 wrote 1232 days ago

Hi. I read a little from your book, enough to enjoy the voice. Though Sci-Fi is not my forte, I’m backing it and will return, when I have some time, for a more profound comment.
Could you please take a look at mine?

SusieGulick wrote 1233 days ago

:) comment to follow after I've read your book - read & commented on 23 hours later :)