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Diaries of a Freak Genius

Michael D Wenz

A conversational style piece that focuses on the lighter side of concepts and Mindless thoughts that most won't admit to thinking themselves.


This books speaks for itself. Read a chapter and you quickly find out that theres no "point",no hidden agenda, no mysterious plot to figure out and there will be no surprise ending- maybe. It's a monologue of the inner feelings and thoughts that go unexposed to the world by a single soul who decided one day just to write them down and have no hidden corners of self. In fact, this collection bears the worst as well as the best of my thoughts and as so is a great risk losing my invisibility. Why would someone read it? Validation. Everyone wants to know that their secret thoughts are the same as everyone else's. We are each individuals, but not so unique. There are "Dexters", and"Cowardly Lions", "Terminators" and "Seinfelds" in all of us, and when we read it spewing from someone else, we feel better, as if we are still grounded. But are we?

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Lynne wrote 1169 days ago

I'm not sure whether writing down your thoughts and forming them into a book is a commercial prospect. You write well and perhaps instead of writing a "diary" you could put your talent into a more readable enterprise. Lots of luck, Lynne, Brooklyn Bridge.

Good for Her wrote 1199 days ago

These interesting ideas may well be work of genius - I wouldn't know, but it is going to take you some time to add enough to make a book length. Would you consider writing this as a novel in which the main character has all these ideas and thoughts but is opposed by another character? e.g. his boss, wife, parent, sibling, best friend? I think this would be easier to sell as a book, and you probably have first hand experience of opposition?
Good wishes

Walden Carrington wrote 1200 days ago

Diaries of a Freak Genius is a deep philosophical work. Your secrets thoughts are certainly not the same as mine and they are no longer secret. I don't think plants fall in the same category as manufactured objects and I think they must feel on some level despite lacking consciousness. Rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story

EltopiaAuthor wrote 1200 days ago

May I suggest that you consider whether a different point of view might make your job easier. By stating in first person that, "These are the thoughts of a genius," you make your job so much harder. In my culture at least, such statements might be taken as self agrandizing and arrogant. The reader is likely to put on his skeptic's hat immediately with the thought, "OK, so you are a genius? Then prove it to me."

On the other hand, if you write this in the third person, you can invite the reader to share your thoughts about this third person whom you consider to be a genius. You can even state up front that he or she is a genius, without raising so much reader resistance from the outset.

As is often the rule, it might be better just to "show" the person's supposed genius by describing what he does and what the says/things, an let the reader decide whether this is genius ... or madness ... or arrogance or whatever.

Best of luck to you.


Winston Chad Emerson wrote 1200 days ago

Diary of a Freak Genius

When I read a title like this one, I come into the work expecting two things: weirdness and originality of thought. The weirdness is there, though maybe not the way you intend. As to originality of thought, I'm afraid I don't see it. There is a lot of angst here. A lot of beginnings to ideas that don't seem to go anywhere. Your writing reminds me of some of my own as a teenager: agnostic, anti-institution, aspirations of intellectualism.

The manuscript is riddled with grammatical errors and typos. I advise you to revise immediately. Improper punctuation, using numbers (5) instead of spelling it out (five). Agents and publishers perusing this site will stop reading your book the moment they start to find errors.

You also need some fact checking. You make statements that simply aren't the case. A glaring one was a reference to a plant as an inanimate object. Plants grow, on a daily basis. If you videotape a flower for twelve hours and then replay it in time-lapse, you will note not only growth, but also a pulsating of the leaves and flower, and a general shift towards the sun.

I like the concept for this book. I just think you need to gain a lot more insight into the world and the written word before attempting it.

I'm sorry if this review sounds harsh, but a review that is anything less than completely honest does the writer a disservice, one way or another.


Wilma1 wrote 1215 days ago

Mmm I'm almost at a loss what to say. I think I could read this as an article but not sure I could read it as a whole book. You have an interesting thought process.

Knowing Liam Riley

Neville wrote 1216 days ago

Hi Michael, I found your writing to be very interesting, I often think about things in the way you do.
You are of course more academic than I am.
Your point about an older professor's qualifications being out of date, yes I agree they must be, they are behind with the times so to speak. They do however have greater knowledge en-mass than a novice professor.
Sleep? We can't do without it, I like 9 hours, all this rubish about getting by on 4 hrs is not on. You can't fight tiredness, its natures way of re-charging the body, and more so the mind.
Love your book, food for thought and a pleasure to read.
Happy to star rate your book. RATED.

Kind regards,


lizjrnm wrote 1220 days ago

This is a unique stream of thoughts that reads like a diary. I like it although I am not a genius because I don't think I have ever thought about the things you have written however Im intrigued nonetheless!
BACKED X 24 hours

The Cheech Room
A Fine Pickle

SusieGulick wrote 1221 days ago

Dear Michael, I love that you mentioned Terminator in your pitch because that was my favorite TV show & I was so sad it was cancelled after 3 seasons. ;( My kids gave me the DVD with it all & I have almost memorized all of the scenes. :) I am so happy to read in you pitch that this is "in all of us" :) - must be the adventurous desire, huh? :) - I know that I am not a (freak) genius, either, but I know how to improve my ratings by studying the IQ quizzes :) - I'm probably the "fine line between genius & insanity" which is in your Part I. :) The next thing that I love about your book is that it is all in one chapter so that I don't have to keep waiting for chapters to come up. :) Thank you. :) I laughed when you mentioned "fruitarians." :) When you mentioned space shuttles, I thought of that guy who paid millions of dollars to go on it twice & the waste, not to mention I'd be scared to death it would explode like some have before even leaving the ground. :) Since I'm an accountant, I understand double entries & also all of my journals will be discarded some day, so what a waste, huh? :) I love all of your thoughts & wish I could respond to all of them. :) I have read, commented on, & put your book on my watchlist to also at least 24-hour back when space opens on my bookshelf. :) I have also gold ******-rated your book :) - could you please ****** & back my memoirs/testimony book, in return? :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. every ******-ing & at least 24-hour backing moves our book up the authonomy lists :) - click on author's name, scroll down their profile page & click on their book cover or title :) - & you are on your way :)
None of this comment is copy/pasted & is written arduously my best from my heart. :)

SusieGulick wrote 1221 days ago

:) I will comment on your book as soon as I have read it - read & commented on 1 hour later :)

nigel gilbert wrote 1221 days ago

Hi. Reading through your 1st chapter, which I think is very interesting, I noticed a few typo's. It may be worth while checking through yourself and correcting them as it rises in the chart, as I'm sure it will. Also, check where 'Commas' and 'Full stops' are needed, as it makes reading slightly easier.
Hope you don't mind me pointing these things out and I'm sure you will find errors in TUNNEL VISION. That is the point of this site and I am always pleased when someone brings this to my attention.
Nigel (Tunnel Vision) still in editing process.

Laurence Howard wrote 1221 days ago

Interesting and entertaining. Your thoughts will be welcomed on the site and I hope you do well.
Backed. Laurence Winchester,
The Cross of Goa