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date submitted 17.10.2008
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The Bench

Alex Crow

Joe finds a biography of himself, one he has never written.
Henry Count is murderously angry.
Someone is trying to scare them both


Joe Shaw is a loser. The product of a loveless, broken home and a meat fixation, Shaw reaches a sort of maturity low on friends and experience, but high on imagination. His bleak future opens into a universe of possibilities when he discovers an abandoned biography of him, a story which is only partially written. As he begins to read, he finds that everything written in the book, IS him
As the frightened weeks pass, he adds more paragraphs, when the story suddenly stops without reason, 11 of the 26 chapters written, leaving page after page of emptiness. Joe drunkenly fills in the remaining chapters and the following day, what he has been written actually transpires, only with subtle changes. Joe writes the following chapter and again what he writes happens. He now has 14 empty chapters to fill, yet despite the empty pages, all subsequent chapters have headings waiting to be written. By him.
But who is Henry Count? And why is his 19th century life affecting Joe's present?
Joe decides to finish the book and in doing so, forge a blueprint for the perfect life. But the book has other ideas...

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bench, blood, crime, despair, horror, murder, mystery, psychological, revenge, seduction, sex, snow, torture, violence, weird

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KateAnderson wrote 419 days ago

I can't get over the way you weave together descriptions. I've only read the first chapter at the moment as I should actually be teaching right now (kids can learn on their own can't they?)....however I'm hooked. I love this book, love the way you write and will be back for more!
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Alex Crow wrote 1195 days ago

decent advice. thanks for the comment Lara

Lara wrote 1195 days ago

I've starred this and had it on my WL for some time. I love the concept of discovering a false biography, but not sure that you couldn't make your short pitch more enticing. The two different scenes in the opening chapters worked well for me and so did your style of writing. Keep going. If I can find room for you on my shelf, i will.

Alex Crow wrote 1688 days ago

it's tongue in cheek, moron

and don't say 'sorry' then give me orders, i'll write what i like

paul house wrote 2014 days ago

Once I got to the part beginning 'Count', I really enjoyed this. In the first bit I found, for my liking, rather too many verbs such as: whimper (3 times, I think), yelp, sob... I suppose there is nothing wrong with verbs such as thse, and their accompanying strident adjectives or adverbs, but I think you must be very careful when you use them and how often. However, having said that, once into the 'Count' section, I have no such reservations. I like the style of writing very much and Count himself is described very nicely. I had to stop there but hope to come back very soon and continue with the next section.