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date submitted 06.01.2011
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Feeling Daisee

Natasha Cage

Daisee fears she'll never find true love again. Anthony is fine, Lem Samuels is smooth, but can they give her the love she needs?


All Daisee Mitchell knows is that she can't end up unlucky in love, like so many other women she knows, including her own mother. She dedicates her entire life to loving an ungrateful college sweetheart, Jamar, by going to law school at night and working as a paralegal part-time. Even though Daisee hasn't found her own passion, she works hard to further Jamar's dream of opening a law firm. Despite Daisee's best efforts, Jamar seems to grow more distant with each passing day. When the only love Daisee knows fades, she fears she'll never find true love again. Anthony, the handsome bartender, and Lem Samuels, the powerful politician, both appear to be good prospects at first, only to disappoint her later. After searching for love in all the wrong places, Daisee finds that the most amazing love she could ever hope for lived inside her all along.

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african american, self-discovery, urban romance

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Anthony Brady wrote 916 days ago

It is evident from the the chapters posted that Natasha Gage's book title is a double-endendre. At least that is what I infer. It's early days in this novel and just about all of Daissee Mitchel's anatomy is thoroughly felt - internally and externally - by both herself and Jamar well ahead of Anthony and Lem's anticipated explorations. Everything is quite legal. Check. The vivid exposure of intimate behaviour, normally indulged in strict privacy, by consenting adults or self pleasuring individuals, takes place at one point in the office of the firm of lawyers: lunch time strip with an explicit in your face climax. As this literary offering purports to be a romance, I feel its episodes of graphic lust and sex are misplaced and very soon this reader came to the conclusion that a genre transfer would be appropriate. ROMANCE: is the pleasurable feeling of excitement and mystery associated with love. EROTICA: Here we have an intelligent, honest, adventurous, sexy woman with an insatiably high libido experiencing her lively sex life and relationships. In the context of romantic love relationships, romance usually implies an expression of one's love, or one's deep emotional desires to connect with another person. The author certainly shows a talent to hold her reader's attention - not only in the erotic dynamic - but in the interplay of her dialogue handling, not least in the intriguing unresolved issues with Mom. I reserve an overall judgement but **** pro tem. Tony Brady - SCENES FROM AN EXAMINED LIFE - Books 1,2 & 3.

Anthony Brady wrote 918 days ago

Natasha Cage captures the reader's attention with a really eye-catching Prologue. The I'm late refrain in the first line echoes the the first words voiced by the White Rabbit in Alice through the looking glass. She evokes the transitional atmosphere of the airport neatly and the reflective drive adds pace and verve to the narrative and the interplay of emotions. There are 4 chapters posted so I will comment on each of them in turn with an overall Comment. This book has the flair and interest that immediately sparks anticipation of a real page turner. Tony Brady. - SCENES FROM AN EXAMINED LIFE - Books 1,2 & 3.

michel prince wrote 1080 days ago


You have captured the insecurity that can happen in what should be a secure situation. The safety of what we're used to makes us try to delude ourselves into believing it's not really happening to us. the emotion is real with Daisee lying to herself about behavior that she would snap on her friends for putting up with. Making excuses "he's stressed" etc are great examples of this.

Rating and backing your book.

JamesSandersatLarge wrote 1092 days ago

Thank you for this story.

ELLA MONET wrote 1196 days ago

Hey Natasha good to meet yah!!! I knew from the very beginning that something is just not right with Jamar. No woman should have to try this hard to please her man. I found this book to be interesting and I going to put it on my bookshelf.


SusieGulick wrote 1202 days ago

Dear Natasha, I love Daisee's search for love :) - & I am sorry that it is in all of the wrong places, as your pitch portrays. :) My heart went out to Daisee, as I read about Jamar's ungratefulness & I've had 6 ungrateful selfish husbands who were sweet at pie when we courted & turned in beasts after we married, even from day one, so I would warn Daisee that if he treats her this way before marriage, it will get much much worse after the wedding bells & maybe even verbal & physical abuse the way all of mine did & I'm 18 years in the last one & refuse to give up on this one, no matter what. :) I'm glad that Daisee has good friends to make up for all of the bad, which God has given me, too. :) I have read, commented on, & put your book on my watchlist to back when space opens on my bookshelf. :) I have also gold *******-rated our book :) - could you please ****** & back my memoirs/testimony book, in return? :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. every ******-ing moves our books up authonomy's lists, as does backing-more-than-24-hours & the longer on our bookshelves, the more they move up :) - click on author's name, scroll down their profile page & click on their book cover or title & their book will come up & you can ****** & back the book :)
None of the comment is copy/pasted & is written arduously my best from my heart, as I'm sure your book is, too. :)

SusieGulick wrote 1202 days ago

:) I will comment on your book as soon as I have read it - read & commented on 2 hours later :)