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ON L'OUVRE - The Mystic Side of The Da Vinci Code

A Turk

A first ever mathematically deciphered written account of history through a simple yet mysterious 10 digit code known as the Da Vinci code.


This book introduces an unprecedented account of important events and famous persons in history and the modern world. This book examines these events through a simple Fibonacci series introduced in Dan Brown's book. This book for the first times solves some mysteries beginning from the time Louvre was constructed to the present time. In between, there is a talk of important persons including, Leonardo de Pisa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Einstein, Newton etc. and how they connect to the code. The book also talks about important events including 1666, World War II, 911, 77 and shows how there seems to be a woven theme.

This book for the first time discovers some mathematical fomulas previously unknown and connects them to the Da Vinci code. It considers possibilities of a shared consciousness, time travelling and alien presence in the world. Why these need to be considered? The book discoveres a challenege to common sense that questions the unquestionable: Numbers, the universal language! Can numbers be changed? Do they infuence our existence in the world? Are we somehow a mathematical message rolling mechanism encoded and embodied in human form by some higher intelligence?

In simple, it's a quest to believe the unbelievable.

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1666, 21 dec 2012, 77, 911, aliens, apoclapsy, divine proportion, einstein, end of world, golden ratio, history, louvre, mathematics, maya, mysteries,...

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SusieGulick wrote 1181 days ago

You are totally fantastic, A Turk!! :) How can I ever thank you enough for backing my memoirs/testimony book? :) God bless you. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. I have also gold ******-rated your book :) - could you please gold ******-rated my book, too? :) Every ****** -ing & backing more than 24 hours moves our books up authonomy's lists. :) I want to ask you if you could please keep my book on your bookshelf because I'm #6 on the editor's desk & have to be in the top 5 to be chosen, the end of January :) - I had a mini-stroke Nov. 10 with slurred speech for an hour & numbness of tongue still & over 24 smaller ones where I couldn't speak since & I"d sure like to cross the finish line of the editor's desk after 322 days of trying on authonomy. :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me :) - I have lost 3 sisters to strokes & my last sister, Mary had 2 heart attacks this past year.

SusieGulick wrote 1181 days ago

Dear A Turk, I love that you are presenting a seems to be woven theme of important people & events & mathematical formulas previously unknown & connect them to the Da Vinci code, questions unquestionable, that a higher intelligence encoded & embodied our human form? - as your pitch portrays. :) I laughed as I read your "Disclaimer" :) - we can't rule out existence of some mysterious forces working in the world toward unknown goals, acting on purpose or astronomical levels of connections. :) "The real truth is stranger that fiction" in your Preface is so true. :) The codes are amazing, as is 6 being a perfect #, as you explain it :) - I love #s & count every thing & I'm an accountant. :) Chapters 4-10 excluded, but I'm so glad you recapped its content, especially 6th sense, Einstein, Newton, & the Louvre being built 12th century & interconnecting events to the 21st century :) - WOW!! :) I have now read & commented on & gold ******-rated your book & will back it when space opens on my bookshelf. :) Thank you so much for backing & commenting on & ******-ing my memoirs/testimony book :) - could you please keep it on your bookshelf to help me, to be chosen in the top 5 of the editor's desk January 31, after 322 days of my trying? :) Thank you so very much. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. every ******-ing moves our books up authonomy's lists, as does backing more than 24 hours & the longer on our bookshelves, the more they move up :)

SusieGulick wrote 1181 days ago

:) I will comment on your book as soon as I have read it - read & commented on 2 hours later :)