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Massacre Cave

Colby Van Wagoner

Massacre Cave is the first book in the Crow Mountain series. It is the second book written by Colby Van Wagoner.


Massacre Cave is Colby Van Wagoner’s first book in the Crow Mountain series. Set in the southwestern territories, of the unsettled region, the Spanish fight to colonize the natives of the region. In Del Muerto Canyon, hundreds of Spanish soldiers slaughter unarmed woman, children, and elders of the Near The Mountain, and Bitter Water People Clans. Istakah, a mysterious, dark medicine man, and practitioner of the witchery way, forms a clan of Yee Naaldlooshi, and seeks revenge for the slaughter of his people. Antonio Narbona seeks peace for the Navajo people, and begins to seek treaties with the Spanish, and United States governments. The Yee Naaldlooshi attack, and feed on travelers passing through the region. to ensure their survival, and strengthen their power. When one of their own betrays them, and escapes, he frees one of their captives. The Yee Naaldlooshi embarks on a path of revenge, and chaos, changing the lives of two families that make the choice to aid the escaping couple. In the end, the confrontations will leave everlasting imprints on everyone involved.

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kendra ann ziems wrote 1124 days ago

backed your book!

M. A. McRae. wrote 1141 days ago

I commend you on your obvious knowledge of the period. Research is vital when attempting a novel like this. Very well done and to be backed. Marj.

kendra ann ziems wrote 1142 days ago

enjoyed reading and added to my watchlist to read at a later date. wondered if you would peek at my book and give me some feedback r/t us being in similiar genres. thanks.
kendra ziems/autumn lullaby

SusieGulick wrote 1172 days ago

Dear Colby, Well, here I am reading & commenting on your 2nd book :) - it is still set in Arizona & here, Yee Naaldyooshi the witch doctor is trying to take control & seek revenge, when the Spanish fight to colonize the natives, soldiers slaughtering unarmed Navajo women, children & elders & Antonio Narbona seeks peace treaties with the Spanish & the United States governments, as your pitch portrays. :) WOW!!! What a read!! Wonderful that the Spanish soldiers helped Narbonoa to protect his clan at the end of chapter 8. :) My eyes well up with tears, the tragedy of innocent people all of over the world, still ;( - may God have mercy. :) I will now go to your 3rd book to read & comment. :) Love, Susie :)

SusieGulick wrote 1172 days ago

:) I will comment on this your 2nd your book as soon as I have read it - read & commented shortly thereafter :)

Stuart & Victor wrote 1180 days ago

backed... AS PROMISED!!!!!

Stuart & Victor wrote 1188 days ago

Have 6 starred this and added to our WL which means you WILL make our shelf in the next (+3) round of backings (its 11pm for us). Check our comments trail if u want to confirm this and do feel free to chase at ANY TIME to know exactly how long till ur going up...

ColbyVanWagoner wrote 1192 days ago

Thanks JB! :-)

Nigel Fields wrote 1192 days ago

Hi Colby,
Was able to look over your first chapter before bed. Let me start with a nit (before the praise): Your first sentence is quite long; and, I think, needlessly so. How 'bout . . .red rock towers and plateaus. Here were the valleys of . . . Just a thought. Good beginnings are singularly crucial. The rest flowed well, was colorful and interesting and paced well. Good job.
JB Campbell