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date submitted 27.01.2011
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D.S. Gibson

A planetary assassin seeks out the ultimate power in the universe.


Where life ends...salvation begins.

For longer than he can remember, the Madrin has traveled the universe draining planets of their energy to feed his insatiable hunger. With each conquest his self-hatred and loneliness grows, yet he remains unstoppable. That is, until he attacks a defenseless planet called Alamantha, and is nearly destroyed in the process. There he meets Eloi, who reveals to him the ultimate power in the universe. Will the Madrin be willing to pay the price to attain it? And will it be enough to save them from the approaching threat?

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abuse, acceptance, action, adventure, adversity, alien, aliens, angel, angels, armada, army, assassin, assault, balance, battle, beast, belief, bereav...

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jlbwye wrote 1157 days ago

I have just come across your book, intending to dip into the first chapter, but found myself reading on. Vivid descriptions of Madrin, the monster who has "an itch he could not scratch", and then the gentle vision of Eloi in his search for mana beneath the ground. I like the unusual way you use a well-worn theme. Your writing is very good indeed, and you are going on my w/list for further reading and - when there is space - eventual backing. Meanwhile, here are some stars.
Jane (Breath of Africa). I think you might appreciate my book, too!

Intriguing Trails wrote 1174 days ago

Compelling. I've read through Chapter 2 and found nothing unfortunate. Good pacing, good writing, easy to follow. Excellent for YA / middle school esp. I'm keep on my WL and read more later.

SusieGulick wrote 1178 days ago

You are totally fantastic, D.S.!! :) How can I ever thank you enough for & ******-ing & backing my memoirs/testimony book? :) God bless you. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. I have also gold ******-rated your book :) Every ****** -ing & backing more than 24 hours moves our books up authonomy's lists. :) I want to ask you if you could please keep my book on your bookshelf because I'm #1 on the editor's desk & I don't want to lose traction, to be in the top 5 to be chosen February 28. :) Please read my profile page: I had a mini-stroke Nov. 10 with slurred speech for an hour & numbness of tongue still & over 24 smaller ones where I couldn't speak since & I"d sure like to cross the finish line of the editor's desk after almost 1 year of trying on authonomy. :) Thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me :) - I have lost 3 sisters to strokes & my last sister, Mary had 2 heart attacks this past year.

SusieGulick wrote 1178 days ago

Dear D.S., I love that Madrin, a planetary assassin & "with each conquest, his self-hatred & loneliness grows, yet he remains unstoppable," " meets Eloi who reveals to him the ultimate power in the universe" & will he "be willing to pay the price to attain it & will it be enough to save them from the approaching threat?" as your pitch portrays. :) I love that you have a scripture before each chapter :) - totally fantastic!! :) ch.1, Madrin was impressive with his blue fire emanating from his hand destroying 1/4 mile radius :) - I smiled & remembered my favorite movie & TV series, Terminator which I so much loved & was totally sad when cancelled after 3 series, so it's like you have brought it back to life :) - & am still smiling at that. :) Maybe your story could become a movie or TV series. :) So, energy came in, as it seemed to return back & energize him :) - "He was the Madrin and he was unstoppable." In chapter 2, I liked that you had the character Eloi because that is what Jesus said on the cross. :) I laughed & smiled & my eyes even sparkled, when I read "Sejus" which is "Jesus" unscrambled. :) Big smiles because I can almost picture this, in chapter 5 when he "let out a wail of guttural break the binding spell of the memories" of her :) - "if only she were here with him today..." End of chapter 6, "to glorify Sejus...what will be will be" :) - & more smiles. :) Chapter 7, "Welcome to Alamantha, Madrin. May Sejus bless you" & I got more smiles & was glad he had his mind on on Sejus & the Word & had empathy for Madrin's feelings. :) I love his prayer of praise & intercession for Madrin in chapter 8. :) "Tanas" which is "Satan" made me laugh, as I read it out loud. :) This is like the greatest of writes, ever!! :) I love it. :) I have read & commented on your book & will back it more than 24 hours when space opens on my bookshelf. :) I have also gold ******-rated your book :) - could you please ****** mine, too? Thank you so very much for backing my memoirs/testimony book :) - could you please keep it on your bookshelf to help me to be chosen in the top 5 of the editor's desk Feb. 28? I would so much appreciate it because I have been trying for almost a year. :) Love, Susie :) p.s. every ******-ing moves our books up authonomy's lists, as does backing more than 24 hours & the longer on our bookshelves, the more they move up, per authonomy's new rules Oct 2010 :)

Tim Waters wrote 1182 days ago

I have read through the first few chapters of your book. I especially like chapter 1 and its descriptions. It really takes you by surprise trying to find out what you are looking at and what is happening. You set the stage well knowing that, short of a miracle, nothing will stop this destructive being. You also create enough interest in the alien worlds that are being destroyed for the reader to some how get an insight into their cultures. It's quite an art not saying too much or too little. Well done for putting together a good story.

I've given you 6 stars and added you to my watchlist so that when I have space I'll add you to my bookshelf.

Can I ask you to consider reading just the few chapters of my book and if you like it to back it and give it a star rating? Its a children's book but every adult who has read it has also really enjoyed it too. It's called "The Water Works of Clear Wash City."

All the best with your book.

The Water Works of Clear Wash City

"Stolen Childhood" wrote 1182 days ago

This book deserves 6 stars witch i have given it. Its Great!

Aidan2002 wrote 1182 days ago

You are a competent writer, your mixing of gospel with Science Fiction I have not come across before. Acendance has a unique feel to it that good and evil stretch across the cosmos, opposed to being confined to here on earth. Your descriptions are gripping... Hope you do well. Aidan

SusieGulick wrote 1182 days ago

:) I will comment on you book as soon as I have read it - read & commented on 4 days later :)

"Stolen Childhood" wrote 1183 days ago

I have read two chapters of your book Ascendance. What an amazing way to describe evil. Madrin, It almost gave me goose bumps reading how you have described this creature chasing through the planets seeking to destroy everything and everyone. It made me think of the scripture “The devil has come to seek to steal murder and destroy”. The wonderful picture you describe in chapter two about the father and the son is very touching. I think this book make a great read for those who don’t know Christ. You have used a very untraditional way to describe good and evil. Well done.