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date submitted 07.02.2011
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Kate Grimes

Willow Green is a small meadow full of little woodland creatures. Join them in their adventures.


Willow Green is a small meadow surrounded by woods that were once part of a large farming estate. The farm, and Foxley Hall, a large country house, is deserted by humans and only the woodland creatures live there now. They are happy, friendly little creatures who all look after each other. Join them in their adventures, where they learn all sorts of important lessons about friendship, hard-work, honesty and sharing.

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animals, friendship, learning., meadow, sharing

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karenrosario wrote 1015 days ago

The first chapter made me giggle, what a lovely idea with the mother rabbit sad about moving house and Hopper surprising her by joining the two together! The line 'I've still got the keys to the old front door' particularly made me smile.

I'm not sure about the 'Young Adult' tag but I can see this as a beautifully illustrated children's book. I like that the chapters stand alone as short stories and can imagine this as a fun bedtime story :-)

The Blooming Tale of Katie Moonshine

Nanty wrote 1147 days ago

Tales of Willow Green.
Chapter 1 - I liked Mrs. Hopper counting her children. When Hopper opens the front door of their new home, I don't think you need to mention the thorn bush again as it's been mentioned twice before. Love Hopper's surprise for his wife. This chapter is a lovely introduction to what I'm assuming, are going to be a family of really sweet characters who will have a role to play throughout the book.
Chapter 2 - Repetition of carpet, which slows the pace. Perhaps, 'There's one in the parlour, the kitchen and our bedroom.' Good touch, Hopper doesn't argue with his wife about the chore she's just given him. It made me smile and I should expect adults, reading to a child, will do so too. Mrs. Brambles' amusing complaint about her husband will strike a chord with a lot of adults reading. Hopper's quick-witted remark was a nice end to this chapter.
Chapter 3 - Naughty boys, Harry and Billy, play truant. Without getting into too much trouble, despite danger possibly being all around, they learn a valuable lesson from charming, PC Brock. A good message for children, put across without beating them over the head with it.
The prose is fluid and the tone has a nice pitch for younger children. Chapters are a good length for a bedtime story. The characters are charming and have names that mean they will be easily identifiable by children without the need for physical description. Dialogue is good with some amusing jokes adults will pick up on, which will make the read as enjoyable for them as for the children being read to, which I think is an important factor.

Nanty - Chrys!

deetales wrote 1152 days ago

Hi Kate,
Delightful tales, very easy to read out loud to younger children and the ideal length for bedtime stories or snuggling up on the sofa with the grandchildren (can't wait!)
Dee x

Balepy wrote 1154 days ago

Hello Kate - Tales of Willow Green lives up to its charming title - happy, meadow and woodland well described peopled by quaint creatures. Well done - best of luck and backed with stars by Balepy (Freckles the Fawn)

Nigel Fields wrote 1163 days ago

Hi Kate,
I thoroughly enjoyed Lizzie--wonderful book. Now this offering for children is nice. Well-written and appropriately cozy. Glad to see good values put to the fore like this for the young. Very professionally crafted children's book. 6 stars from me.
John B Campbell wrote 1165 days ago

Hi everyone - hope you like my new book for children. I have tried to get important lessons across to them in a way that will also entertain them.

Goo luck, everyone, with your writing.