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The Great Ship of Knowledge® -Learning Earth's Deathly History (2nd-edition unedited manuscript)

William Bailey

While our true-forms rest on starships parked far from Earth, deep in the Milky-Way-Galaxy, our spirits remain here in this virtual-reality “Learning Earth’s Deathly History.”


What is the Reality of Our World?

Isn’t “reality” simply our minds convincing us to accept life and our surroundings as factual? Needless to say, just because we believe something is factual – doesn’t necessarily mean it's real!

That is – what if I inform you that virtual-world-technology has already advanced beyond our wildest dreams; that we’re presently living virtual-lives in a false-reality. That we’re spiritually-living on this perfect-forgery-of-Earth, so we can virtually-experience, as if physically there, the cataclysmic failures of humanity that happened on Earth over 1000 years ago. This true-to-life virtual-history-lesson is something we must all mentally endure before ever being spiritually-awakened from the lifelike cataclysmic nightmare all of us will soon horrifyingly experience.

Even more amazing, while our minds are parked here “Learning Earth’s Deathly History” – our true-blooded-forms remain stowed safely inside lifecells onboard starships parked far from Earth in the Milky-Way-Galaxy.

At this moment we’re living out virtual-existences here in Earth’s past, during the Early 21st Century, when humanity is divided by ideological hatred. This ravenous hatred will soon climax when America suffers a sinister act of terror that will snowball overnight into nuclear World War III.

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apocalyptic fiction, armageddon, colonization, future, learning history, navy, navy seals, nuclear war, philosophy, reincarnation, science fiction, sc...

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Eliza Moon wrote 79 days ago

The Great Ship of Knowledge - Learning Earths Deathly History.

This is a very intelligent piece of writing which is loaded with fascinating ideas.

I liked the image you created of your father swiftly turning the dots and the dashes of Morse Code into words and numbers. A discussion on the transmission of messages - the transferring of the message to the man on the swiftly moving train, Pencil/paper, typewriters and ribbons, computers. The progression of the computer, smaller and smaller, and then the World Wide Web which opened up the whole world.

'The Carousel of Progress'

Artificial Intelligence and virtual reality. I liked the line, 'How would someone ever know what reality he or she was living in once their spirit was immersed in the false-reality.'

The description of the vision was vivid and disturbing. I liked how you described that turning pen to paper was being like a key which unlocked something inside the mind.

And the 'Soul Cellar' was a very interesting idea- God uncorking the bottle. It left me wondering how each soul was selected and freed to do what they needed to do.

Very interesting work indeed. High Stars. x

Albino Storm wrote 170 days ago

...working on chapter 19...not long now!

Albino Storm wrote 225 days ago

I'm back to working on my rewrite of this after a long summer of working on everything but this. I've worked my way up to chapter 18 so far this year, and I hope to finish the last few chapters yet this fall before finding an editor to polish my text. Please read my manuscript if you should find some time. Cheers, ~Bill

Albino Storm wrote 412 days ago

Hi Charles,

Thank you so much for taking some of your time to read some of my work.I really appreciate it!

I will fix that when I find time to work on my manuscript this weekend. I’m dyslexic to the max. I wish I had a dollar for every time I spelled their “thier” from “form” think “thing” or for "fro"just for starters. :-)


Charles Knightley wrote 412 days ago

The Great Ship of Knowledge® -Learning Earth's Deathly History (2nd-edition unedited manuscript)
William Bailey

This reads like a non-fiction book and I had to keep reminding myself that it was fiction, but then again was it? Very entertaining and very well written, perhaps I should add very intelligently written.

You mention that this is the second edition and unedited. I didn’t see too many editing issues but I did spot a typo:

I suffered many a welt form those intense battles.
Presumably “form” should be “from”.

Highly starred.

Charles Knightley
The Secret of Netley Abbey

Albino Storm wrote 423 days ago

My book should load for you now.

Albino Storm wrote 423 days ago

Authonomy currently is experiencing technical difficulty. I just tried to update chapter 14 and cannot get the text to load. Hopefully they will have this issue corrected soon.

Albino Storm wrote 440 days ago

I just rewrote the beginning of Chapter 11 as I work my way back through my entire manuscript. I hope to finish my entire manuscript over the next few months before finding an excellent editor to edit my work. If all goes well, the second-edition of “The Great Ship of Knowledge vol1 ~Learning Earth’s Deathly History” should leave her literary dry dock, yet this year, sailing back into the Sea of Imagination with all of her literary riggings in tiptop shape. However; feel free to hop onboard now to enjoy your free fantastic voyage.

Mushiegirl wrote 596 days ago

Wow is the word that comes to mind. I have only read the first chapter but indeed it is an amazing piece of work and I will be back to read on.


scargirl wrote 617 days ago

your pitch captivates the reader and doesn't disappoint. i agree there is a matrix feel about this...
what every woman should know

Adam Thurstman wrote 666 days ago

Hi William

I am still waiting for a film like this to come out, the Matrix came close and your idea is simular to an idea I had had for years, but then bigger events took over my life and I wrote 'Is Israel Real'. Like you I couldn't write, bad at spelling and grammar and was even considered semi dyslexic at school, but as I can see God had other plans for the both of us. What I've read so far is well written (not that I would necessarily know), but I love the idea and for someone who gets bored easily with fiction, unless it has credibility, I think you've got a great book. Published too!!!

Adam De-Thurstman

Albino Storm wrote 686 days ago

If the text doesn’t load, please hit your “refresh” button.

Albino Storm wrote 708 days ago

I'm back working on this 2nd edition to "The Great Ship of Knowledge ~Learning Earth's Deathly History" as she sets drydocked in her literary shipyard. If all goes well she should set sail back into the Sea of Imagination yet this year after she has her grammatical riggings upgraded! :~)

Albino Storm wrote 817 days ago

I still hope to finish the 2nd edition to "Learning Earth's Deathly History" this year. I also hope I can find a profession editor, that I can afford, who will truly want to polish my work.

Albino Storm wrote 953 days ago

I just reposted Chapter 3 “The Time is Near” after doing some final detail work.

junetee wrote 962 days ago

Hi William, I read your pitch and found it very intriguing. I couldn't wait to begin.
Youre writing is wonderful. Its so relaxed and makes the reader feel feel relaxed too. I thought to myself how interesting everything sounded, and I wanted to read every word.
What you say is all true about the games etc. It brings home how much we have advanced in the last few years, and how quickly we can advance in the next. It makes me wonder, as I have done for a while, how times can change so easily and we dont know what's around the corner - it could be anything. And yet we mosey on as if everythings going to be the same tommorrow in our safe little lives.
You had an experience and it changed your perspective on life. I think this is something to tell the world about - if they will listen. I believe those who have ears will.
Your book is brilliant especially considering the dyslexia etc. When you say something seemed to write the book for you - well strange things do happen, I know from experience.
6 stars. I'd love to back you today but I have promises to keep. So the beginning of the month you are definately backed!
Junetee (Four Corners)

As soon as I began to read the first chapter

Albino Storm wrote 970 days ago

I've reposted the front-matter along with the first three chapters after doing some brush touching on them. I think they read and show much better now. I'm working my way back through my entire manuscribt adding in the finer details as I go.

Albino Storm wrote 1002 days ago

I just reposted chapter 22 after doing yet another rewrite. :~)

Albino Storm wrote 1013 days ago

Su Dan, thanks!
When I find some time, I will try to take a look at Seasons...

Su Dan wrote 1014 days ago

this is a well written, well thought out piece. you have clearly worked hard on this book.
l shall back this book after a time on my watchlist,,,
read SEASONS...

Albino Storm wrote 1020 days ago


I just uploaded chaper 22: "A Shuttle Tour of the Great Ships."
~William Bailey

Albino Storm wrote 1050 days ago

Yay, I finally see some light at the end of the tunnel! :~)
I only have 10 more pages of rewriting to finish chapter 22 before I write chapter 23 and do some final brush touching prior to completing my 2nd edition manuscript to “Learning Earth’s Deathly History.”

Albino Storm wrote 1102 days ago

Thanks RJ!
Once I’m finished, I hope to find a good editor to edit my entire 2nd edition manuscript and address things like overused key words and other issues I might be print blind to. I’m working on rewriting Chapter 22 now and then I need to write Chapter 23. After that I should be done other than some final brush touching before the editor to be determined gets her or his hands on it.

Rudi James wrote 1103 days ago

One of the most unusual introductions to a story I've ever read. I have an odd feeling about this......... It's initially going on my WL. One point to look out for; there's a tendency to use the word 'crafts' rather a lot. Avoid if possible.


Albino Storm wrote 1103 days ago

Hi Again,
I just posted Chapter 21: "Nurse Mumbai Leads the Way"
Sci-fi regards,
~William Bailey

Albino Storm wrote 1112 days ago

Hi All,
I just posted chapter 20 "Dreamer A-1 Is Awakened First"
I hope it's enjoyed.

Albino Storm wrote 1142 days ago

I recently posted a few more chapters including chapter 19: “A Shuttle Ride to The Great Ship of Unity”

smcint04 wrote 1158 days ago

interesting concept but the opening simply did nothing to grab my attenion and 'force' me the reader to keep on reading. Also, the book format takes this story out of a immersive environment where I AM the character to something closer to reading an autobiography - which for me isn't my idea of fun.

Sorry if I am coming accross as too harsh

smcint04 wrote 1158 days ago

interesting concept but the opening simply did nothing to grab my attenion and 'force' me the reader to keep on reading. Also, the book format takes this story out of a immersive environment where I AM the character to something closer to reading an autobiography - which for me isn't my idea of fun.

Sorry if I am coming accross as too harsh