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date submitted 03.03.2011
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genres: Fiction, Fantasy
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Fallen Awake

Daniela Lara

Imagine waking into a new dimension, where you are the protagonist of the merging of two parallel realities? Jasmine's existence is no ordinary journey...


Jasmine Penner believes herself to be an ordinary college student, exploring a world of career options for the future, in the humble, industrialized city of Hamilton Ontario - Little does she know the mystical magnitude of decisions the future holds in store for her. Her mother Deb possesses a particular sixth sense that intuites her of Jasmine's supernatural nature. But where powerful forces are concerned, there are always polar opposites: positive and negative, good and evil, light and darkness.
Jasmine delves deeper into this supernatural realm and soon realizes the forces she is dealing with - But the deeper she delves, the more mysterious her world becomes. In her journey, she crosses paths with a likewise powerful being - Helios. He guides Jasmine in the right direction, but is limited in how much he can devulge. To make matters more complicated, his antagonist, Erebus, is equally powerful and very persuasive. Jasmine's true quest is in jeopardy - challenged with constant circumstances and clues, as her foggy reality teases her with morcels of information. Jasmine is deterimined more than ever to chase after her destiny, clinging to the hope that she will serve a purpose...

Stay tuned for sequels in progress.

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fantasy, fiction, mystical, romance, spiritual

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It was so difficult to focus on the task at hand, especially when my phone kept ringing off the hook. It’s amazing how everyone wants to talk to you when you’re busy, and when you’re totally bored out of your freaking mind, the place is a tomb, and nobody’s available. First it was Tom who apparently didn’t know what to do with himself. Then my mom had called to see if I was up for a coffee break, but regrettably, in as dire need as I was in to inject caffeine into my bloodstream, I had to decline or I’d never get my shit done. Lastly, my classmate Lynn called to bombard me with questions about the project. Like really, how about paying attention to class, and perhaps using all the resources given to you such as asking your teacher for help, the internet and the books we paid out of our asses for shit’s sake! Note to self: never answer that girl’s calls again!  By the time I finally was getting somewhere, Jen stormed through the door with tears gushing down her face. Excellent. Just fabulous. This was definitely not going to be my day. I quickly grabbed her a handful of tissues before she’d snot all over the place. I admit I am a bit of a clean freak. Ok, fine I’m a flat out obsessive compulsive spaz!

“What’s up with you Jen?” I said in the most sympathetic tone I could, as I handed her the wad of tissue.

She sobbed uncontrollably, and finally managed to catch her breath enough to muster a few words together.

“I- I broke up … I broke up with Jim…” she sobbed between hysterical breaths.

“Oh, shit. Just sit down, calm down while I grab you a glass of water, and tell me everything”

I slammed by book shut, and shoved my papers aside as I handed her the glass. Her eyes were red and puffy, with a swollen red nose to match. Her blonde hair was glued to her cheek, and she had a plump blob of snot drooping out of her left nostril. Yummilicious. But I felt bad for the girl. She looked like a five year old who’s been hit in the head by a beach ball during recess.

“He’s mad at me ‘cuz I went out again and I didn’t answer his calls last night or this morning. I didn’t even hear my phone last night, and I was totally out of it this morning. He started goin’ through my phone and saw a guy’s number in there. It was just Nick’s. Remember the guy I bumped into a few weekends ago at Hess Village? He’s the guy from physics class. We’re just friends. He got all pissy and angry at me. I’m sick of him tryin’ to control my life! So I called it quits.”

“Jen, you know how he gets about stuff like that, so why did you take that guy’s number?  You know it’s only going to raise suspicion. “

Ya well I’m tired of him telling me what to do! I’d rather be free, and that’s what I’m gonna do” she sniffled indignantly. I sat down next to her and gave her a long hug. I think I nearly broke one of her ribs. I couldn’t help myself. A couple of tears streamed down my face, and I rubbed my face into her sweater. I was supposed to be supporting her right now. I needed to stay strong and focused. Otherwise we’d have a big boogerfest party up in here.  I waited until I could catch my breath before speaking, so I wouldn’t sound like a total corny-ass dork. “I don’t know Jen, I love you girl and you know it, but there are some times when even I think you’re pushing the line. Are you forgetting how deliriously skanky you can be when we go out? And the whole ‘what Jim doesn’t know won’t hurt him’ attitude? Well it’s taken a toll, and quite frankly, I think you might be making a mistake here. You guys just need some time apart, and you can work it out. Don’t give up just yet”. I said to her calmly, hoping she wouldn’t reach for the closest blunt object to whip at my head. Instead, she just sniffed quietly into her tissue, and stared at the ground, for a little too long. I have to admit the girl was starting to worry me.

“I’ll go make you some tea” I said to her calmly, hoping I had at least calmed her down for the time being. “Thanks” she mumbled as she laid herself on the sofa. Jaz?  Have you ever felt like you and Tom could use a break? She asked with a concerned look on her face. “Umm… well no not really. We haven’t really had a serious enough fight to even consider it. Why do you ask?”

“I dunno, Just ‘cuz“she said as she still stared at my boring hard-wood-imitation  linoleum. Girl’s losing her marbles. I figured I’d give her some space, so she could collect her thoughts.  I figured I’d go back to my room and read my Vampire Academy series book. It was getting pretty interesting, after all. So I carefully placed Jen’s tea on the side table and did just that. “Drink up; it’ll make you feel better. I’ll be in my room if you need me, but if I were you, I’d try to catch some Z’s. You’ve been through enough already starting from last night’s endless drinking crusade and now this.”

“Hey…thanks Jaz” she said in a hypnotized voice. I could bet she was still staring at the floor.

I cuddled myself snuggly between my blankets, and resumed from where I last finished off reading. After about three pages, I started to doze off. Weird. That doesn’t normally happen to me during the day. I wasn’t even tired. I decided maybe all of Jen’s love life drama fiasco might have taken a toll on me too, subconsciously. So I put the book beside me and decided to get some shut eye. Then, the strangest thing I had ever experienced transpired. An intensely bright light shone through my eye lids. It was insane. I knew I was awake, because I had only closed my eyes for about thirty seconds, and I wasn’t very sleepy. I tried opening my eyes, but it was as if my eyelids were paralyzed shut, and I couldn’t move my body. The light just kept on getting brighter. It was a light I’d never be able to handle with my eyes open. Especially considering my hypersensitivity to light! How bizarre. Suddenly, the light dimmed very slightly, until I could make out the atmosphere around me. I was standing in the most beautiful place. Was I having an out of body experience? If there was such a place as Eden, this is probably what it looked like. To the right, I heard the refreshing cascading of waterfalls. Sure enough, from a distance I could see a very tall waterfall coming into focus. I could smell the green pastures beneath my feet. How could this be a dream? Could one smell in a dream?  I took a step forward, and felt a wonderful warm breeze sweep against my skin. I turned to watch the scenery all around me and I was overwhelmed by a sense of peace and serenity. I heard birds chirping, saw butterflies floating by, and everything was vivid and colourful. The most beautiful sounds then started to chime around me. I couldn’t make out where it was coming from, but it was addictive to my ears. I needed to do something to know if any of this was real, or just a dream. I touched a purple lily petal next to me, and as I did so it glistened in the light. Suddenly, a light rain almost as light as mist, began to fall. The most incredible thing happened. It was as if each drop strummed the string of a violin or touched a piano key. Indescribable.  Magnificent.  It was like being trapped in Disney’s Fantasia movie, but I couldn’t find Tinkerbell. Had the cheese slipped off my cracker? Had Jen’s break up with Jim, had this big of an impact on me? And all along I thought Jen was the one with issues.  A sound like a heavenly choir rose from behind me, and before I could twirl around, I was flabbergasted by what was right in front of me. It was like a large sunbeam surging from the sky, and materializing into the form of a person.  Still too luminous to make out, the being held out its arms toward me and spoke! Wow, I need therapy, and fast! I thought.  Regardless, this was too good a dream to pass down. I had to find out what was going to happen next.  He said “Come closer Jasmine. You are welcome here. This is your haven. You can come as often as you wish.” The closer I came to the being, the more clearly I realized this being was indeed a person. And a gorgeous one at that. A gorgeous male person. Wow. He was unmistakably the most beautiful creature I had ever laid eyes on. He smiled at me, and reached his hand out at me. “I am Helios” he said with a voice as smooth as silk. His voice was gentle, yet very powerful. Along with his entire demeanor.  His eyes were crystals of aqua blue shimmering down at me. His skin was bright and iridescent, as if light had been casting from within him.  His smile was to die for. It was delicious. His hair was a jet black, with what looked like a sheer golden veil over each strand. This dude was heard definitely not human. Figures. Too good to be true. I reached out my hand to touch him. What did I have to lose right? It was only a dream. I might as well enjoy it as much as I could.  He touched my forearm before I could reach him, and slid his hand down to my hand. He felt like cashmere. It was as if a cloud had touched me. Could one feel a dream? This was one wickedly weird dream. Moments ago, I had smelled fresh grass, I heard a heavenly melody, I saw an intensely bright light, and now I was feeling his touch? It wasn’t just any touch. His touch was like an electrical explosion that rushed through me from head to toe.  A pleasant one, not the burnt-to-a-crisp kind.  It was much more dimensional than any other dream I’d ever had.  He looked straight in my eyes. I couldn’t speak. I just looked right into the deep ocean waves of his eyes, and lost myself in them. He continued to hold my hand for a moment longer. He then curled one side of his lip downwards, and looked down at my hand as he caressed it with his cashmere skin. “You have to go now. I will wait for your return. This place is yours” I took a deep breath, and tried to answer him but nothing would come out of my mouth. I was paralyzed. I actually felt a tear streaming down my cheek, and drip onto my hand. He looked at me straight in the eyes one last time and gradually started to dissipate until he was gone. Where did you go!! Who are you and why am I here? Are the words I was longing to tell him but couldn’t get past my lips. I could still hear the melody of the world around me. Everything suddenly dimmed until it was completely gone. I opened my eyes, and still heard the melody chiming in my ears as I looked around me. I looked at the alarm clock at my bedside, which read 3:43pm. I had only trotted into my room about fifteen minutes earlier. Had all this happened in less than fifteen minutes? According to the Discovery Channel, dreams that deep only happen in your R.E.M sleep, which usually takes a lot longer than fifteen minutes! Weird. I kind of shrugged off what happened, and decided to go check on Jen in the living room. She was flicking through channels on TV. “I guess you decided to pass on taking a nap?” I said to her still in a sympathetic tone. “Yeah, I tried but I feel too shitty to sleep.”

“Too shitty to sleep? Are you kidding? Those are the best times to sleep! It gets your mind off shit”

“Yeah well, not when you mind keeps goin’ in circles to the point you get dizzy” she said in a quiet voice.

“You’re right. I’m sorry. Just trying to help.”

“Yah, I know girl.” She replied.

“Hey, what do you say we get all dolled up and go out tonight? I can call Carla, and Steve and the gang? We can go play pool or something? “I said in a totally overdone dorkishly bubbly voice.

“I dunno. I’m not really in the mood”

“Wait… you’re not in the mood to go out? Look, I know you’re feeling down, but I think a night out with some friends will do you good. Bowling? A movie? Or if you don’t wanna go quite to that extreme, maybe we can just go for a cappuccino? Starbucks? What do you say? “

“Yah, maybe in a bit. I might be up for that. I just don’t feel like facing the gang, and retellin’em my pathetic sappy sob story, when I’m still havin’ trouble swallowin’ it myself.”

“Whatever you feel like doing is good with me. Anything but sitting around and sulking is progress. Just let me know what time you wanna go and I’ll get ready”

“K. Sounds good Jaz…. Hey. Thank you by the way. For tryin’ to cheer me up”

“What are friends for?” I said with a ridiculously overdone southern accent, and managed to squeeze a smile out of my best friend.



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orma wrote 934 days ago

A very unusual voice. Great dialogue. Sounds young and modern.
I even like the parts where you talk to the reader.
I have to come back and read some more of this.
Very interesting plot.
Orma. Crystal Child

SunnyT wrote 1133 days ago

p.s. 6 stars:)

SunnyT wrote 1133 days ago

This book is amazing...I'm really looking forward to a sequel!

Dlara81 wrote 1141 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

I am so happy that you were able to put yourself into the character's skin!!! I'm so flattered that my book was able to impact you on so many levels:) Thank you! I appreciate your comment and support!

Diana_MX wrote 1142 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

Dlara81 wrote 1145 days ago

Im completely flattered, especially coming from you!
I have to say I've had the great pleasure of reading part of your book 'Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story" and I was intregued! I've likewise rated with six stars! Keep up the great work!:)

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story

Walden Carrington wrote 1146 days ago

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story