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Fallen Awake

Daniela Lara

Imagine waking into a new dimension, where you are the protagonist of the merging of two parallel realities? Jasmine's existence is no ordinary journey...


Jasmine Penner believes herself to be an ordinary college student, exploring a world of career options for the future, in the humble, industrialized city of Hamilton Ontario - Little does she know the mystical magnitude of decisions the future holds in store for her. Her mother Deb possesses a particular sixth sense that intuites her of Jasmine's supernatural nature. But where powerful forces are concerned, there are always polar opposites: positive and negative, good and evil, light and darkness.
Jasmine delves deeper into this supernatural realm and soon realizes the forces she is dealing with - But the deeper she delves, the more mysterious her world becomes. In her journey, she crosses paths with a likewise powerful being - Helios. He guides Jasmine in the right direction, but is limited in how much he can devulge. To make matters more complicated, his antagonist, Erebus, is equally powerful and very persuasive. Jasmine's true quest is in jeopardy - challenged with constant circumstances and clues, as her foggy reality teases her with morcels of information. Jasmine is deterimined more than ever to chase after her destiny, clinging to the hope that she will serve a purpose...

Stay tuned for sequels in progress.

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fantasy, fiction, mystical, romance, spiritual

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I tossed and turned all night. The truth is it’s kind of hard to keep a grip on your sanity when all these weird visions and glowing figures show up unexpectedly, and start talking to you, and saving your life. Things become even weirder when you look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself morphing into some rune-covered freak.  I was having a mental struggle trying to figure out exactly what was going on with me. The dreams, the weirdly beautiful bright-eyed women (literally), the guy on the road… what gives? I still needed to recover from the mega bullshit love triangle drama, and I certainly don’t need more on my plate. So I did what any tortured, lonely, hopeless girl does; I got down on my knees and started praying.

The words just blared out of my head as I snotted all over my mom’s freshly laundered quilt. Yum.

Oh God help me. I don’t know what else to do, and I sure as hell don’t know what’s happening with me. (Probably a poor choice of words.) I don’t ask you for much, I just need help to cope with everything! I feel like I’m going insane. I don’t know why I keep having all these visions, and why I saw myself changing in the school bathroom today. Please help me keep it together. Thank you for saving mine and my mom’s life today. I know you must have had something to do with it. I think Jen and Tom are driving me insane. Please help me keep them out of my mind and out of my heart. Help me to move on.

The words just played over and over in my head like a broken record, but some way, somehow, I knew someone was listening to me. I felt reciprocated in such a strange way. It was so alleviating, that after I prayed I actually felt satisfied, like after an hour’s worth venting session with Jen (when I thought she was my friend) about how bad my day was, or how ridiculous customers at work were. It felt like someone had literally lifted a weight off my shoulders. Huh, I thought to myself. I should do this more often. As I slid myself further into the sheets, I noticed a circular wet and snotty patch, and realized that was where my face was buried when I was praying. I didn’t realize I was crying. I turned to the clean, dry side and surprisingly quickly fell asleep.

“Take my hand” he said with a splendid smile on his face. His crystal aqua eyes beamed through me, and warmed my soul. He waited for me with his arms extended to me. I didn’t hesitate. I took a step closer, and another, and finally reached for his hand. His skin was like cashmere, plush against my skin as he traced his fingers up my arm and up my back. He enveloped me in his arms in one graceful sweep, and I felt all the love I never knew fathomable in one instant that he held me. So this was what it felt like. True love, that is. Corny, I know, but somehow it felt right. I never wanted to escape his embrace. This had to be a dream. It was way too good to be true. One thing’s for sure, if anyone was going to wake me up anytime soon, they were going to get a serious beating. Warmth spread within my body, from the inside outward, as if someone had lit a candle deep within me. He gently held my chin with his delicate touch and lifted it up so that our eyes connected. It was magic. “You are safe now. Don’t fear, I’m with you always” he said and he leaned down and kissed my forehead with his ultra soft lips. I never felt so protected before. In that instant, I felt like the most important person on the face of the universe. I couldn’t peel my eyes off of his. I just gazed deeply into those almond shaped crystals. “Why would I be afraid?’ I asked him.

“I know you are going through trying times. You are surrounded by bad spirits, and life is not making sense right now. Just have faith, and you will be safe” he said with a sincere spark in his eyes.

“What do you mean by safe? I never felt endangered. Well, other than the near death experience I could have had earlier today. Wait a minute… was that--?”

“I was there with you. Please have faith. That is the only way. Don’t give up on life, or it will give up on you” he said with a solemn look in his eyes.
Th-th-that was you? That was you standing in the middle of the highway exit wasn’t it? You were the one who saved my life? Who are you?”  I said as tears streamed down my face. I couldn’t stop them from gushing down.  “I am your guardian angel”. I froze, as my world went completely blank. It was as if my heart had completely stopped for what felt like forever. I was paralyzed in every sense of the word. Physically and mentally. Goose bumps plucked every square inch of my skin from head to toe. I felt a shiver running up and down my spine, and my knees felt like Jell-O. He was my guardian angel? How cool was this? I didn’t know anyone else who had ever had an encounter with glowing people, let alone guardian angels!  “How can I possibly see you, or talk to you? I don’t get what’s wrong with me?”

“Nothing is wrong with you Jasmine. In fact, you are special.”

“How am I special? I’m just an ordinary girl! What happened to me at school today? Why did my skin change? Why do I keep seeing these glowing people?”

“Don’t be afraid. You will know the truth, but you need to have faith in the meantime. You are in another dimension and the connection between us is fading. You cannot be here for more than a short interval before it begins to deteriorate. I will not have time to explain everything to you right now. Just have faith, and all will come in good time. Good things come to those who wait.” He said with a glimpse of a smile. Those eyes were heavenly. His smile was delicious. Did he have to be my guardian angel? I mean, it’s just my luck that I had to fall for some utterly gorgeous divine creature that I could never be with. Would this count as a sin? Could he read my mind? My mind was spinning out of control with questions. His essence seeped through me through my eyes. How could I be falling in love with an angel? He leaned closer to me and kissed my cheek. I felt a hot flush take over my body. My knees started to buckle, so I gripped onto him, and allowed him to sweep me up in his embrace. His body was solid and smooth, but his surface was indescribably foreign, like nothing I’d ever felt before. He was cashmere through and through. Flawless.  He beamed his relentless gaze into my eyes for one last moment, and leaned close into me. “The connection is dissipating. I will see you again soon. I’ll be waiting for you” he said as I still held onto his forearm. Then it was as if I had been watching him through a television, and everything around me started going static. Finally all I could see were flashes of him, but a very distinct change occurred. As his image flashed before me, his skin glowed an intricately rune-woven pattern of gold throughout his entire body. His endearing eyes gazed at me as if to say good bye, and like a flick of a remote, he was gone.

I woke up in a panting hot flashing state, and found myself in complete darkness in my mother’s spare bedroom. I looked at the clock, and realized that I had only been asleep for about half an hour. How strange.  So much happened in such a short amount of time. I fluffed my pillow and lied back down on my side, and smiled to myself. A guardian angel said that I was special. He looked after me, and protected me. He saved my life earlier that night. He was also drop dead gorgeous. Just then I realized how lucky I was. At that precise moment, all my problems seemed insignificant and superficial. I felt like my life now had more meaning. I couldn’t continue spending my time and energy on petty love triangle sob stories. I had bigger fish to fry, now that I was ‘special’ whatever that meant.  That night, it was like a soft breeze and sunlight seeping from behind the clouds, after a rabid torrent.  Although I was still hopelessly confused, and full of unanswered questions, I was overwhelmed by a strong feeling of serenity. I wanted to trust that feeling. I wanted to have faith. I closed my eyes and thought about Helios, and his infinite ocean eyes. I thought about his embrace like a lullaby. The tranquility swept over me like a sleeping pill, and within minutes I felt myself drowning in a deep, much needed heavy sleep.

I woke up refreshed, at 7am the next morning, surprisingly without the help of my cell phone alarm. I decided I’d get a head start with a refreshing shower. As I stood in the shower, I imagined my problems washing down the drain. Today I was a new person. I don’t know why, or how, but I knew something had changed. As I combed my knots out of my hair through the mirror’s reflection, I caught a glimpse of a golden swirly rune shimmering on my left cheek.  The more I stared at myself in the mirror, the more my eyes glowed back at me, and the more pronounced my rune became. Before long, my skin was an intricate pattern of golden shimmering runes. I started at myself in awe.  Except this time, I wasn’t overcome by fear, but rather by sheer and total amazement. For the first time since the phenomenon, I looked at myself square in the eye through my own reflection. In that moment, I called upon every ounce of self confidence and strength within me, and honed my new image. I gave myself a one sided smile, as the figure before me shimmered with iridescence through the steam-kissed mirror. I was going to move on with myself. I was going to embrace the changes I was going through and face my life head on. I never felt so strong and sure of myself before. As I shone before myself, I knew I wasn’t going to let myself or Helios down. Mmmm mmmm Helios. I wondered to myself what brought on the morphesis so that I could prepare for it. It already happened twice in the bathroom. Hmmm.  I continued to ponder and just decided to give up before my brain would fall apart. Within a minute or so my skin slowly and gradually took on its original qualities, and I continued with my morning rituals. Nothing hits the spot like a scrumptious toasted Nutella sandwich in the morning, followed by a nice tall glass of chocolate milk. Before long I was off to my daily bus journey of surprises.

I couldn’t help but continuously think about what I had to do. Between homework, looking for apartments, and eventually moving out, it was going to be torturous, but it had to be done sooner than later. As I trotted my way down the hall to my first class, my phone started blaring to Tom’s ringtone  ‘Calle Ocho’ by Pitbull. You know I wantcha…. I know you want me….one two three four, uno dos tres quarto! Um, ya I’m going to have to change that. Pronto.  I swiftly declined and immediately put my phone on vibrate-mode. As I sat took my seat at the usual back of the room, I felt my phone vibrate. This time it was a text. Good thing it wasn’t on ring-mode, otherwise the class would have been treated to a screeching ‘Hey, it’s me! Hey it’s me! In Bart Simpson’s voice.  I quickly decided to skim through the message to see what pitiful crock of shit he still had left to unload upon me. It read

Jaz, pls answer ur phone. We need to talk. I miss u.

Bullshit, I thought to myself.  I had more important tasks at hand, than to waste my brain cells on ex -boyfriends. I couldn’t unravel my brain cells from thoughts of Helios. It was starting to get very difficult to keep focused in class. But something inside of me scolded me to stay alert and snap out of it. So I tried hard to adhere to it. It was like a faint voice inside of me, but not my own. Bizarre.  The only person who tells me what to do is me! It was very awkward taking orders from this other voice. By the time lunch time rolled around, I wasn’t very hungry, which was vastly unusual. Considering I usually need to eat on an hourly basis or I start to feel like I’m crumbling away. I took a detour to the computer lab and decided to make use of my time. I scanned through as many possibly suitable apartments as I could for the remaining time before my last class. I even made a call and planned to pop by one place that was right down the street from school. I was excited. After Mr. Riddler’s very long and boring session on the human anatomy, I happily frolicked out of class and headed right for my appointment. How convenient, it was right on Garth, and my eyes lit up when I saw the address lead to a cute little two story house, with a lovely bushy lawn and welcoming path leading to the door. I knocked three times and didn’t get an answer. I decided I would call using my cell phone. I made an appointment after all. As the phone dialed, I heard a creek near the door and immediately I pressed the ‘end’ button on my phone.  Sure enough, a little white curly haired lady appeared at the door. Her watery eyes gleamed at me. “You must be Jasmine, come on in dear” she said with a smile. She couldn’t have been a hair taller than four foot nine. She was very thin and frail, her skin like fine tissue paper. Vibrant blue and red veins traced throughout her pale skin. She even had a sweet little quiver in her voice. I wanted to hug her, but it would probably not be advisable, because a) she could think I have a sick granny fetish (you never know these days) and/or b) I might actually break a rib. She escorted me to her living room and offered me some tea, but I politely refused. “May I ask what your name is Ma’am?” I said in my most mature voice, realizing that I hadn’t asked for it earlier on the phone. Loser-much. 

“Just call me Wilma” she said with a brilliant smile. “Silly me, I’m sure you have things to do. Probably a lot of homework. Just follow me downstairs, I’ll show you the apartment”. 

She lead me to a very organized unit with a fair sized bedroom, a little bathroom with a tiny shower stall, and a little eat-in kitchen. The living room was tasteful and small. Just the right amount of space. And she was only asking for $600 a month! She would even include utilities. I couldn’t let this opportunity go, especially since it would eliminate the need to take the bus every morning for school. Yes! Good bye weirdoes and stinky hoboes! (No offence). I was thrilled as I asked Wilma for an application and started filling it out on the spot.

“I love the place! It’s very cute and it has exactly what I need! I’m very organized myself. It’s also right near the school! “

“As long as you’re aware dear, no excessive noise and parties are permitted here. At my old age, I can’t handle such racket, and I need my quiet”.

“That’s totally understood Wilma, I’m not that kind of a girl. I keep focused on my studies, and my friends aren’t trouble-makers” (Skanky hoes, yes). I responded, with a smile that was beginning to numb my cheeks, like a dweeby clown. I proceeded to fill out the application after the tour of the cozy little place.

“Very well dear, I’ll let you know my answer by tomorrow” she said as she winked at me. As she reached for the door handle to escort me out, I nearly went through the roof as I noticed an aura encompassing her. Thankfully she didn’t notice my reaction. I just stared at her in awe. This must have been another one of those weird glowing phenomena associated with me being ‘special’ and morphing into an unknown mysterious creature. I accepted that thought, as I made my way to the bus stop, joining a young porno-wanna-be couple that incessantly sucked on each other’s face like a couple of overgrown leeches. Ewww. I fought the urge to utter a couple of choice words, but quickly suppressed the idea. Again, I was driven by that mysterious voice inside my head that didn’t cease to deliver orders. Quite frankly it was starting to piss me off. Nonetheless, I took heed and minded my business. The bus was taking so long; it was almost painful standing around while those two baboons continued with their public filth show. My patience started to wear thin. “Ehem, do you mind, there are other people here waiting for the bus. Would you mind keeping that for yourselves in private?” I felt relieved as the words fell out of my mouth. The horror. They kept on going, this time the female took her hand and started rubbing it in his nether regions. I vomited in the back of my throat a little, I’m quite sure of it. The revulsion alone made me start fuming with anger, and to top that their arrogant audacity just blew me over the top.

“Um, excuse me, but there are other people around, can you show some respect?” I said in a rather annoyed tone. Just as the bus started to pull into the curb, the little teenie-bopper slut unlocked her lips from Sir Sucks-a-Lot, and craned her neck in my direction, in an exorcism-type motion. I could have sworn her neck did a one eighty, but that wasn’t even the freakiest part. Her pupils were lined with a flaming orange light that pierced right through my eyes. It was like she was aiming right for my soul. Her eyes continued to blaze through mine, and the ringlets around her pupils just flamed brighter. I couldn’t look away. I froze as the hair on the back of my neck felt like an electrical current buzzing down my back. She was the devil personified. She didn’t look hypnotized or dazed. That was what tortured me the most. Now, this demon girl was staring right at me, and had a problem with me. I had deeply angered her, and if my eyes knew any better, they’d say her eyes were about ready to burn me down to ashes.  I nearly did a back-flip, as I backed out of the bus shelter and adjacently landed my foot on the edge of its plastic wall. I quickly corrected my footwork and scurried my way onto the bus. The two teenagers remained seated, and didn’t proceed to get onto the bus. How weird. A sick, eerie feeling gripped my gut. I didn’t know if it was the extent of the blasphemous perversion I had just witnessed, or the demonic sorceress eyes I had the great displeasure of looking into that disturbed me most.  As I stumbled my way up the stairs to slide my ticket into the slot, the bus driver met my eyes with a wary expression. “Is everything alright dear? You look like you’ve seen a ghost” he said gravely.                                               

“Uh, no sir, I’m fine thank you” I snapped immediately as I took my transfer ticket and hastily taking my seat at the back of the bus. I continued to stare out the window at the bus shelter, but the teenagers were no longer there. I didn’t know what to think of what I had just seen, but I knew I needed to know and soon! I was getting really tired of the mysteries. I mean, what if that thing flung herself at me or burned fire-balls at me with her eyes. Well, anything is possible considering what I’d been through the past couple of weeks.   Lately, my life had started to feel surreal, just like a video game. There was no telling what could happen next and whether it was rational or not, I was going to have to deal with it.

I went back home that night, and crawled into bed assuming a fetal position. I just laid there for what seemed like forever. I knew I needed to pray again. I felt a void deep within me. There were so many questions that needed answering, and now the apparitions were starting to lose their benign qualities, to put it delicately.    Again I squeezed my eyes tight as if it had some bearing on how much more seriously God would take my implorations. I begged Him for some clarity that night. I also whispered a silent prayer to Helios, whom I knew had some special connection with me. I knew he could sense my pain and fear. After praying for what felt like an eternity, I finally dozed off to sleep. It was as if my pleading had depleted me of every last bit of energy that my body cells possessed. I was out like a light.

“Well hello there my beautiful lady” a voice from behind me startled me. I realized all was dark around me. This had to be a dream. I pivoted to correspond with the voice that spoke to me, and utter shock buzzed through me.    “Don’t be afraid, darling, I won’t bite…unless you want me to, that is” said the serpent voice that slithered out of his mouth. His eyes were rimmed in a flaming orange light, and his skin was as pale as toothpaste. But somehow, as the flames dissipated from his eyes, his gaze captured me in the most powerful way I had ever experienced. I felt overcome with a lustful passion I had never before experienced. It was pure animalistic instinct. His scent like intoxicating venom, completely surrendered my whole being to his will. His voice began to flow through me like liquid silk. His British accent smooth, with a James Bond sort of slyness. He walked closer to me, and held out his hand towards mine. He then proceeded to gracefully transfer himself behind me, and gently embraced my arms from behind me. His breath on the back of my neck jolted an electric current down my spine, and deep within my vibrating soul. Who the heck was this guy? Still my surroundings were not recognizable, but somehow it had become the least of my interest. He drew closer towards me and as he caressed my earlobe with his whisper, “I can make you veeery happy Jasmine” his seductive voice sent a quiver down my spine again. He ran his finger down my arm, and electrified my skin with pleasure.   I gently turned around to face him, and again as if I saw him for the first time, my heart skipped a beat or perhaps a serious of beats. Passion rushed through me, and I was rabid hot with lust for him. Wow, and I thought I had the hots for Helios. Since when did I become such a skank? It didn’t matter now; I just wanted to explore him more. “What is your name and who are you?” I said in a slightly quivering voice, trying to be brave. “That is of no importance to you now my dear” he teased with his menacing voice as he fondled the fleshy part of my earlobe. A spasm shot down my abdomen at the touch of his fingertips. He was beautiful, but there was a dark, raw gist about him. He was like the complete opposite of Helios. Helios is kind, sweet, and angelic. But this dude is dark, mysterious and dangerous. The two together would create the personification of romantic bliss. But of course my life could never go that smoothly. Go figure the irony, even my dream life was complicated. I sneered to myself at the thought. “You want to play games with me do you?” I said in the most daring tone. I actually surprised myself. Ok, where’s the real me and who took over my body?? The longer we exchanged our bantering responses, the more erotic I felt. He laced his fingers through my hair and slowly slid them down the shaft. He then tugged gently at the very tips, and with that movement he tilted my head back and arched his body towards me. He held the tug a moment longer, as my body quivered in pleasure. I felt every single nerve ending in my body screaming for his touch. Heat was radiating out of every pore of my body. He leaned closer still until his lips just barely touched my bare neck and as he caressed it with his luscious lips; my trance was interrupted by an abrupt sting at my throat. I felt my air supply being robbed from me, as it was replaced by an intense sharpness throbbing at my carotid artery. Within seconds, the sting faded, and transformed into pure ecstasy. The feeling was utterly indescribable. I was at the peak of arousal, and bliss held its note for longer than I could imagine. I could feel my heart pounding out of control, as my breathing intensified. It took me a few minutes in this trance, to realize what was actually happening to me. I had bit bitten, by a vampire? This couldn’t be happening. And the most confusing thing was this was supposed to all be a dream, but everything I was feeling was so intense. It felt too real to be merely a pigment of my imagination. He lifted his chin up and glared through my eyes after endless moments of satiating his thirst. He was no Dracula. If it wasn’t for the red smear on the side of his lip, and his crazy white complexion, you’d never know he was a creature of the night. He was dangerously stunning, but not what I envisioned a vampire to look like. “So, you’re a vampire?” I asked him as we locked eyes.

“I am whoever you want me to be” he rebutted with a look of satisfaction on his smirky face. He then gently set me down, and stood up towering over me. “If you like what I have to offer you, then I’ll be waiting for you to follow me” he said in a powerful tone. Confused, I continued to stare at him.

“What is it exactly that you are offering me?” I asked him.

“Stick with me and you’ll find out” and with a one-sided smile, he faded into the darkness.





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orma wrote 931 days ago

A very unusual voice. Great dialogue. Sounds young and modern.
I even like the parts where you talk to the reader.
I have to come back and read some more of this.
Very interesting plot.
Orma. Crystal Child

SunnyT wrote 1130 days ago

p.s. 6 stars:)

SunnyT wrote 1130 days ago

This book is amazing...I'm really looking forward to a sequel!

Dlara81 wrote 1138 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

I am so happy that you were able to put yourself into the character's skin!!! I'm so flattered that my book was able to impact you on so many levels:) Thank you! I appreciate your comment and support!

Diana_MX wrote 1138 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

Dlara81 wrote 1142 days ago

Im completely flattered, especially coming from you!
I have to say I've had the great pleasure of reading part of your book 'Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story" and I was intregued! I've likewise rated with six stars! Keep up the great work!:)

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story

Walden Carrington wrote 1143 days ago

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story