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Fallen Awake

Daniela Lara

Imagine waking into a new dimension, where you are the protagonist of the merging of two parallel realities? Jasmine's existence is no ordinary journey...


Jasmine Penner believes herself to be an ordinary college student, exploring a world of career options for the future, in the humble, industrialized city of Hamilton Ontario - Little does she know the mystical magnitude of decisions the future holds in store for her. Her mother Deb possesses a particular sixth sense that intuites her of Jasmine's supernatural nature. But where powerful forces are concerned, there are always polar opposites: positive and negative, good and evil, light and darkness.
Jasmine delves deeper into this supernatural realm and soon realizes the forces she is dealing with - But the deeper she delves, the more mysterious her world becomes. In her journey, she crosses paths with a likewise powerful being - Helios. He guides Jasmine in the right direction, but is limited in how much he can devulge. To make matters more complicated, his antagonist, Erebus, is equally powerful and very persuasive. Jasmine's true quest is in jeopardy - challenged with constant circumstances and clues, as her foggy reality teases her with morcels of information. Jasmine is deterimined more than ever to chase after her destiny, clinging to the hope that she will serve a purpose...

Stay tuned for sequels in progress.

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fantasy, fiction, mystical, romance, spiritual

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The move was extremely exhausting, but simultaneously flipped my life to a new chapter, which I was more than happy to embrace. I was actually kind of glad I’d have something to look forward to doing every day to keep my mind occupied from the madness that came with my whole new supernatural life package. I was so giddy at the thought of arranging and decorating my very own place. I also had the security blanket of having little old Wilma just a couple steps and a door-width away, and my mom who was still temporarily bunking with me. I noticed such a difference in her the last few days. She looked so serene. I desperately hoped that mom would notice the difference enough to ditch that son of a bitch to the curb, but I wasn’t going to hold my breath.

I finally managed to open my assortment of colourful paints I was going to splash my new living area walls with. Yet another thing I loved about Wilma. She was pretty lenient for a little old granny.  She was pretty open to my decorating suggestions, and told me she had ‘faith’ in me. Personally, her choice of wording was a little heavy, and I’ll admit it put a little pressure on me, but I wasn’t going to back down now. I had always expressed a great appreciation for art and colour, and now that I had my very own space to thrive in, I was decidedly going to relish in my newfound freedom to adorn and let my imagination run wild. Just not too wild as to scare the socks of Wilma and God forbid cause her a stroke.  The space was small but cozy, so I decided only to paint one accent wall for each living area; Brick Red for the eating/kitchen area, Sun-Kissed Yellow for the living room, Sunlight Gold for the bathroom, and Lime Lemon Green for the bedroom. I was so proud of my exquisite colour palate choice that I couldn’t wait to start splashing up my little haven. So with my handy paintbrush in hand, wearing an old pair of sweats and a bandana wrapped around my head, I got down and dirty. With each stroke that I made, I felt my mental tension relax more and more. This was the most therapeutic thing I had done in a while. Who would have ever known it would only take a can of paint and a paint brush to gently melt away the stress that had accumulated over weeks? After a few hours of constant wall licking, I finally called it a day and hunched back into my plastic covered sofa to take in the view of my new masterpiece. From the angle where I was sitting, the living room and kitchen area was the main focus, and I could make out a small slice of the bedroom and bathroom walls peaking through the open doors.  The colours vibrated together in perfect harmony, and for a moment I was reminded of the melodic vibrancy of the Elysian Fields. Each strand of grass such a lush forest green, the stream a perfect aquatic crystal blue, and the sky a magnificently flawless turquoise, without a single smear of cloud, all varnished with a glistening veil of shimmer. Without even realizing it, I had closed my eyes and reminisced in the heavenly peace that I had experienced in the Elysian Fields, most especially the last time I had set foot there. I could actually hear the distant chirping of exotic birds, and the rushing of waterfalls. I stretched my back further onto the sofa and rested my mind in the memory. I inhaled deeply, and actually smelled the crisp green meadow grass and the budding blossoms. Either that or I was getting high off the paint fumes. My mind traced the path that my vision painted before me. I felt each aching muscle relax and loosen from hours of monotonous rolling. I could still hear the rush of the water gushing down the stream. If only I could walk over to the stream and soak myself in it, and let the falls wash over my entire body. I took a step forward, and then another, and another- Wait a minute, what? I opened my eyes, and it was a replica of what I had just imagined, or so I thought I had imagined. I could feel the droplets spitting onto my skin from the waterfall. My bare feet were already immersed in the stream, squishing the pebbly seaweed- carpeted bottom. I was no longer in my living room. But, I wasn’t even asleep. I had only lied back, and merely closed my eyes to think of a peaceful place to relax my mind. That was all it took to transport me here. It was like I had conjured myself to the Elysian Fields simply by desiring it. I truly felt like a goddess at that moment. I continued to immerse myself deeper into the stream as I so longed to do. I let the falls shower over my naked body for a few long moments. I stepped out and walked around meadow, with nothing but my slick wet hair sticking down my back and down my breasts. I walked and walked hoping that Helios would be around. Maybe if I wanted it enough I could will him to appear. It was worth a shot, since it was how I got myself to this place to begin with.  I looked up to the sky and called out for him, but nothing happened. After a long series of hollers out to nowhere, I was suddenly overwhelmed with a deep feeling of despair. I had reached the same platform I had encountered before, and crouched down on it, holding my head between my knees and started weeping like a wet naked sack of foolishness. I thought of how ironic it was that the last time I had stood upon this very platform, I had felt like the queen of this place, as if everything around me was worshiping me in all its glistening glory. Now I was curled up like a damned weeping, begging lost dog. I felt so empty and alone. Then, a cashmere hand gently touched my back. I turned my booger-nosed, puffy-eyed face upwards to face the most gorgeous creature in the universe. I didn’t feel like a goddess. I didn’t even feel pretty. He knelt down and embraced me and nothing else mattered. His love beamed through me filling me with a love so intense I could barely contain it in my rib cage. “Why are you weeping?” he asked me in his angelic voice.

“I felt so alone. I thought I was strong enough, but I’m not. Who am I kidding? I felt all big and tough, moving out on my own, trying to rescue my mom from my moronic sadist of a dad, revamping my new place… but the second I laid back to take a break, I thought of the peace and beauty of this place and I ended up here, and after looking for you everywhere and not finding you I felt completely helpless.”I blurted out in one long whining breath. “You are not alone. Don’t forget that. You may not always see me, but I’m there with you every step of the way. You just need to have faith”. That was the second time that day that word had come up, and it was starting to hit a nerve. “Helios, I don’t even know what to have to have faith for anymore! I’ve tried to be the best that I can be, and I’ve resisted Erebus even when I felt it was literally impossible, and still I don’t know why all this is happening to me. I don’t know why I keep finding myself here, and each time it seems harder and harder to find you. You are my peace. I want to be where you are. I don’t care about anything else.” I started sobbing like a bratty three year old.

“You will see in time. If you make careful choices, the path ahead of you will make more sense. You will see the light-“

“-Yeah I get it, I’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel. Don’t you get it? You are that light for me. I want to be in your arms. I don’t want anything more than that. I’ve never felt so much peace and love in my entire life, and just when I finally get a glimpse of it, you literally dematerialize.”

“Jasmine, I want you to know that I feel exactly the same way, and understand that it is not by choice that I- I leave. You are the light of my soul Jasmine”

“Then why can’t it just be that simple? Why can’t we just be together and to hell with all these labyrinths and clues! Why is all this happening to me? Why am I changing? You have to give me more information. I don’t feel it’s fair that I’m involved in something supernatural without even having consented to it in the first place. You at least owe me this much.” He released his embrace for the first time and looked to the ground as he folded his hands into one another. His body language made it very clear he was somehow bound not to tell me what I needed to know. “The supernatural is a concept of perception. Life in its entirety is very intricate and complex. You are gifted to be able to reach beyond the earth realm. There are some things that are not in my place to share with you, and you will need to find out for yourself. That is the only way”. He looked pained as he glanced up at my eyes. If his eyes could talk, they would speak of the forbidden obstacle that stood in the way of our intense passion for each other. It was something I knew. Call it a super power if you will, but there was an omniscience I felt when I was around him. Everything I felt for him and from him was undeniably real. “You have to tell me something. Anything” I continued negotiating like the stubborn non relenting thick head I was notorious for. Well, it came into good use at last. “I am very limited with what I can share with you. The rest is strictly forbidden. It is out of my hands. Jasmine, you have a very special soul. You have been around for a vast length of time, but at one point you lost yourself. You need to find yourself again in order to understand what it is that is happening to you.” I just stood there in complete hypnosis, wide eyed with my jaw dropped to the ground. It was a good thing I was still sitting otherwise I would have banged this pretty princess head of mine onto the rocks and killed myself for good. But then again, for all I knew I’d probably end up back here 21 years later in a vicious cycle until I figured out what it was that I needed to figure out.  I was still flabbergasted by what Helios had just told me. I felt my entire body go numb as if I was actually non-existent for an eternal moment. I had been around for a ‘vast length of time’? What was that supposed to mean? “I have already told you too much, and I will be held personally responsible for it. I cannot tell you anymore, but I assure you l will be with you every step of the way until you figure it out” he held me close to his wonderfully warm chest. The light that radiated beneath his skin glowed brighter as he embraced me tighter. Then he did something I didn’t expect for him to do, being a Godly creature and all. He swept my entire body into his chest and brought his lips closer and closer to mine. He peered straight into my eyes, and I felt them reaching down to the pit of my soul and taking it into his. He moved in closer and I finally felt his luscious velvety lips joining with mine into a sweet, hot, pure explosion of love that only intensified with every second that our lips meshed. He slowly released my lips, and we looked into each other’s eyes, and for a split instant I felt a very strange wave of recognition deep in my soul that I could not explain. It was like an ancient memory that quickly fleeted across my mind that I had completely obliterated. Almost like déjà vu, only much more strange and powerful.  It was so brief that I couldn’t even associate it with anything I had ever experienced. It just left me with a void that I longed to fill. “I have to leave you shortly Jasmine” his eyes told me he didn’t have a choice in the matter. “But-wait! Before you evaporate out of my sight can you just tell me one last thing?” His features were overcome with an overwhelming patience that made me want to pounce on him and kiss him all over again. But I resisted the urge, a) because what I needed to know was tearing me to shreds, and b) I was sure he’d shrivel up and disappear any second, and I’d be left hanging all hot and bothered in the middle of our make out session. Not cool. “Where do you disappear to? Can you at least tell me that much?”He curled his lips upwards in that irresistibly sexy way of his, and lit up like a candle.

“For a moment there I thought you were going to ask me about the meaning of life” he beamed.

“Well, that one’s definitely among my infinite list of questions, but for now I’ll settle with knowing where you keep taking off to.” His runes lit up and started swirling in shimmering gold, and his entire image started to flicker. I had run out of time with him, and I was afraid once again I wasn’t going to get my answer. He looked at me with that same deep expression that left me in utter awe moments earlier, and answered “Home Jasmine. I’m going home”.  So he could have been more specific, but I guess he gave my I.Q. enough credit to be able to figure out where his home was. He was my guardian angel, and if the Elysium was not his home, then he must live in…Heaven? This was all such an overwhelming revelation to me at this point. Heaven was something I had always imagined as such a distant place where one could only enter in the afterlife. Yet here I was having a romantic relationship with my guardian angel on some other gorgeous dimension, while he’d get some special permission to literally beam himself in and out of heaven to meet me there. It all seemed so bizarre, and so absolutely unbelievably mind blasting. I couldn’t get my mind off that feeling I had when Helios gazed deep in my eyes, as if to shake my soul into remembering something that should have been so obvious to me. No matter how far I delved within me I just couldn’t push my memory far enough to grasp it. I was so frustrated with myself, but I wasn’t going to give up. Helios was way too important to me. As he flashed his final flicker out of Elysium, I likewise blinked my way back to my plastic covered, paint speckled couch. I had traded in my perfectly built, gorgeously shimmering skin toned body, and thick, long golden streaked hair with a slumped down, fatigued human blob in sweats, a bandana and dried up, multi- coloured ornamental paint drippings. I had gone from riches to rags in the blink of an eye. I got up to grab some clean clothes from my room, and took a peak at the time. I realized my mom would be home from work any moment, so I left the door unlocked for her to freely walk in while I’d take an invigorating shower. As I got ready to step under the gushing shower head, I closed my eyes and imagined myself showering beneath the waterfalls at the stream. It always left me feeling revitalized and rejuvenated, both physically and spiritually.  I wondered if I’d be able to actually transport myself back to Elysium again simply by imagining it. I had never intentionally done it and within such a close time span. But then I thought of the last few times I had been there and how little time I had with Helios the more frequently I transported myself there. I opted against it and willed myself to only let my imagination drift as far as a mere memory and nothing more. About five minutes into my shower, I heard the door into my apartment room creek. Expectantly, I nonchalantly echoed out “Mom? There’s some pizza in the fridge! Sorry about the plastic everywhere I just finished painting!” I continued to slather myself in grapefruit scented bubbles as I awaited a response. But there was nothing. “Mom? Mom is that you?” Still silence. How odd, mom always had a way of making a boisterous entrance. Not to toot my own horn, but I was pretty much her highlight of her day. She was just really motherly like that. She’d drop all her things and immediately tend to whatever she felt I needed as if I was still a two year old, despite a treacherous day of labour.  Her silence was really conspicuous, and it had me a little creeped out. “Mom?” I called out again as I slid the shower curtain aside, and craned my neck out like a handicapped giraffe. Nothing. I stepped out of the shower promptly and tied a towel around my body, and did a half-ass job of wrapping another around my head. As I reached for the doorknob, my enormously ridiculous turban toppled over in front of my face. Smooth. I’d make the best fugitive. I caved like a poorly baked muffin under pressure. I quickly pulled myself together and swiftly opened the bathroom door. It was so silent the pressure in my ears was actually giving me a headache. I tip toed to the bedroom as I peeked around the premises. I realized how ridiculous I felt just now, especially as the ‘supernatural old soul’ that I was.  I shrugged off every last shrivel of insecurity, and climbed into my clothes. I was overcome with an overwhelming sensation of strength and confidence that I couldn’t put into words. I felt as if I was shielded from whatever harm would come my way. I reflected on Helios and trusted in his promise of protection that he had reminded me of time and time again. I brushed my wet, tangled mop of hair while I glared at my reflection in the mirror when it happened again. My skin swirled with golden shimmering patterns, just like it did in Elysium. I felt a warm sensation melting into my skin where the intricate patterns appeared. The eyes that looked back at me were glazed with rims of light. Just then my mind went all fuzzy and I felt a shadow dimming upon me. I turned around and was face to face with the powerful, dark god of sexiness, err, god of darkness, that is. His presence alone made the atmosphere around me darken like a thick, black foggy night.  He had tried using his compulsion with my mind, because the dizziness I felt a moment ago tipped me off. I still couldn’t help but feel completely lust-bitten by sight of him, but I forced my mind to repel that thought with all my might. Despite the fact that I felt like a panting poodle in heat, I reassured myself that Erebus had the power to control my mind and ignited that burning lust within me with the flick of a mental switch. I kept telling myself it was all a figment of my imagination, and that he was messing with my mind, but the more I tried the more each cell of my body yearned for him. I tried my best not to show him any emotion. I looked as cold as an ice-sculpted bitch. “Looks are deceiving” he whispered as if he had been reading my mind. For all I knew, he was probably telepathic. Yet another astronomical disadvantage on my end. I fought hard to block him out of my mind, but it was like an exhausting vicious cycle that was sucking the energy out of my mind and spirit so much so that it was a struggle to keep focus. I actually felt mentally and emotionally drained to the point where the thought of giving in to him was relieving. I continued to fight with all my might, and convince myself that Erebus was just planting more evil seeds in my mind. “What do you want now Erebus?”

“You make me sound so ancient and sorcerer-like, I like to go by Buz” I felt the hair on the back of my back stand on end, and a chill run down my tailbone. “How long have you been stalking me and my friends?”

“Stalking is such a harsh word, I prefer mingling” he slithered his arms around my waist like a shrewd serpent. “You’re evil” I shuttered.

“Yet I can give you the thrill of a lifetime, or in your case, for an eternity” he slipped his tongue behind my earlobe and his frigid breath sent goose bumps puckering across my skin. “What if I told you that all of this could be yours? With me by your side, you could truly be a goddess and rule this world.  Never mind your little ‘Light Boy’.  He’s not in your league.”

“You’re not in my league” I spewed under my barely audible breath.

“Jasmine, Jasmine” he cooed in his velvety British voice. “So naïve, and with so much to lose”. He slithered his arms around me tighter like a snake ready squeeze the life out of a mouse. I could have sworn he hissed in my ear, and I could make out a faint rattle escaping the base of this throat. I was startled and leapt back from him about a foot. When I faced him again, I realized certain features about him had transformed. He hissed heavily while he spoke and his tongue had elongated and split at the ends. His eyes flamed with a raging red light, but took on a strikingly reptile-like resemblance. His skin was scaled and despite the darkness that engulfed him, I could still make out the glazed, black, slimy deflection. “You see Jasmine, I’m very powerful. If I haven’t already made it painfully obvious when I told you I would literally be ‘whatever you want me to be’, allow me to take this opportunity to demonstrate it.” As he spoke, thick black smog emanated off him like a big, sizzling roast of evil on a platter. In the blink of an eye, the illusive serpent transformed back to the former British pot of smoldering sexiness my blood pressure had become accustomed to dangerously rushing after. My heart liquefied for a brief instant when his deep, marble, black eyes peered into mine in such an intimate way. His gaze brought forth a flood of memories and emotions that completely overwhelmed my senses when we had our make out sessions and an almost full blown sexual experience that thank my lucky stars, did not take full course. I immediately shook the thoughts out of my mind as I recalled how dangerously overpowering his compulsion was over me. “Go ahead beautiful, just conjure me up into whatever form your heart desires. I can be your very own guardian angel if that’s who the bloody hell you want me to be!” and as he uttered his last words, his skin immediately took on the same glowing, golden-rune texture as Helios’. His eyes even glowed with a bright sunny luminescence. He could easily pass for a gorgeously divine, benign creature in his newfound sheepskin. But I knew all too well how venomous and shrewd Erebus was. What scared the heebee jeebees out of me was the eerie unknown that lurked beneath his exterior. All of his exteriors. He’d already proven his ability to transform into different people and creatures. Who knew the extent his power? He was pretty much the devil personified, or he was employed by him to say the least. He was evil incarnated and that was skin crawlingly scary enough for me. He moved closer to me as he continued to glow in his angelic façade. “Come, touch me Jasmine. Is this what floats your boat darling? You want wings and a halo and the whole bit too?” he immediately materialized a beautifully bright halo and a silky-feathered white pair of enormous wings. He walked closer to me still and extended his hand in the same fashion that Helios often did. “Come Jasmine, you can’t possibly be afraid of me in this splendid form. Why don’t you let me be your guardian angel? Together we can reign victorious” he said as he held my hand with his velvety soft new skin.

“Reign victorious over what exactly? Why would you choose me of all people to be your goddess? I mean, yeah I’m kinda cute, gloating factor aside, but seriously, why me?”

“And that’s the question I’ve been waiting to hear for a long, long time my beautiful Jasmine.  Remember that binding oath I mentioned to you a while back?”

“You mean the time you dug your teeth into my jugular and nearly sucked me dry like a blood craved vampire? Yeah I remember that pretty clearly now that you mention it” I retorted.

“As I can recall you were begging me not to stop. You were entirely consumed with lust for me. Now, that’s the part that I remember pretty clearly” he air quoted ‘pretty clearly’ in a mockingly cynical gesture. “What I also fail to forget Buz, is that you had me under your super-zombie-hypnosis during the whole act. Now, I asked you a question, are you going to answer it?” I was clearly starting to lose my patience. “Well, back to the oath. You see Jasmine, we go way back. You may not exactly remember me with your human mind, but your soul recognizes me. That’s why you’re so drawn to me. It’s because you had made an oath to me long, long ago. The whole vampire-blood-sucking bit was just for fun. I know how much you enjoy those vampire novels. Quite erotic, I must add. You see, together you and I once ruled Hades. We had both made an astonishing realization that very few souls in your realm had the nerve to stand up for.” He circled around me like he was some big shot mafia king, which of course he easily got away with. “Go on with it, what else do you have to tell me? Although I find your story a bit far-fetched” I said appearing strong, but swallowed back an enormous knot that had formed in the back of my throat that nearly choked me like the grip of death. “Well Jasmine, why don’t I simply just show you?” he pointed to a humungous amphitheater-like screen that flicked into existence with a mere wave of his finger. “You were once known as Alexandra, protector of mankind.  You were a guardian angel, like the multitudes, you were assigned the task of babysitting humans and guarding them from darkness.”  The gigantic screen depicted a shocking image that left me paralyzed for a long moment. I couldn’t find my breath. It was like a film playing before my eyes of the goddess-like version of me that I transformed into whenever I transported myself to Elysium. She was stunningly gorgeous and luminous, and stood in a place too extraordinary to even describe. It was more stunning than the Elysian Fields which I found merely impossible to imagine until the image played before me. The goddess version of me was very distraught. She was crying so heavily, I couldn’t begin to conceive what could possibly make her so sad in such a heavenly place of beauty and peace. She was absolutely stunning, and cloaked in the most exquisite sheer woven fabric that looked like it had been threaded with shreds of gold and pearls. And yet the look on her face was of pure agony and despair. She wept into her cupped hands, and suddenly an image of a being too bright to identify flared around her in a blinding beam of light that should have completely fried out my retinas, but strangely enough didn’t even make me flinch. His voice was like an explosion of thunder. I felt it reverberating through my bones like a lightning bolt. The voice scolded her heavily and told her she was to leave and never come back. Me-she continued weeping and ran aimlessly through these amazing fields that shimmered brighter than Elysium, as if they were coated with precious jewels and elements. The large beam of light dissipated and the screen actually went completely dim for a moment. The image that appeared in front of me next nearly caused me to pelt out my insides. She was in a dull, deserted place that looked completely carved out of black coals. It was really creepy and eerie, kind of like a lava covered graveyard. Beside her was none other than Erebus himself.  It was like they were observing planet earth from another realm, and he actually held it in the palm of his hand as he spoke to her. The words that he spoke next sent electrifying shivers through my core, so much so that I could barely maintain my balance. “All of this can be yours, if you stick with me so it shall be”. The screen immediately blinked out of existence and was interrupted by a blinding light. From the beam of light Helios stepped out like a ray of sun pouring from the sky. “Erebus!” he shouted in the sharpest, powerful voice that I’d ever heard escaping his beautiful lips. “What you are doing is perverse! You will leave Jasmine’s presence at once!” he continued.

“Helios, must you be so vile? Don’t be a coward now. I think Jasmine deserves to know the truth, or perhaps from here on in, we should refer to her as Alexandra, don’t you think?”

“Enough of this!” Helios beamed. Literally. 

“And this is exactly the reason you and I could never co-exist, brother. And I use the term, loosely.” He spat at Helios in disgust. “You are nothing but a spineless, shameful soul who doesn’t have what it takes to stand up for yourself!”

“On the contrary, Erebus! You are the spineless one! You are the one who settled to side with darkness to satisfy your own selfish lust for greed. You, brother, have lost total control.”

“Don’t call me brother! You are not worthy! Shouldn’t you be up in your little angel world floating about, caring for everyone else’s needs but your own?”

“A small price to pay to dwell in paradise. But you, Erebus, you dwell in hell, and serve a perverse master who offers you power in exchange for eternal damnation.”

“Shut up! Shut up Helios! This is none of your business! Jasmine and I have an oath!”

“And part of that oath involves your secrecy, and feeding her mind with your distorted version of the truth is no substitute. Now it is you who must leave at once!”

“She is my business! I am not under your command! Allow me to refresh your memory little brother. As I can recall, I have just as much dominance over the earth as you and your angelic crew does. Remember that whole mumbo jumbo about free will? Well, that applies to me also. Lest you forget! Now I advise you to respect my free will, and butt out!”

“Wait a minute!” my mind was being twisted around into a vicious tangling whirl of information. I didn’t even realize until that very instant that I had been standing there like a zombie, flabbergasted at the events that were unraveling before my eyes. Who would have ever guessed that at this precise moment, two supernatural beings would be battling over issues of good and evil right in the center of my impish little apartment bedroom? Frighteningly still, was the fact that Erebus had confirmed the same thing that Helios had mentioned to me in Elysium about me being a very old soul. The words were still trying to settle in my mind, but every time my brain touched them, my stomach would get all queasy and I’d start to lose my balance. “Alexandra must know the truth in order to continue the path she has chosen” Erebus sneered.

Jasmine, has yet to choose her rightful path, and will figure out her path on her own, and by her free will” Helios retaliated. 

“Will you two stop talking about me like I’m not here?” Their brute vehemence smacked the strength back into me, along with a whole bucket of anger and frustration.

“Well beautiful, I tried opening your eyes until Sunshine Boy decided to beam through the sky and steal the spotlight” Erebus sneered sardonically.

“Helios!” I shouted abruptly “is it true what I heard? Is Erebus really your brother?” he looked down to the ground.

“Tell her Sunshine Boy, am I your brother?” he sneered like a venomous serpent. Helios raised his gaze to meet mine. “Yes, he is Jasmine. Erebus is my brother, but he allowed certain circumstances to predetermine his fate by allying with the forces of evil rather than serve –“

“Rather than serve your master! I had enough of you ‘do-gooders’. Your minds are too puny to comprehend how much more there is to life than doing good!” Erebus lashed out cutting Helios off mid sentence.

“Your master is the one you should be ashamed of serving. You serve evil. Darkness. Don’t you realize that all of the things offered to you by Lucifer come with a hefty price not worth paying?”

“Don’t speak of him like he’s not your-“

“Be quiet!” Helios shouted in an authoritative demeanour.

“Traitor” Erebus spat the word out of his mouth in disgust.

“What the hell is going on here?” I yelled from the top of my lungs. All this time while this obscene charade played before me, I had blatantly forgotten that I lived under Wilma’s roof, and that my mom would be walking in from work at any given moment. The realization was like a bucket of ice water in my face. Just as I thought it I heard the latch on the side kitchen door creaking. Oh shit.

“Seriously guys, you wanna continue having a crazy historical supernatural battle, you’re gonna have to do it somewhere else! Pick another dimension ‘cuz right about now you’re gonna cause my mom an aneurism if you don’t disappear!” I whispered sharply at both of them.”

“This isn’t over yet” Erebus snickered at Helios and gave me a sideways glance.

“Jasmine, please be careful and don’t believe everything everyone tells you or depicts through a screen” Helios directed his wary eyes towards his brother. Apparently. Yet another mind blasting news flash for my mind to swallow.  Just like that, they both melted into the atmosphere as my mom announced her arrival. “Jasmine sweetie, I’m home!” as she shuffled around the kitchen; meanwhile, I stood in the middle of my bedroom, completely brain-bloated and discombobulated. 




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orma wrote 935 days ago

A very unusual voice. Great dialogue. Sounds young and modern.
I even like the parts where you talk to the reader.
I have to come back and read some more of this.
Very interesting plot.
Orma. Crystal Child

SunnyT wrote 1134 days ago

p.s. 6 stars:)

SunnyT wrote 1134 days ago

This book is amazing...I'm really looking forward to a sequel!

Dlara81 wrote 1142 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

I am so happy that you were able to put yourself into the character's skin!!! I'm so flattered that my book was able to impact you on so many levels:) Thank you! I appreciate your comment and support!

Diana_MX wrote 1142 days ago

Your book is awesome! I couldn't stop reading it once I started. I loved the humor in it and the way you describe every situation in such a detailed manner. I was totally immersed in the story and experienced a myriad of emotions as Jasmine's story developed. I've rated it with six stars.

Dlara81 wrote 1146 days ago

Im completely flattered, especially coming from you!
I have to say I've had the great pleasure of reading part of your book 'Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story" and I was intregued! I've likewise rated with six stars! Keep up the great work!:)

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story

Walden Carrington wrote 1147 days ago

There is a very believable quality to your writing which I admire. The detailed commentaries of the narrator make Jasmine come to life for the reader. Fallen Awake is a very imaginative work I've rated with six stars.

Walden Carrington
Titanic: Rose Dawson's Story