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ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller

J. H. F. White

The town of Isles End is where Harry starts over, but a human cloning operation, a woman, and an old chest, create complications.


After a terrible loss, the remote town of Isles End seems a perfect place to start over, so Harry Turner relocates there and begins a small contracting business. While rebuilding a fire-damaged home, Harry finds a chest in the basement and is astonished when he discovers someone not quite human locked inside. The celestial being introduces himself as Narcissus. Over time, the angelic creature takes Harry on several experiences into the supernatural. Is his new friend real, or simply the product of his imagination and broken heart?

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alternative dimension, angels, deception, demons, dreams, fantasy, fiction, genetic engineering, love, out of body, relationships, romantic themes, sc...

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lue2u wrote 1082 days ago
flnaturelover wrote 138 days ago

I've been off-site for quite some time and have come back to find my kind of story on the editor's desk. A celestial guide named Narcissus, Beth, a budding new love, and a new life in a sea side town after a year of grief for Harry, a construction contractor--I'm intrigued and can't wait to see how Harry's out-of-body visions play into the rest of the story. I enjoy your no-nonsense style of writing that still allows this reader to feel the intensity of Harry's grief. Congratulations on your well-deserved recognition.

Kestrelraptorial wrote 144 days ago

After a plane crash rips Harry's fiancee and parents from him, he moves to Isles' End, slowly recovering his life. While restoring a house burned down in a mysterious fire, he finds a chest from inside which a celestial being speaks to him.

You describe grief well. When your loved ones, identity, and life is ripped away, you no longer feel like yourself. Sometimes you no longer feel alive, or deserve life. It's times like this that people can respond in the best - or the worst - way, imagineable.

katricia wrote 150 days ago

I see that Isles End is still gaining fans!! I really enjoy reading the comments of several readers. Each person has their own take away. As always, J. H. F's imagery continuously inspires!!

celticwriter wrote 150 days ago

Hi JHF - you owned be with your synopsis. Find your writing style is fluid, moving effortlessly from one sentence to the other. Would make a terrific movie (I'm a screenwriter, I think that way).


sensual elle wrote 162 days ago

I thought the story's key might be the line "there will never be anyone like Jennifer," but 6 chapters into it, I'm not so sure.

The pace is like the town of Isles End, an easy "take your time and enjoy the scenery" journey. The characters are interesting, the romance gentle, the plot provoking.

Besides Harry, the protagonist, we have a seeming 'angel' with the disturbing name Narcissus, around whom Harry finds it difficult to stay fully awake. He takes Harry on journeys, such as visiting the Garden of Eden.

And visiting Jennifer? But I'm back full circle with my questions, and the author is in no hurry to answer them, forcing me not unpleasantly to be patient, ever patient.


Diary of a Bad Housewife

Sheena Macleod wrote 163 days ago

Isle End; A spiritual thriller by J.H.F White

J, congratulations on reaching the ED desk On reading the first two chapters I can see why this is highly rated. My impression is of a slightly different read form the norm. I enjoyed the hooks at the end of each chapter. The work is well edited, although I think you should consider removing some more ly words.

The plot is well thought out and the characters well drawn.

Suggested edits
But oftentimes he either felt awkward or just didn’t have a lot to say – reconsider using oftentimes, it feels a bit clunky and an odd choice.
Butch scowled (suggest removing immediately it is not needed and adds an other ly word)) Ok…Yea, right.

Good luck with publishing.

High stars and backed

Carnival of Lies

jc_intz wrote 164 days ago

Beautifully written and the description of Narcissusis magical, I have onyl read the first three chapter but looking forward to continue with the rest of the book. Starred and backed!


VelvetCiara wrote 166 days ago

I have just started reading but really like the opening, good luck!

katricia wrote 169 days ago

I'm excited that Isles End is in the Top Five. Congratulations, J.H. F. !!!

PattiTain wrote 169 days ago

After reading several quotes taken from Isles End, I decided to read the book for a second time. I have been bewitched once again by J.H.F. White's vivid descriptions of Narcissus, both the physical description and the contradicting essence created by the aura of the angelic being. I was transported quickly into the story and was mystified by the characters and had to force myself to put the book down to write on authonomy. Thank you for a story that will always be an excellent read.

Colin Gibson wrote 170 days ago

This book keeps you reading. A fun, and usual premise for a thriller, Joel White has managed a fine balance between every day people and the thread of the supernatural.

Scott Toney wrote 170 days ago

Congrats on being in the top 5 now Joe! :) Go get em! I can't wait to hear what HC thinks!

R.E. Ader wrote 173 days ago

Well done. Good luck with this.

Michelle Richardson wrote 177 days ago

This is very intriguing! I read two chapters and especially liked the name chosen for the celestial creature -it adds another air of unease as it suggests this thing sides more on the dark side.
The writing is good and carries the reader well. It is good to see this will be hitting the ED in a few days!
Highly starred and on my WL.
Michelle - 43 Primrose Avenue

soutexmex wrote 189 days ago

A little bump to help ya out for November's ranking. Cheers!

jessicaminor wrote 191 days ago

hi there well the title of this one grabbed me, and so far I really love it, I have given it full stars hopefully you'll get to the editors desk soon

PattiTain wrote 201 days ago

I cannot wait until more people are exposed to the Wonderful creativity of JHF White!! I believe he is working another book, which I am sure, will exceed everyone's expectations. Of course, I will be an Isles End fan forever!! Way to go Mr. White!

Americano wrote 202 days ago

While reading Isles End I was pleased with the variety of suspense and curiosity it drew out of me as I read. I enjoyed the language and progression of the story as certain details were revealed. The author certainly kept it alive! Well done.

questmaster7 wrote 209 days ago

This book took me in quickly, made far-off fantasy feel close, and connected me very well to its characters. Well done JHF White, this is truly a piece of art. Hints of sci-fi, hints of philosophy, perfectly combined with spirituality and real life. I read this quickly because I couldn't stop :)

Great book! I recommend this to anyone who likes a good story, page turner, and thought-provoker.


luthers lullaby wrote 209 days ago

This is a book that will pick you up, take you to places that will horrify and enlighten and gift you with a depth of uncertainty and climax that will keep the pages turning.

katricia wrote 211 days ago

I'm glad to see Isles End is moving up the ranks. J.H.F. White has a superbly written book and as the 313 comments on this site attest, the book is sure to catch the eye of several more readers in the next few months. I love the way Isles End weaves a story in the readers heart leaving a sense of goodness and hope. I am continually impressed by the creativity displayed in the book and the imaginative language and composition of vocabulary throughout the entire story. Harper Collins: please take a serious look at Isles End!!!

PattiTain wrote 211 days ago

After being off of authonomy for a while, I decided to log on and see what has been happening with Isles End, my favorite book. I certainly hope Harper Collins takes note when they read about Harry and Narcissus. Even though some time has passed since I read Isles End, I still can distinctly describe, and identify with J.H.F White's main characters. He presents his characters in such a way that their quirks and mannerisms have remained in my mind and heart!! I am an avid supporter and CANNOT WAIT to see Isles End on the editors desk!!!!

Lara wrote 212 days ago

Much enjoyed.
I can't understand why you have so few reviews yet you're in the top twenty? Some of the reviews are hardly more than a bark! Ah well, it doesn't seem to have affected your success.
I thought this was very imaginative and the fantasy held up well. I am a sucker for strange chests and I liked the fat that Harry had reactions before the figure of Narcissus appeared. That enabled a sense of belief in the reader. I only balked a bit in 12 when the workmates noticed the chest missing, and there was a big mystery over its weight. I hardly think this could have been waved off. Otherwise, the dialogue was immensely convincing and the plot jogged along very nicely. I stopped after 12. Good luck with the desk. Rosalind Minett

James Way wrote 228 days ago

Enjoying the story immensely. Glad the author has the entire book uploaded. Great description and detail!

Shanelle W wrote 245 days ago

What a wonderfully uplifting experience reading your book.

Jack Waters wrote 258 days ago

Hi Joe. We get that small town feel in the beginning. Then we get a Steven king like story full of mischief and darkness. A strange story will atmosphere and foreboding. Harry is a good character for a novel like this, not too overly developed or emotional. Chapter 3 minimum wage nurse is a bit harsh, I don't think money or the lack of it could be a driving force for someone to act irresponsibly in their job. But it is your muse that takes you to where you want to go. Another three chapters in, and it is shaping up to be a fair supernatural story with a few flourishes of description to keep it alive.

Jack Waters

Susan Boyes wrote 263 days ago

I have been very busy editing A.O.V. angel of vengeance, Today I took the time to read more of Isles End. You are an excellent writer very crafty impress work. I respect your ability to access work would you check out Chap one of A.O.V. for me I think it reads very well now thanks for your help. I am on chapter three of your book nice job I hope you make it to the top and get published it is an honor to read your work

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 271 days ago

Very nice I like this story.

Susan Boyes wrote 272 days ago

So far so good chapter one was very detailed giving good mind visual to its characters.

georgelle wrote 281 days ago

Hello Joe,
I have had 'Isles End' on my book shelf an have enjoyed it very much but I have overlooked reporting. So here are my comments. I love the character development. I now know Harry very well and wish I could find such a good and honest contractor here on earth! But mostly you have built the story around someone I would love to have as a trusted friend. He chose the high road in life and that itself is an uplifting read.

We are not alone in life. There are teachers everywhere, both seen and unseen. the more an individual can understand this the better will be the circumstances of his life. You brought in the immutable law of cause and effect quite well. We are indeed the author of our own life story and beyond!

I found the narration as well as the portrayal of thoughts both painted vivid pictures and the dialogue was smooth and well spoken. You have created a good read and I wish you much success. I rated very good stars and I will keep the book on my watch list.

Best to you,
George McLendon
Papa's Gift

benmanninguk wrote 291 days ago

I am looking forward to reading this story properly as it is an intriguing premise and a good solid synopsis. the character build up and prose is first class and i like the twilight zone style oddness to the mysterious figure in the chest. look at my work too.(benm - "the vril codex"/"utopiate")

Katefin wrote 296 days ago

This is great writing, full of suspense, a page turner. I immediately warmed to Harry and felt for the tragedy in his life. He is obviously in need of divine intervention! You have lots of clever hooks in the text, I wanted to know what was in the chest, and the figure of Reese is intriguing. the appearance of the angel is brilliantly done, and the writin makes it believable. I will be back to read more! Well done!

Kate (Blood Family)

Jim Heter wrote 318 days ago

Harry Turner is a building contractor, an honest, earnest man whose life has been struck by tragedy. Isles End is his escape. Everything in his life is pretty ordinary. Then he meets his guardian angel. After that his life, well, it remains remarkably ordinary. Harry remains remarkably ordinary. Honest. Earnest. But where there is a guardian angel there are also demons, working behind the scenes to evil ends. When they get Harry in their clutches, does he really even stand a chance? Especially when it seems his guardian angle has abandoned him? Do any of us stand a chance in the face of insidious evil? You bet we do!

PattiTain wrote 376 days ago

i see this book is uploaded in its entirety. I've read it from cover to cover and It's one of the most original stories I've ever read. It's well written, well edited, and the characters are great! The mixture of reality and "fantasy" makes it a very engaging read.
It's about time this novel received a review! It's complete, selling on amazon, and is getting great reviews there. Why other books here with less backings, less stars, and less WL's, is confusing to me.
I've seen this author do very little spamming. Is that the problem? Is that how other books are passing up Isles End?
Read this story, at least up to chapter 12. They are short chapters. You won't regret it.
Easily 6 stars!

Paris Singer wrote 376 days ago

Hello, J.;

I have read a couple of chapters, and I have enjoyed doing so. Your writing is fluid and the pace is good.
You have characterised Harry well and your description of the Seraph was well done - I could see what you wanted me to see. Likewise with your descriptions - they were not too convoluted so as to make me skim; as such, I read every word and 'saw' the site, etc.
As has been mentioned, the mystery of the Seraph (who he is, what he wants, etc.) is very engaging and does make you want to find out - which is excellent.

High stars from me and I shall keep it on the WL for further reading.

Kind regards;


CJBowness wrote 390 days ago

This is very good: well written, intriguing - I want to know what happens, who Narcissus is and what he wants with Harry. I wouldn't choose to read science fiction usually (or fantasy, although my own book counts as fantasy!) but this is so realistically, even prosaically (and I mean that as a compliment) written that it seems 'normal'. That is the kind of science fiction or fantasy that I like - realistic, COULD be.
Starred and on my watchlist.
CJ Bowness
The Accidental Adventurers

Gary James Roper wrote 390 days ago

An enjoyable read so far! Great descriptive prose with flowing dialogue. The pace runs smoothly with background information setting the scene. I loved the cliffhanger closing chapter one.
No crits as this is well polished.
A well-deserved 6 stars!

Bart Jahn wrote 391 days ago

Hello Joe...I have finally started your book and read the first 3 chapters. I hope to continue reading over the next few weeks. The story pulled me in, the writing is flawless, and the characters are interesting and real. I know I am going to have to get deeper into the book to see where this all leads, but I am impressed with the highly professional and very clean writing so far.

My books are up for review in the CLF. Can I ask a favor? Could you read chapters 1-3 in The Christian Church in the Last-Days, write a short critique in the book's "comments" section, and then post it into the CLF? I think many people would like seeing your participation in the CLF as often as you have the time and the inclination. I would value your take on these chapters.

I see Isle's End reaching the ED in the near future...will comment in more detail later...on my watchlist with 6 stars for now, and will squeeze it on to my bookshelf for a week in the middle of April. Thanks, Bart

Etienne Hanratty wrote 393 days ago

TRG review

I'm sorry to say that I have quite mixed emotions about this. On the one hand, it's absolutely beautifully written with some wonderful descriptive passages and plausible dialogue. On the other, it was a bit...slow. For me, this was a real issue in the first chapter. I felt that you tried to incorporate so much into it that you lost the narrative flow a little. Without wishing to be overly critical, I thought it was a mistake to incorporate an entire character description and backstory into the opening section. You could afford to let the information filter out over the course of the book. In particular, it's a pity you don't string the reader along for longer regarding the circumstances of his bereavement. If it were me, it brutally edit the first chapter or, perhaps, split it into two sections. I loved the idea of the pay-off with Reese Orchard but because you'd spent so long building it up, it felt like a bit of an anticlimax. I'd also think about introducing a more obviously supernatural element to the opening-this may just be me but I felt that the introduction of Narcissus might have been more believable if you'd set up the context. Obviously, the route you've gone down is more shocking so I fully see why you've chosen it.

I hope you don't find this too negative. I do this you're a very good writer and I wish you all the best.

Ivan Amberlake wrote 395 days ago

First I’d like to say I’ve read ISLES END: A Spiritual Thriller twice, and both times I’ve enjoyed it immensely. This book is such an exquisite mixture of Thriller and Suspense, Paranormal Fantasy and Science Fiction that it will make any fastidious one-genre reader satisfied. ISLES END belongs to the category of books that you just want to return to.

The main character, Harry Turner, moves to a quiet town of Isles End in hope to be away from everyone after a terrible tragedy that took the lives of his parents and fiancée. Yet meeting an angel called Narcissus and Miss Beth Fairbanks changes Harry’s life forever.

The dark forces lurking near the town of Isles End are not so happy about the angel’s appearance and Harry and Beth being together. Harry is not just any man. He’s special in many ways, but which ones you’ll have to find out yourselves. I especially enjoyed the supernatural elements -- the demons plotting against the main character and his guardian angel Narcissus -- as well as Harry and Beth’s interaction that was filled with trust, warmth and mutual desire to be with each other, in spite of everything.

I loved the exquisiteness of Mr. White’s descriptions combined with well-written dialogues. ***SPOILER ALERT*** Here is an excerpt I simply adore, the moment Harry Turner meets Narcissus for the first time. Beautifully written:
“An intoxicating odor enveloped him, with an instant calming effect which relaxed his whole body. The fear that welled up was accompanied by a wonder that seemed to subdue the sudden horror he felt. He had the faint passing notion he should be terrified, but instead felt as though he were in a dream and could only watch as it unfolded before him. Still, even under this spell, he thought he might become sick with this unusual mixture of fear and wonder.” ***SPOILER ALERT***

The final part of the book made me want for more. Just well done, Mr. White! A 6-star book! I look forward to the next book by this author!

Fontaine wrote 400 days ago

Good first chapter setting the scene and some back story and showing us the kind of man your MC is. He’s a sympathetic character and I wanted to find out more about him and his past.
Chapter 2.
The contents of the chest revealed and the introduction of the Seraph. Well written and the scene worked well for me.
He lifted Harry up and carried him out to the truck, seemingly sensitive to the fact that the man was exhausted. After setting Harry into the passenger seat and closing the door, the strange visitor returned to the basement, turned off the light and returned with the chest…
Harry has just collapsed so is it necessary to say that the Seraph is ‘seemingly sensitive t the fact that the man was exhausted. That’s why he picked him up. Also repetition of ‘returned’ in the sentence, together with ‘turned’.
He lifted Harry up and carried him out to the truck, seemingly sensitive to the fact that the man was exhausted. After setting Harry into the passenger seat and closing the door, the strange visitor returned to the basement, switched off the light and came back with the chest…
Chapter 3
I like ‘a minimum wage nurse who forgets he’s left you strapped to the toilet seat.’
I like the way he ponders on things, wondering if this weird event is the result of his terrible bereavement. This seems very natural to me.
Very good chapter. You seem to have got into your stride and the writing flows well. I’m suspicious of Reece!
I’ll read on.

MC Storm wrote 405 days ago

I"ve read the first two chapters and must say it really kept my interest. Your last line is chapter 1 is a real hook and made me read on! I found Harry to be down to earth and real. The dialogue throughout flows effortlessly.
I am certainly no expert, this is simply my own observation/opinion. Two minor things did catch me off guard.:
The paragraph mid way through Ch 1 Harry sipped his coffee... The word 'but appears three times in that paragraph.
, but letting go...
, but just because....
,(comma missing) but he commited himself....
Also when the two photos fall on his lap. It's been a year since Jenn. Perhaps it's just me, but you would think flipping the visor the pictures would have fallen much sooner. Maybe mention a pouch attached to the visor fell and as he picked it up the pictures fell out.
Overall, well done!
I have given this high stars and want to come back to read more.

Neville wrote 412 days ago

By J. H. F. White.

Your book starts off with a lot of interest for the reader...A burned out Victorian Villa that used to be a beautiful place before the a charred mess of tangled up artefacts.
The M/C Harry Turner, still getting over his own loss confronts the scene as two workers he’s set on arrive.
Good description here as the three set up to work, even down to Butch’s heavy eyebrow.
I was very interested to know what was in the large trunk but you keep us hanging on with the skill of a true thriller writer.
When Harry does open it we are compelled to read the next chapter...nicely done...a real hook.
The book has a lot going for it, suspense, danger and the need to know more, it can’t get better than this.
The arrival of Reece Orchard and the sudden loss of weight in the trunk caught me off guard; I had expected it to be full of valuable things...I was very wrong.
The arrival of Narcissus in spiritual form eerily turns the story around.
Your description is vivid and makes for a powerful read.
Five stars and BACKED!.
Well done!!

Kind regards,

One Off,Sir!
The Secrets of the Forest (Series) – Cosmos 501.
The Secrets of the Forest (Series) – The Time Zone.

Le Truc wrote 414 days ago

Started reading this - awesome work - keep it up!