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The Sacrificial Diet

Leslie Miller

One fat, lonely woman's journey of weight loss through the power of fasting.


I was fat. Obese. I had more rolls than an overstocked bakery. One day I took a good look at myself and took in the facts: I was thirty-six years old, unemployed, divorced, mother to a fourteen year old know-it-all, no savings account, and seriously addicted to food. I was the heavyset, lonely woman who lived with her three cats. I had issues!

My journey to a happier life is one of humor, brutal honesty, and unexpected results.

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christian, dieting, diets, health, inspirational, non-fiction, religious, self-help, supernatural

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Pulling Away From the Middle

Psalm 54:6 “I will sacrifice a voluntary offering to You…”

I hopped out of bed that morning with renewed energy. I wasn’t sure exactly what happened when I fasted, but I just knew that something was different. Like when your tires get rotated and the car feels like it has a better grip on the road.

I checked my email and discovered that I had two inquiries on my website. Woot Woot!

That week I cracked open my dusty old bible and began to get serious. Something was happening on the inside of me and somehow fasting was the key.

I also realized that I wasn’t overeating that week. I was hungry, but I just talked to my stomach like I did on the last fast, and it settled right down.





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